..there have been no posts lately because someone is a little clumsy and umm dropped and broke the camera!
I had it on the setting where it takes like five shots in a row and I dropped it as I pressed the shoot button so it has some kind of funny action shots flying through the air. I can turn it on ok and check the pictures but it wont shoot. Unfortunately having a baby makes it a little harder to get organised to take it to get fixed but I'm hoping to get round to it soon as I feel so weird not having the means to capture lifes little moments. I keep worrying something amazing is going to happen in the meantime and I wont be able to record it! I guess in a way though this little break from being the photographer will perhaps make me live in the moment a little more, who knows. 
So instead of cute baby photos I leave you with these, some links to a couple of posts I have been loving over the past week.
Firstly this post which I actually stumbled upon last week whilst my mum was here, I read it out loud and choked up as I was finishing it. My mum and I were both in tears, I guess it just proves that a mothers instinct is a powerful thing! 
If you have recently had a baby you have to read this post. Anyone who hasn't had a baby yet will probably think this is humorous exaggerations...its not..its all true
And a few phone pictures of the last week 


Jess said...

the second one was so funny, the first quite emotional but if I'm honest was a bit……..errrr i can't find the word? though obviously I was glad the little un was okay and obviously her instinct was right if I was a new mum that would of guilt tripped the hell out of me ;)

do you know how to do a welsh catching shawl? I know you have a sling but I LOVE cwtching shawls. keep meaning to look up how to do it for when Freya comes.

Wilf is looking soooooo alert and interested in everything!!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Yer I know what you mean in a way, it does make you feel like 'would I have picked up on that?' but at the same time the whole 'I cant stop you from crying but I can hold you whilst you do' I think just sums up motherhood and really touched me!

I have never heard of them! I'll look them up now! :D xx

Charis said...

What a gorgeous little cherub you've got there.

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