Our Monday in pictures

Since having Wilf (actually since being pregnant with Wilf) I have really discovered my sweet tooth. See evidence here!
My sister in law is down this weekend who is six months pregnant so has a sweet tooth too AND its Easter so between us we have assured there are a a lots of sweet things in the house. I decided to make jam tarts on Sunday night but realised we don't own any cutters or a tray to fit them so I made a huge single one instead. My mistake came when I cut it into four slices, thats basically a quarter of a jar of jam...
see what I mean? The sugar hit me soon after I had finished and realised it was a big mistake to get a slice so big. In fact the sugar rush was so intense I think I almost starting seeing stars!
I think some of that sugar may have hit Wilf too (note I didn't feed it to him I mean through breatfeeding)  as he was up pretty much every hour chatting at me and then decided it was time to rise and shine from 6am! I'm thankful it was a bank holiday as Tom kindly got up with him by half past and let me sleep until 9am when I got tea and hot cross buns in bed!
We headed into town today for milkshakes at Rocotillos. We carried Wilf in the sling and strolled down Park Street popping into the few shops that were open and finally heading to the King Bill (the pub where Tom and I first met before going to see a comedy gig) It rained pretty much all day so my newly straightened hair (that I hardly ever have time to do) went curly frizzy within minutes pah!
But Wilf was snuggly in the sling with Toms umbrella and his jacket over him. 
When we got in Wilf and I had a lovely warm bath together (one of my favourite things) as he splashed around gurgling away. Wilf loves loves loves baths, I hope he will enjoy swimming when he's older as much as his mama. 

Baths are tiring, I hope he sleeps better tonight although I may have had both cookies and cheesecake this evening..


Dina Thanki said...

Ooohh that jam tart does looks yummy, I had a quick look at it earlier via twitter but just sat sown to read blog feeds now so thought is comment. Ps your hair looks lovely & wavy down, its pretty

Gill Crawshaw said...

The tart looks so good! I also developed a sweet tooth when I was pregnant - I'd never had one before - and it's not gone away now. Looks like you had a fun day :-)

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@Dina Thanki aww thanks! x
@Gill well we are breastfeeding so i think its still ok..only problem is when we stop & still have the sweet tooth! xx

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