What Wilf Wore 05

Thats blue steel that face hur? 

It feels like my baby is really turning into a little boy! He has so much character these days and is SO much fun. When people say they miss their babies being new new born I don't think I will, ok so obviously I loved him but those first few weeks were very hard and in truth I found them seriously hard work. Now each day is fun and new and filled with happiness. OK so at 7am when he's stirring and my eyes are firmly closed I do say to myself 'come on Wilfy a few more minutes' but when I open my eyes to a smiling baby I cant help but feel exited about our day ahead.

Wilf talks and talks all day, 'eeeee!' 'agooo' 'gurg' and when you sing he will sing along with you, then laugh and blow bubbles. His favourite song is still 'Jac y do' although his second favourite is 'The grand old duke of york' and they have the same tune..
Well I hope you all have a lovely Easter, I am eating a giant egg as I write this and Tom is reading to Wilf about farm animals (only don't mention the sheep, he has a fear of them!) xoxo

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Polly Davies said...

love that blue steel :) he's so darn cute.... he makes me all gooey inside!

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