Wilf at four months

Wilf is now four months old..can you believe it??
nope me neither
This month you have learnt laughing (you giggle at 'I'm a little teapot' and splashing in the bath) but you will only laugh when you find something really really funny so I am having to work at it.
You decided that your co-sleeper wasn't cutting it so are back in the bed with us (on my arm or tummy). We actually sleep better as I barely wake when you stir to feed but maybe we'll get a king before our next one..
We learnt you were scared of the noise sheep make but I think you are over that now.
You requested biscuit bear come everywhere with you.
You started teething (still no teeth though!)
Everyone we meet remarks how healthy & happy you are. You are so bright and aware.
You are really becoming a little boy now, I am loving this stage and love you more than I could possibly explain
Wilf at three months ( a certain hamster-ish quality he has)
Wilf at two months..definite hamster

Wilf at one month

Wilf at one day
Love Mama xoxo


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Fritha, before long, he'll be laughing at the strangest things. Our boys find Dave's pronunciation of the word "anaylsis" absolutely hysterical. Congrats on making it to the magical 4 month mark.


The Dress Tree said...

I cannot believe how quickly he's grown up!!

Seriously how are we mamas supposed to keep up with all this growing and developing? It's mental!

He's gorgeous love, knock yer socks off kind of gorgeous and I love how you can see both yourself and Tom in him too. Enjoy his next month of crazy growing!

Kim xxx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@Keli thank you! I remember you saying when Wilf was born 'wait until four months they get really fun then' and you were right! :) x
@Kim aww thanks so much! And you are right, its so crazy!! xx

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