Happy Bank Holiday Weekend

to you all!
We are exited to have four full days with daddy! 
We are seeing a little family/a little friends then baby massage as usual on Monday and Tuesday Tom is coming to Wilf's first swim lesson! I cant wait to share four full days as a family, Wilf is learning new things everyday and I feel so lucky to be one who gets to witness them. This morning baby learnt how to put his feet in his mouth and he is on his way to sitting up on his own. He can do full rolls and rarely will stay on his back, its a straight roll and up on his front to see what else is going on in the room!
I am some exciting projects on at the moment so I am also looking forward to having the extra time to get a bit of that done without rocking/singing or generally having my mind else where!
The yoga session I attend on a Friday morning puts the emphasis on giving back to ourselves where so much if given away each day. Fifteen or so woman in a room stretching and humming is enough to entertain Wilf for an hour or so (I often think it must be like a human mobile for him) and afterwards my NCT friends and I replenish ourselves with a Thali. 
I cant remember which book I saw it but it used the analogy of being in a plane emergency putting on your oxygen mask before your child's. If you put your child's on first and you pass out you are no use to your child. Similarly if you don't give any time to yourself and burn yourself out with all your energy on your child you will also be on little use.
Having coffee with friends/yoga and long baths are my way to recharge (ok so two out of three of these activities I do with Wilf anyway but you get my point).
I leave you with some Instagraming pics from the last couple of days xoxo
boy can chew his feet 
 chilling with no trousers and Ergo
Morning lounging   
 Frozen yogurt and morning reading
a couple of self portraits 


today i said...

I just came across your blog, and I think its great! and so is that iPhone case that you have! Monika

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

thanks Monika! x

Hovatter said...

thanks Monika! x

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