XS Stripes

I dont mean to brag (I'm totally bragging) but today I got back into a top on mine that is an XS! Yes it is a stretchy top and none of my button fastening tops of the same size will fit but I'm still claiming it!
Looks like that breastfeeding burning tons of calories thing is true as the amount of cake I'm eating sure isn't doing it! I was chatting to some friends of mine about our post pregnancy bodies, we spent so long with this different figure, this bumpy, curvy womanly figure. I loved it, I would wear the most figure hugging tops I could find to show it off, my bump, my new chest and bum! 
I have almost lost my pregnancy figure and my body is almost as it was..just a little softer round the edges (I am about a stone off I think although our scales are a little dodgy and this changes every time I weigh myself..even if its just been minutes). Somebody told me it takes nine months for your body to return back to its old shape, which I think is making sense as its been about five months now and I lost a stone giving birth, a stone since then and have another to go! 
A group of my friends and I go to post-natal yoga on a friday with our babies. Its not baby yoga as we don't do any yoga with our babies and the emphasis is on us not the babies. The teacher reiterates that we give out so much during our day/week lives looking after our babies that this is time to give back to ourselves..(so we can give it back out again!) a mama with zero energy is no good to anyone.
The class has been getting bigger and bigger from just a handful of us to 15. Thats 15 babies and 15 mums for a little under two hours. Sometimes it can be hard to find your relaxing space when there are babies banging rattles,squealing gurgling or crying but it is pretty hilarious at the same time and it makes it very laid back! It is also quite hard to be told 'stop looking at your baby, only attend to them if they are upset' because I guess you are so programmed to want to do that. It also seems to be the time when Wilf is doing something oh so especially cute or funny and I just cant help but take a sneaky look down to my yoga mat where he is lying. 
Its also a great end to the week, I always leave feeling refreshed (if a little tired) and we finish up with lunch and a long chat in the Thali.
So enough of that here is me hamming it up in my pre-pregnancy top..
Hammer time

top and skirt from Vera Moda
sandals - Saltwater 
And where was Wilfryd in all this I hear you ask?
Well he was the one taking the pictures course ;)

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Benlovesting said...

Hehe you are so cute <3

lou said...

Cor! I am little bit jealous actually! I've never got my pre-boys figure back. I suppose that's the difference in having your baby in your 20's and me in my late 30's! Well done - you look gorgeous (as always!!) xx

Anne-Claire Poupon said...

So nice style!!
I love your outfits!!

Take care :)

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@lou I guess there are pros and cons to each, If I had waited until my 30's I could have travelled (slept more!!) be a bit more reckless! A lot of my friends are still living quite a carefree life style without a mortgage to think about but that being said i wouldn't change it for the world..even the eye bags! And thank you for the lovely comment! xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@Anne-claire thanks so much! :) x

jeltje said...

nice pictures!

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