Proof that we are soulmates

The proof that we are soulmates from Emanuele Colombo on Vimeo.

Tom shared this cute video with me today which made me smile.
I think it looks a little like us too 
Have a great weekend, we are off to an arts trail in our neighbourhood 


What Mama Wore

Mama wears:
T- Shirt by Gnome Enterprises
Skirt by Topshop
boots by Fly London

Tom and I went out for our first 'date night' for six months last night (i.e first date night since Wilf arrived in the world). First time we had both just had some time with each other without Wilf and it was   really nice.
I'm glad we waited until we felt 100% ready as although I did find it a bit odd to be without him (like I had forgotten something) I wasnt overly stressed out or worried. My mum and sister Serin looked after him and I knew he was in safe hands and it meant alot that my mum had been there when he came into this world. I had managed to express 3ml (which for me is pretty good as I hate hate expressing, so dull and so tedius). Although I was going to feed him before we left and be back a couple of hours later I knew it would make me feel more at ease knowing it was there if he needed it (he never did, all that hardwork went down the sink!)
We decided to go to a Thai resteruant called Teohs which is a 15 minute walk from our house so that if we needed to we could be back really quickly. I had eaten there once before and love the fact that almost every dish can be served as a vegitarian option by replacing the meat with Tofu. We spent a good couple of hours, chatting, eating and sharing a bottle of wine. We reminised about how wonderful Wilf's birth was which wasnt something we had talked about in a good while, and I found a lump in my throat when I thought of the beautiful boy we had brought into the world and raised so far (BTW we only chatted about him 85% of the time..)
I realised some way into the meal that i had a voucher cloud deal for 20% which seemed an added bonus on a sucsessful evening out. When I asked for the bill Tom remembered this fact and told me to go up and tell them before they printed it out. I got up to the counter at the same time as her and told her we had a voucher. She acnoweledged this fact and then when I looked down to work out on my phone how to retreive it she quickly ran all the things through the till anyway (Tom saw this part but didnt realise what was going on at the time). When I looked up to show her the code she said that actually we couldnt use it as the items were already on the till and we should have told them at the start of the meal. I didnt want to argue, although I did question it only to have that repeated to me a few times. As I hadnt at this point realised she had turned around to do this I assumed she maybe didnt know how to use the till and was scared to ask (I know weird logic but its something I can imagine doing) so I gave her a tip anyway. It was only afterwards when Tom and I talked about it that we realised what had happened and bascically they had just fleeced us out of the discount and I tipped them on top of that..
So whilst I would have ordinarily have written this post saying what a great place it is (and I do think their food is good) dont bother trying to use a voucher there as they probably wont accept it!
Anyway that was only a small part of the night and I didnt want it to over shadow the night which was a sucsess on the whole.
We got back home to find that Wilf hadnt slept (he didnt go to sleep before we left so we left him downstairs with my mum and sister). Even though he didnt sleep he was just chatting away when we arrived 'dadadadadadad sqqueeee!' and then went straight to bed and to sleep with me. It was lovely getting that cuddle as we got through the door. I missed him but I enjoyed our couple time together too, perhaps we will have another before the next six months is up! ;)
p.s these pictures were actually from the other day, I didnt take any pictures of our night out to force myself to 'just enjoy it'.


On Tuesday (of our holiday y'know the never ending holiday pics) we visited Dartmouth, I realised I forgot my camera about ten minutes into the car journey there. I tried to be blase about it, I dont need to photograph everything right? But I couldnt help feeling upset, what if I saw something beautiful? What if Wilf did something really cute? Tom's mum was kind enough to lend me hers, although I am so used to my DSLR that I kept trying to zoom in by adjusting the front of the camera lens (which funny enough doesn't work on a point and shoot!) and I'm not used to looking through a view finder screen rather than holding the camera up to my face so I found it hard to get used to!
Even though I was borrowing Tom's mum's camera I felt out of sorts like i'd lost a limb without my camera (which I pretty much take everywhere with me). Tom said it was a bit sad if I couldnt enjoy myself without taking pictures..he didnt say it to be mean and he's right, it is.
I have been thinking about why this is and come up with things like 'maybe its because both my grandparents and my mum had/currently have diseases which cause memory loss. Maybe I am scared of not remembering these times?' I've also thought it could be some sort of disorder where I need to prove to people what a lovely time/life I have! Both of these reasons are quite sad really and both probably true to a certain extent. 
Taking pictures makes me happy which is fine but if forgetting my camera starts to effect my enjoyment of life then its an issue right? I never used to even have a camera, I only joined Facebook in 2009 (when most people I know were on it in uni) and had a phone that cost £3.99 and couldnt receive pictures. Now I have a DSLR an Iphone where I check my social networks at least ten times a day (not so much FB but twitter and Instagram) and a blog. Sometimes its a little overwhelming but mostly it makes me very happy so I guess I just need to find a balance?
Have any of you ever had these dilemmas?


For anyone who has ever been inspired by Ina May Gaskin

I keep meaning (and like most things the past couple of weeks) not getting round to sharing this with you. So much so in fact that when I heard of this and pledged my support the total stood at $30000 and it now has surpassed its $50000 goal (which is fantastic!). Still its important to share anyway I think. Here is a preview of the film and a little bit from the filmmakers. I pledged enough to receive the DVD when it releases which I am looking forward to watching! I remember reading Spiritual Midwifery when I was pregnant; and I was dubious of the 'rushes' in which they referred to (contractions). 
For the people telling their birth stories in this book, childbirth is not something to endure but a momentous, enjoyable experience and I wanted that for me too (who doesn’t?).
I recently read that the statistics for the births on the Farm (out of the 1707 births that have taken place there) went like this:

Births completed at home - 95.1%
Non-Emergency Transport - 3.6%
Emergency Transport - 1.3%

I know things do sometimes go wrong in birth and intervention is sometimes needed and that the most important thing is the health of the mother and baby..but I think these statistics are very interesting. 

I kept an open mind when reading this book when pregnant but I am happy to say that my experience in birth (ok maybe it wasn’t as 'far out' a time as some of these groovy cats were having) was very similar in terms of being an enjoyable experience.

Anyway, if you like watch the preview read the blurb and if the feeling takes you donate some money. I can’t wait to see this film.
BIRTH STORY: Ina May Gaskin and The Farm Midwives will have its world premiere June 16th at the Los Angeles Film Festival! We are two filmmaking mothers who have been inspired by the important work of world-famous midwife Ina May Gaskin and her incredible colleagues. We've spent the last two and a half years juggling cameras, microphones, hard drives, preschool drop offs, nursing infants, pregnancy, editing schedules, babysitting schedules, American express bills, and vomiting four-year-olds, and now, we are finally pushing this baby out!
Birth Story is racing toward the finish line with finishing costs mounting--seeking women and men who share our enthusiasm for what Ina May and the Farm Midwifery clinic have achieved in the last 40 years; since the 1970s these counterculture heroines have inspired hundreds of thousands of women to believe in their bodies’ natural ability to birth safely and beautifully. Today, with nearly one-third of all U.S. babies delivered via c-section, their knowledge and skills are more needed than ever. Did we mention yet that Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes composed original score for the film? He did! 
BIRTH STORY is at the beginning of what will hopefully be a long, happy life of wide distribution—we have begged, borrowed, and borrowed again to get this far but now as we enter the festival circuit, we need your help to make a lasting impact. We are 50K dollars away from a strong debut and need an additional 40-70K to secure a wide release in the U.S and abroad.
Our immediate costs include sound design and mix, titles and graphic design, music licensing fees, and our final conform. We are also working on an extensive marketing plan and new edits of the film for possible national and international television broadcast, and use in educational settings. We will use these funds to help create an educational guide to accompany the film for community organizations, colleges and medical schools, and to subtitle the DVD in Spanish. 
Anything you can give will help us birth this film—it’s an exciting time for independent documentaries and also a challenging one—funding sources have dried up and the market is harder than ever, especially for women-centered films. But we believe the time is right to present a movie that celebrates women and their bodiesthat honors what we can accomplish when we work together in community, and that shows childbirth the way we never see it in the mainstream media—unadorned, unabashed, and awe-inspiring.
Kickstarter helps communities fund the creative endeavors they most want to see brought to life—and it inspires people to work together towards a common goal—because of its special all-or-nothing funding method, if we do not raise our target 50K, then we will not get any of the money raised (and your credit card will not be charged.) Please do not let this happen! To donate, click the Back This Project button and you will be taken through the Amazon checkout process…
We certainly can, and we hope that we do!
Yes, and we hope that many of you will donate in honor of a midwife, doctor, doula, or mother who has inspired you. If you choose to do so, shoot us an email at the address below and we will take care of sending a card to the person you are honoring, letting them know. We will also include their name on our website donor page.



Some pictures from our time in Totnes.
We actually went here twice, once with Tom's family and once again just the three of us. The second time we ended going to a vegan cafe for coffee and a veggie one for lunch. I think if I was going to live in a small town again Totnes would be my kind of place. I love Bristol too much to want to move anywhere anytime soon though. 
The vintage shop (fourth picture from bottom) was amazing, unfortunatly any item I liked came with a £50 or up price tag. We came the first time with the pushchair and we not able to get into many of the shops or at times on the street as they are very narrow. The second time we had the Ergo which was a much easier option. 
Its #nationalbreastfeedingweek today so I thought I would add this pictures too. I only have one picture of me nursing Wilf as a tiny baby and I know I will miss it one day. 

p.s Wilf can sit up by himself now and I dont think it will be too long until crawling starts as he can shuffle himself across a room pretty swiftly. Oh dear, now I really will have to clean the house! 

And the winner is...

Abigail Oliver!
I cant wait to see their family portrait as I know them well! 
Abigail is clearly a good name to have ;)
Abi I will pass you email onto Abby
Thanks to everyone who entered xoxo


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Wilf at six months

Only a week or so late but such is life sometimes with a baby
Wilf we made it to half a year! What a six months this has been, some major downs in the beginning lets be honest but those are almost a distant memory in comparison with the major ups! 
You are my little buddy, you make me laugh every day and I also think you know when you are being a comedian and what is funny or not. 
You adore our cat Maddie (a little too much poor cat) and stare in wonder at Rockie (how can that cat be the same size as me??). Toys are listed in preference of which is better to chew on and those almost constant red cheeks fool us into thinking a tooth is just round the corner (it must be soon right?!).
Everybody I meet comments on what a calm and chilled baby you are and shrug and say 'I guess so' when inside I'm feeling proud as I like to think it has something to do with how we are raising you. Although that being said I know personalities are not solely based on 'nuture' and I think you must have been born with a calm nature too.
That's not to say you a docile, you are interested in so much. You love the song 'this little piggy' when we play it on your toes and enjoy singing in general. You are so determined to crawl, and can move around the living room and our bed by face planting your way with your face and legs (just need to work out your arms). You like the bouncer (for a little while but then get frustrated about all the toys you drop and cant reach).
You have just started eating properly and your list of foods you have tried are:
Pear, Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash, Avocado, Toast, Courgette, Banana, mango and Nectarine! You love to eat it yourself and are happy to pick up pieces of most of them (not so much mango or nectarine too slippy) and work it out. You are still nursing well and I'm happy you are showing no signs of wanting to stop any time soon. 
I'm afraid I have no idea how much you weigh or how tall you are as I haven't been to the doctors with you since you were eight weeks. But any fool can see you are happy and healthy. 
We have recently (this week) started to leave you in the bed at bedtime and turn the monitor on. I'm glad we waited until it felt right for us all (although I go up to nurse you when you wake every hour or so). Your daddy reads you a bedtime story now after we have eaten together (we are skipping the bath time routine for the moment,there is too little time and who needs to clean every day anyway? ;)). 
I tell your daddy about all that you have learnt and the cute things you did whilst he was at work and I know he is so proud of you.
I may sometimes clock watch until daddy comes home and bedtime but every morning despite the hour I find myself happy and excited about the day we are going to have together.
Love mama xx
Wilf at five months
 Wilf at four months
 Wilf at three months
 Wilf at two months
 Wilf at one month
a few days old! You can see Wilf by month by clicking here


First day of Devon Holiday

SO after we had gotten over the horrendous journey down and had a good sleep (well you know a sleep for two hours in a row max and then up at 5.30 kinda sleep) we decided what to do with our day. Quite often Tom will bring me breakfast in bed (and if not then always tea) and pretty much that makes up for whatever broken sleep I have had the night before. 
Although lately I have had to have at least two cups of tea and a coffee before 10am to be able to function properly, but when you are up from 5.30 then 10am is practically lunch time. And in fact what we did decide to do with our day was head down the beach at Blackpool Sands..it was windy (but not rainy) but cold enough to not want to stay outside for too long, instead we went to the Venus beach cafe and had ordered lunch by 11.30. 
We were pleasantly surprised by the menu, expecting the usual veggie option being a cheese sandwich I had about five different amazing sounding things to choose from. Tom and I both settled on the tofu and beetroot burger which I can confirm was really tasty. All their ingredients were organic and well thought out which really for a beach cafe they didn't need to do, we wondered that most of their custom must be passing trade but actually we were told locals love it too and as they only close one day of the year (christmas) they are a good staple in the community. 
as usual I took so many pictures I will have to post them in a few different posts!
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