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I keep meaning (and like most things the past couple of weeks) not getting round to sharing this with you. So much so in fact that when I heard of this and pledged my support the total stood at $30000 and it now has surpassed its $50000 goal (which is fantastic!). Still its important to share anyway I think. Here is a preview of the film and a little bit from the filmmakers. I pledged enough to receive the DVD when it releases which I am looking forward to watching! I remember reading Spiritual Midwifery when I was pregnant; and I was dubious of the 'rushes' in which they referred to (contractions). 
For the people telling their birth stories in this book, childbirth is not something to endure but a momentous, enjoyable experience and I wanted that for me too (who doesn’t?).
I recently read that the statistics for the births on the Farm (out of the 1707 births that have taken place there) went like this:

Births completed at home - 95.1%
Non-Emergency Transport - 3.6%
Emergency Transport - 1.3%

I know things do sometimes go wrong in birth and intervention is sometimes needed and that the most important thing is the health of the mother and baby..but I think these statistics are very interesting. 

I kept an open mind when reading this book when pregnant but I am happy to say that my experience in birth (ok maybe it wasn’t as 'far out' a time as some of these groovy cats were having) was very similar in terms of being an enjoyable experience.

Anyway, if you like watch the preview read the blurb and if the feeling takes you donate some money. I can’t wait to see this film.
BIRTH STORY: Ina May Gaskin and The Farm Midwives will have its world premiere June 16th at the Los Angeles Film Festival! We are two filmmaking mothers who have been inspired by the important work of world-famous midwife Ina May Gaskin and her incredible colleagues. We've spent the last two and a half years juggling cameras, microphones, hard drives, preschool drop offs, nursing infants, pregnancy, editing schedules, babysitting schedules, American express bills, and vomiting four-year-olds, and now, we are finally pushing this baby out!
Birth Story is racing toward the finish line with finishing costs mounting--seeking women and men who share our enthusiasm for what Ina May and the Farm Midwifery clinic have achieved in the last 40 years; since the 1970s these counterculture heroines have inspired hundreds of thousands of women to believe in their bodies’ natural ability to birth safely and beautifully. Today, with nearly one-third of all U.S. babies delivered via c-section, their knowledge and skills are more needed than ever. Did we mention yet that Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes composed original score for the film? He did! 
BIRTH STORY is at the beginning of what will hopefully be a long, happy life of wide distribution—we have begged, borrowed, and borrowed again to get this far but now as we enter the festival circuit, we need your help to make a lasting impact. We are 50K dollars away from a strong debut and need an additional 40-70K to secure a wide release in the U.S and abroad.
Our immediate costs include sound design and mix, titles and graphic design, music licensing fees, and our final conform. We are also working on an extensive marketing plan and new edits of the film for possible national and international television broadcast, and use in educational settings. We will use these funds to help create an educational guide to accompany the film for community organizations, colleges and medical schools, and to subtitle the DVD in Spanish. 
Anything you can give will help us birth this film—it’s an exciting time for independent documentaries and also a challenging one—funding sources have dried up and the market is harder than ever, especially for women-centered films. But we believe the time is right to present a movie that celebrates women and their bodiesthat honors what we can accomplish when we work together in community, and that shows childbirth the way we never see it in the mainstream media—unadorned, unabashed, and awe-inspiring.
Kickstarter helps communities fund the creative endeavors they most want to see brought to life—and it inspires people to work together towards a common goal—because of its special all-or-nothing funding method, if we do not raise our target 50K, then we will not get any of the money raised (and your credit card will not be charged.) Please do not let this happen! To donate, click the Back This Project button and you will be taken through the Amazon checkout process…
We certainly can, and we hope that we do!
Yes, and we hope that many of you will donate in honor of a midwife, doctor, doula, or mother who has inspired you. If you choose to do so, shoot us an email at the address below and we will take care of sending a card to the person you are honoring, letting them know. We will also include their name on our website donor page.

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