Cox and Baloney's

On Wednesday one of my oldest friends and I went for high tea at Cox and Baloney's. 
It was a Groupon deal for tea for two plus a 'vintage shopping experience' where they would advise what clothes suited your body type plus 10% off in store. Mainly though it was a nice chance to meet up and treat ourselves in a different location then our usual haunts (for me Easton Thali where I seem to spend most of my life!).
The table was really nicely laid out when we arrived although Wilf soon showed me that table cloths and china are not a great idea when he tried to whip it out from under them! I put him in his own chair and pulled back that part of the table cloth so he couldn't reach, the picture his little face poking out from behind the table makes me smile. 
All the staff were really nice and polite and we were served immediately, we started with a bowl of yogurt and muesli which Wilf shared with me (ha!) and were then brought the cake stand full of pastries. I guess I would have thought for high tea you would be more likely to get scones and little sandwiches but this was served with toast, croissants, a mini quiche and a small tart. My friend had previously rang to say one of us was vegetarian which they said they would make a note of but both quiches had meat in them. When we told the waitress she said she would look for something to replace it with but unfortunately never came back. 
After about an hour we were asked if we would like another tea or coffee and I got a pot of tea and we chatted a little more, we weren't sure if we would be asked when we wanted our 'shopping experience' or if we should ask but we decided to wait until we had finished and ask then. I showed them our voucher and asked about the discount as a prompt for her to offer the service but we were simply told 'yes its 10% off' and thanked us for coming. I felt a bit embarrassed to push it really so we had a quick browse of the clothes and left.
As it was a Groupon deal we weren't to bothered as we probably would have paid a little more for the amount we had eaten/drank else where but if we paying full price of £25 each I would have been annoyed. That being said all the staff were really nice and friendly and we did spend a good two hours there catching up so it is a nice place to drop in for coffee.
Oh you see what face Wilf is pulling second to last photo down? That's his new 'duck face' pose and its pretty hilarious.
This weekend we are moving the house about a bit, our sleeping arrangements have changed, I'll explain soon but I'm sure it will make you laugh!
Hope you all have a lovely (if a little rainy) weekend, what are you up to? xo


Joanna said...

Must admit that I'm not a fan of such places - just picturing Mersina in there exploring, after seeing all that china and those small breakable items, makes me break out in a cold sweat. I also think their service sounds pretty crappy.

The photos of Wilf are amazing. He is even more beautiful than the last photo I've seen of him. I love his duck face! xx

F McGregor said...

I had my Hen Party at Cox and Baloney and really wanted to love it but found exactly the same from the service :( I suppose I just wanted a bit of a fuss to be made as it was a special occasion for me but instead ended up asking for everything from more tea to the babycham that came with the package I had purchased. The girl working in the cafe section just served us and the owners who were in the clothes section never came and said hello even thought I had booked through them and we were there for about 4 or 5 hours as we did a workshop. They don't even remember me to say hello to when I go back in which considering I spent hundreds of pounds with them that afternoon, I am a little peeved about!

Laura said...

What beautiful pictures. Can't beat a good tea room in my opinion but a shame that the service wasn't up to scratch :( x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@joanna yes I think in future this will be the case also, I havn't quite got used to my baby being so mobile yet! (and yes its so funny isnt it!!) xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@f mcgregor thats really rubbish, I would be so upset too. You want to feel special on your hen party and you cleary were not made to feel that way! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@laura tea rooms are great, but yes the service wasnt great x

Keepapi Creative said...

oh that looks so lovely. you all look really happy too. Lucky you! x

maddiemoo1 said...

I love this place!
Shame the service wasnt great, Theyre always so nice when I go there. Ive been going since they opened and I have seen several parties going on in one day, think they are pretty popular and it's probably hard to remember eveyone that comes through they're door!
The thing I like though is that they are actually a really small company owned by two ladies who are constantly running around with they're little babas too...whilst trying to run the business.
I guess they are only human too

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