little boy on the move

We are visiting family at the moment (the cutest teeny tiny baby cousin!) but I thought I'd share these pictures of Wilf taken a week or so ago.
Little boy has been 'cruising' quite a lot of late and has on occasion stood himself up 'no hands' style which is fairly terrifying. I honestly don't think it will be too long before we see some first steps..but at the moment he only understands to move his right leg which results in going round and round in a circle..
Seeing Wilf against his 6 week old cousin has really made me realize my baby is growing up so fast! Have no fear though, as adorable as my niece is those new born days are still fresh enough in my mind to not feel again broody yet..Its so lovely to see my big brother as a daddy and although the gap is quite large now these two babies will one day be in the same school year! I hope we get to see enough of each other that they can be friends.

We had a fairly long journey yesterday from Bristol to Durham but Wilf was the perfect traveller and slept a fair bit as well as playing a game involving the handle of our suitcase and being an engine driver.
Today I get to meet one of my best friends new (5 month) baby girl. Cute babies all round! xo


Our (bank holiday) weekend in pictures 25/08/2012

We managed to spend a little of our Bank Holiday with friends. In fact I managed to spend two days with the same friend, and as she now works two jobs and rarely has a day off I felt quite lucky. As much as I love my new mumma friends (who have kept me sane at times when I felt like breaking down) its also a breath of fresh air to meet up with old ones. 
The lady working the screens accidently put us down as another group so we played as 'Dave, Sam and Paul' Dave (aka Tom) won by quite a large way but I think that is because towards the end he used the little slope thing getting Wilf to push the ball and score a strike.
We are visiting my big brother and his family (my new little niece!) this week and I couldn't be more excited.
Hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend! xoxo
p.s see how my bowling shoes match my outfit? 

Giveaway - Nicola Rowlands

Hope you are all having a great Bank Holiday Weekend
We have another great giveaway here on a Tigerlilly Quinn, this time from my sponsor Nicola Rowlands. Nicola is an talented illustrator with a brilliant and quirky imagination. I LOVE her pocket man friends, they never fail to make me smile.

Nicola was kind enough to send Wilf this Rad Kat Bandana and is offering another up to one lucky reader plus £5 credit at her shop. To enter just do one/all of the below and good luck!
(Wilf is wearing it as a neckerchief but could be worn as a bandana on a smaller baby.
giveaway ends one week today and I will announce the winner on Monday afternoon)

p.s the winner of the Dahlia giveaway` is Gillian Holmes! I'll be emailing you shortly Gillian and thanks to everyone that took part! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway


The Body Shop

I have always loved The Body Shop. Back when I was a young-ish teenager living in Telford and visiting the shopping center on a Saturday, The Body Shop would always be a port of call to smell all the different creams and shampoos. When I was even younger I used to get their illustrated animal flannels and wash bags and they inspired me to care about causes such as elephant hunting. Later when I went to university (in a small Welsh town) the fact that there was a Body Shop was something to mention back home "yer there aren't many shops but there IS a Body Shop".
Back at my baby shower a friend gifted me with their vitamin E moisturiser (as well a baby gift) a classic that I have worn since university. There is something comforting about products you have known throughout your life and a testament to their quality.  

As a rule I always wear Body Shop Vitamin E moisturiser (day cream). I also swear by their under eye concealer (this is from a woman who hasn't slept for longer than three hours in ten months and I don't think my eye bags look that bad). I love Body Shop products not just because they don't test on animals (which is of course hugely important) but because I know they are excellent quality and really work.


Wilf at eight months

Guess what? I'm really starting to regret these monthly posts.
I didn't really think it though when I would have a very active and mobile baby to photograph and to sit down and write about! Only four more months until your first birthday so I feel I should carry on until then at least. 
These photos aren't great but they are better than the blur of a speedy crawler that most of them ended up being.
So yes Wilf you are eight months (on the 14th..I am late in posting this)
You crawl (and have been doing for over a month now), you stand and you 'cruise' (that is the term apparently for holding on to things such a sofas and using it to walk along the length of it).
You attempt to climb stairs
You refuse to lie down and get your nappy changed (you just sit up and crawl away..poo everywhere)
You find the weirdest things funny (saying 'doh doh doh' whilst furiously shaking ones head with usually always result in giggles)
You love limes

You still haven't quite mastered sleeping for longer than two hours though (using all your time to master the above I guess)

Still no teeth, although when I tried to fish yet another miscellaneous item out of your mouth yesterday afternoon I saw two white teeth about to burst though...at the top of your mouth?! I never thought to look there but then I remembered Tom's mum saying his first teeth were top ones too!

You say 'dang!' a lot and I'm wondering if it can be considered a first word, especially when used in context...
'Wilf you are not allowed to play with the laptop!'.....'Dang!'
'Wilfryd please don't eat mummy's shoes they're dirty..ack ack' ....'Dang!'
'Wilfryd Cadno Quinn! that hurts mummy please don't pull my hair/claw at my eyes/pinch me'...'DANG!' 

See other Wilf by months post's here 


What Mama Wore - Blyth

Mama Wears:
Top by Junk food Clothing (bought for me by my then housemate Lisa when we were in uni)
Belt - Charity Shop
Skirt - Charity Shop
Sandals - Saltwater Sandals 

Oh yer so I forgot to say the red is gone..or rather the bright red is gone. I dyed it brown but it has gone a reddy/brown colour which I actually quite like. They say red is the hardest colour to get out so I will probably had a reddish hint for a while now.

This used to one of my favorite T's in uni. I was in love with Blyth and told myself when I finished and got 'a real job' I would buy one with my first months wage. Somehow I've never made enough to justify spending it on a beautiful doll. One day maybe..

Also my macbook has died/is dying..I am desperately trying to move all my pictures off it before I take it to be repaired in case they wipe it. Its stressing me out a lot as I have no idea how much it will cost to fix and how I can save my applications if they need to wipe it??
At the same time my Iphone screen smashed and therefore I can barely use that too. In many ways it has felt quite nice to not have the option to check my mail/twitter/facebook/instagram all the time (I am using Tom's computer) but I will also be glad to have them both fixed!
Why do these things always happen at once?

So these pictures are unedited as Tom doesn't have Photoshop..now you can see how pale (and grey!) my legs really are (someone say English Rose and make me feel better please).  

And if anyone knows somewhere good and cheap I can send my macbook too I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much xo

Our Weekend in Pictures 18/08/2012

This weekend we argued a little, made up, spent time outside in the park some time in the pub garden and some time by the paddling pool. It was nice. 

AND we put Wilf's cot together.. not for him to sleep in during the night necessary but potentially for the evening sleep (what evening sleep?!) and naps during the day..which he doesn't really do either but either way its a place to put him when I need to go to the toilet at least.

We always intended to Co-sleep so we have never been in a situation where we have wanted him to sleep in the cot and had to get our heads around co-sleeping or anything. In fact its kind of the opposite. I think I had in my head that he would sleep with us for at least a year, I really believe in the emotional and physical benefits of sharing a bed with your baby. Lately however I have been feeling the weight of eight months (ten if you count the last two of pregnancy) of not having slept one full nights sleep. In fact of not of having ever slept longer than three hours in a row (there were those freak two nights where he did five hours but I kept waking up anyway).
The whole waking every few hours to feed for five minutes and drift off again were really not an issue. Actually sometimes when I would wake and look down and my little baby snuggled up and feeding in the dark of night when only him and me were awake felt very special. What I'm not so down with is this relatively new thing of him waking up and me having to get out of bed and rock him back to sleep thing, because that makes me tired and grumpy and stressed and leads to me being meaner than usual to Tom.

So what I'm saying I guess is we've put the cot up and we will see how it goes (although I will continue to bring him back to bed with me if he wakes in the night for the time being). If we get more sleep like that then great and if we decide its not working then we'll use it as a play pen for when I need the bathroom then that's ok too. 

Now here are some cute pictures of my family, enjoy  


Jumping Bean

A little video of Wilf and I from a while back
I remember when we went for our 12 week scan and how hard the sonographer tried to get him to stay still. He was just jumping around everywhere. The jumpiest baby she had seen yet she said. 
Little jumping bean
Nothings changed
dont forget to enter my Dahlia giveaway
Happy Weekend
(i'm off for my very first massage of my life today!)

Then and Now

 Me aged six months, my mumma aged 26 taken at Bristol Zoo Gardens
Wilf aged seven months, me aged 26 taken at St Andrews Park, Bristol

I only realised the similarity once I had gotten home..otherwise I might have been clever and tried to get my mum in the picture too..its funny to think that 26 years ago my parents would have been going through the same things Tom and I are now, the same age, in the same city. Its also ironic that a couple of years later my family would move and then continue to move around the UK but here I am back where I was born like some kind of salmon returning to my birth place to have my own baby.
The even weirder thing being that my mum (a Strickland) and my dad (a Quinn) never married but shared their surnames amongst their children. 
Then me (a Strickland) met Tom (a Quinn) met in the same city my parents met in..history repeating itself hur?
If Tom and I were to ever get married (and we may never) I'm not sure if I would change my name to Quinn or not..


Our Weekend in Pictures 12/08/2012

 Tom pretending we are in some kind of spaceship I think...
A trip to the aquarium on Sunday with my family, this picture of Tom and I makes me laugh so much. 
I'm thinking of getting rid of the red, it was fun for a while but I'm finding it hard to dress myself (so many of my clothes include red and I just cant seem to work out how to wear them with my matching hair). So maybe back to brown for a little while, although my hairdresser neighbour recommended I just keep my hair natural and healthy and invest in some wigs!
We went to the M Shed for the first time after the aquarium for some lunch, it has a really lovely cafe and such a great location. We watched some footage of the St Pauls riots (back in 1980) in the museum and my dad told me how he was working in St Pauls that day and heard all the sirens but just thought it was another day in St Pauls! It wasn't until he left work and walked out his building did he see what was going on, I can totally imagine all the hysteria and my dad just quietly getting on with his job in the building above.
We were so lucky with the weather this weekend we were able to enjoy a few coffee's and beer's outside (my mum bought me a strawberry beer..I wouldn't recommend it, nice at first but a pint is waay to much strawberry). 
Wilf clearly found both days very exciting and didn't go to sleep until 10ish both nights but is kind of getting back into a better cycle now. We learnt pretty quickly to not try and force him going to sleep at a certain time if he's not tired. It just wastes all our time and if he's happy enough playing downstairs some nights then whats the issue?
There is quite a lot I could write about W's development over the past few weeks but I'll save that for another post as he turned 8 months on the 14th and it seems more fitting to include it in there. 
Oh and um..is this not the best picture ever??
as my friend pointed out, Wilf is the only one keeping a look out for sharks ;)
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