Our Weekend in Pictures 12/08/2012

 Tom pretending we are in some kind of spaceship I think...
A trip to the aquarium on Sunday with my family, this picture of Tom and I makes me laugh so much. 
I'm thinking of getting rid of the red, it was fun for a while but I'm finding it hard to dress myself (so many of my clothes include red and I just cant seem to work out how to wear them with my matching hair). So maybe back to brown for a little while, although my hairdresser neighbour recommended I just keep my hair natural and healthy and invest in some wigs!
We went to the M Shed for the first time after the aquarium for some lunch, it has a really lovely cafe and such a great location. We watched some footage of the St Pauls riots (back in 1980) in the museum and my dad told me how he was working in St Pauls that day and heard all the sirens but just thought it was another day in St Pauls! It wasn't until he left work and walked out his building did he see what was going on, I can totally imagine all the hysteria and my dad just quietly getting on with his job in the building above.
We were so lucky with the weather this weekend we were able to enjoy a few coffee's and beer's outside (my mum bought me a strawberry beer..I wouldn't recommend it, nice at first but a pint is waay to much strawberry). 
Wilf clearly found both days very exciting and didn't go to sleep until 10ish both nights but is kind of getting back into a better cycle now. We learnt pretty quickly to not try and force him going to sleep at a certain time if he's not tired. It just wastes all our time and if he's happy enough playing downstairs some nights then whats the issue?
There is quite a lot I could write about W's development over the past few weeks but I'll save that for another post as he turned 8 months on the 14th and it seems more fitting to include it in there. 
Oh and um..is this not the best picture ever??
as my friend pointed out, Wilf is the only one keeping a look out for sharks ;)


Stephanie said...

I just discovered your blog from Kyla Is Inspired and I have to say, you have such a beautiful family! I love the red hair, too, but I've never even thought about how that would work with outfits (I'm a brunette). Love the wig idea!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

thanks so much thats such a lovely thing to say! I will let you know how the wig shopping goes ;) xx

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