Wilf at eight months

Guess what? I'm really starting to regret these monthly posts.
I didn't really think it though when I would have a very active and mobile baby to photograph and to sit down and write about! Only four more months until your first birthday so I feel I should carry on until then at least. 
These photos aren't great but they are better than the blur of a speedy crawler that most of them ended up being.
So yes Wilf you are eight months (on the 14th..I am late in posting this)
You crawl (and have been doing for over a month now), you stand and you 'cruise' (that is the term apparently for holding on to things such a sofas and using it to walk along the length of it).
You attempt to climb stairs
You refuse to lie down and get your nappy changed (you just sit up and crawl away..poo everywhere)
You find the weirdest things funny (saying 'doh doh doh' whilst furiously shaking ones head with usually always result in giggles)
You love limes

You still haven't quite mastered sleeping for longer than two hours though (using all your time to master the above I guess)

Still no teeth, although when I tried to fish yet another miscellaneous item out of your mouth yesterday afternoon I saw two white teeth about to burst though...at the top of your mouth?! I never thought to look there but then I remembered Tom's mum saying his first teeth were top ones too!

You say 'dang!' a lot and I'm wondering if it can be considered a first word, especially when used in context...
'Wilf you are not allowed to play with the laptop!'.....'Dang!'
'Wilfryd please don't eat mummy's shoes they're dirty..ack ack' ....'Dang!'
'Wilfryd Cadno Quinn! that hurts mummy please don't pull my hair/claw at my eyes/pinch me'...'DANG!' 

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Penny'sMamma said...

Oh he's so scrummy!!

Fern xox

fritha strickland said...

@Fern thank you :) x

Babymomma said...

That is one smart boy. I bet he's a handful. I love the smile.... makes a mother want to melt....

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