Tiny Steps

Tiny steps, this boy is so proud of himself

As are we of him!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend xoxo


We like to read 01

I thought it might be fun to photograph some of Wilf's books. We have a fair few baby and kids books (99% c/o my parents) my parents are BIG on books and after five children have stacked up a fair amount. As I was the first to give them a grandchild and my elder brother (with my adorable little 9 week old niece) is between moving houses at the moment I have so far inherited them all (score!) Here are a few of my favorite baby books featuring animals, I love the African style illustrations of the top Striped Zebra (Wild Animals) by Hannah Giffard. My mum is South African and the lines and shapes remind me of some of the posters and illustrations she had up in our house when I was a young child. The second book by Blackie Press, 'My Pets' is so eighties I love it, I never really thought about an eighties way to photograph animals but this book is it, again something about the photography is very nostalgic. The third is by lucy cousins I'm a big fan of Lucy's artwork (she did Maisy Mouse also) how cute is that hamster? You might notice all these books are written on, this is something my mum did when my brother Madog was a baby. Next to each animal is the name for the animal in Welsh. Guinea Pig in Welsh is Mochyn Cwta which is one of my favorite Welsh words. Second is Pili Pala which means Butterfly. What are your favorite animal baby books? Any illustrators I should check out? I am thinking about making this a feature (as we have well over 100 books here..not that I am intending to photographing them all..just my favorites) I hope you like it xo


On saving money..

(picture of Wilf unrelated but I thought this post needed at least one picture)

Here's the thing, babies/children are expensive, the government has calculated that raising a child costs around £218,000 (from birth until 21). This of course is a ridiculous figure which has been created assuming some the following:
  • you put your child in a private nursery from the age of 6months - 5 years -full time
  • your child attends university for three-years where tuition fees and living costs are paid in full by the parents
  • you take an annual holiday from the age of one

They have even assumed you will buy your child their first car and driving lessons plus some other £13,000 in toys over this 21 years.
These three assumptions were the ones I found most surprising in calculating the cost of raising children as it is a idea that is very far removed from our reality. LV have calculated that your child's first year will cost approximately £9,152, now I know Wilf is only approaching ten months but I can guarantee 
you this first year has cost no where near that figure (not even half that!). Here is how we have cut costs (plus some un baby related tips too).

  • Using reusable nappies. We spent roughly £100 on purchasing 20 nappies (which are birth to potty size so once you have bought your set, that its). After trying a fair few brands we stuck with Bum Genius. We bought two new and the rest from Facebook groups where you can buy second hand ones. Ebay is also another good place to find bundles of reusable nappies both new and pre-loved. We also cloth wipe (as mentioned in this post) again this saves a lot on wipes, which tend to cost around £1/£2 a packet. It is estimated that taking into account of the cost of running a washing machine you are saving £500 a year on nappies and £200 on wipes.  We also cloth wipe (as mentioned in this post) again this saves a lot on wipes, which tend to cost around £1/£2 a packet. Two good cloth nappy Facebook groups are 'Pre Loved Cloth Nappies' and 'Cloth Bum Mums'.
  • (on that note) Buy your baby clothes from Ebay 'bundles'
    We were very fortunate that Tom's sister gave us the majority of all our baby clothes for Wilf (as her son is ten months older). However as Wilf is now in some 18month clothes we have bought a few bundles (mainly vest and some other special pieces) from Ebay. Its also a great place to look for more expensive brands of baby clothes. For example I love JoJo Mamam Bebe and Mini Boden but would never buy these items new as babies just grow so fast! Wilf has always been a large baby and so I tend to buy the size up, in some cases Wilf wears 18-24 month clothes now that he will still be able to fit into for the next few months.
  • Another great place to look is charity shops, there is a baby clothes 'bin' in our local charity shop with items for 10p or 20p. If you are in the mood a good rummage can unearth some lovely pieces, especially if you are fan of baby knitwear! 
  • Although I know lots of people that swear by playgroups and activity type cafes I'm not a great fan. I am fortunate enough however to have a group of good friends (from my NCT classes) with babies the same age. Instead of attending playgroups we meet as each others houses/parks twice a week or so and set up our own 'free playgroup' plus the money you save from playgroups can be used to buy a bottle of wine to share among yourselves.. ;) 
  • Nearly New sales are a great way to pick up bargains, you can find out about local to you ones on sites like NetMums and Mumsnet. 
  • When it comes to Wilf's food we do a mixture of baby led and purees. The purees are great when you are out and about, you can stock up on pouches with deals like the Asda sale where you can buy 6 for the price of 5. You can also pick up free Organic baby food from places like IKEA and Asda when you buy something for yourself. The best saving in feeding your baby though is just to make a little extra of what you are having (leave out the salt) and there you go!
  • Obviously when Wilf was born, one thing that had to change was our set of wheels. Upgrading from my little run-around to the car we have now obviously came at a significant price, so I wanted to be savvy when looking into car finance . Luckily the market for loans these days is actually pretty consumer-friendly, with peer-to-peer lending platforms in particular offering APRs starting from as low as 5%. The low-cost car loan from one of these platforms meant that we’ve now got the benefit of an upsized car, while having also saved a huge amount in interest when paying it off
  • Places like Poundland and Savers often also sell baby food and baby paraphernalia (like cups and plates and beakers) for half the price of shops such as Boots. 
  • We dont drive (so there's a saving right there!) but we do travel by train a bit. We got a family rail card (costing £28 a year but there is 10% off at the moment) which means we save a third of all our train journeys. Your child will not need to pay a fair until he/she is five but if the difference of a third of your travel is more than a child ticket using this card will be mean you save in the long run. This has helped a lot in  making visits to family doable. The savings we make in not having a car/car tax etc means that if there is somewhere we need to go that is not accessible on public transport then we can justify the very occasional taxi ride. 
Non Baby related savings we have made:
  • We very rarely go out to eat these days but when we do we only go to places that are supporting voucher deals. You can find out easily which restaurants these are by downloading apps like 'voucher cloud' and entering your postcode or tapping 'current location' if you are out and about. Its amazing how many larger brands have deals on almost all the time, some up to 50% off the price of the bill. 
  • Again Ebay bundles are a great way to shop. I have favourite brands and instead of entering for example 'maxi dress bundles' into Ebay I will enter a brand I know I love and see what bundles there are containing one of the these items. Chances are that someone you wears a brand you love will also have other clothes in styles you like. This is also a great way to find out about new brands you might not have heard about
  • One of the big things we did when Wilf was born was get rid of TV. This probably sounds like a very middle class/hipster-y thing to do but I knew that if I didnt I would be trapped in the stay at home - waste half my day watching 'This Morning' kind of cycle. By doing this we saved £145 on a TV Licence and a further £50 a month (!) on our crazily expensive TV package with Virgin. Instead we bought a Netflix account for £4.99 a month (and the first month free). When Wilf is asleep we catch up on box sets like Breaking Bad, we tend to only watch one a day and this has forced us to actually do other productive things with our day/evening. I am beyond happy that we chose to do this and can honestly say I do not miss TV one bit!
  • This isn't really a saving as such but I enter quite a lot of blog competitions. Your chances are much higher on winning (especially if it is not a very well know blog) and by doing so I have won items of clothing for both Wilf and myself and beauty products I would never have been able to justify buying. Two good sites for finding competitions are MSE and Blog Giveaway Directory 
  • Plan family meals, to ensure you don't waste food. This is one of my biggest problem areas and I hate that things still go out of date and un eaten in our fridge. We are still working on this one...
So that's it! I am really going to work a little harder on those meal planning and food shopping ideas. Do any of you have good money saving tips and tricks? I would love to hear them! 


What Mama Wore - Moheda

Mama Wore:
Dress - Vintage c/o Can of Soup
Clogs - c/o Moheda
Coat - Motel (but from a charity shop)

Tom took these pics of me early this Saturday, it was one those moments where Wilf had just woken from his morning nap (he wakes around 6am and naps again around 8am) and Tom said 'right lets leave the house now'. I didnt have a chance to let my hair dry or even to brush it but I had just received my vintage dress in the post (a prize from Can of Soup on Kitty and Buck's blog) and slipped it on along with my Moheda's and rushed out the door.
The sun was shinning really brightly and it started to feel like autumn, all crisp and fresh and exciting. The kind of weather that makes you eager to grab a coat and take a walk all the time looking forward to getting back indoors for a cup of tea and blankets on the sofa. I LOVE autumn. So does Cafe Cat so dont forget to enter her Autumn giveaway ;) (running for another week). So we passed these pretty painted walls just steps from our house and thought it would be the perfect backdrop. Sure my hair is amazing eighties and I am paler than..a pale thing but I kind of like them.
On that note, I have yet another giveaway for you all! For the foreseeable future I will be running a new giveaway every week (all running for two weeks) so be sure to come back and check reguly as there are some amazing prizes up for grabs.
One of them being the beautiful Moheda clogs I am wearing! Seriously these clogs are not just beautiful they are very very comfy. I have worn these clogs almost constantly since Moheda were kind enough to send them to me, I think the heel height is just perfect.
So for you chance to win a pair of the Betty clogs from Moheda just complete the below, and good luck! 

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What Mama Wore - Second date night

Mama Wears
Dress by Fever London

Coat by Motel 

Yep you heard right, second date night in nine months people!
After my solo night out on Thursday I think we went a little cray cray and went out for drinks and a meal together on Saturday night too. Funny enough we ended up going to two places that would have been baby friendly (The Duke of York pub and Taoh's) but that's not the point. We got to chat over a glass of wine, talk about non baby things (not completely but I tried my very very best). We laughed. shared jokes and reminisced and it felt a little like old times, not that those times were better, they were different and I miss parts of them a little.
When we got to the restaurant I saw a little baby the same age as Wilf sitting in a high chair a few tables over from us and my heart whet I bit 'oh!'. I kept saying to Tom 'oh look at that baby, he's like Wilf..' and I missed him a bit, his funny little face. I sent a quick text to Tom's sister's (who were babysitting) they reported back 'he is fine, happily playing with all the toys'.
Once we had eaten we strolled back, wondering if we had time for another quick drink before pick up. A call this time to my SIL, "is he OK?".. "Well he was a bit upset but fine really, he didn't want to sleep so he's being pushed round the block in the pushchair to send him off". We were encouraged that he was fine and to have another drink, but a look at Tom and we both decided what we wanted really was to head back and reassure him. We had had a lovely time and it was important to us to take things slowly. As we turned the corner we saw my brother in law and a wailing baby, it was a fairly funny sight (poor Wilf) I scooped him up and thanked him for his help (I do appreciate its a stressful situation when you are trying to calm an overtired baby that isn't yours!). After which Wilf promptly stopped crying, shot me a rather reproachful look before forgiving me and cheering up. Another hour or so was spent with family, another quick drink was had (whilst Wilf carried on playing on the floor with all his cousins toys) some more jokes were told. A good night was had and a exhausted baby was pushed home and to bed by 10pm.
I guess the next step is Wilf being able to be looked after by others and actually go to sleep, but we will get there (I'm sure of it!).
Now Wilf is nine months a few friends of mine with babies similar ages have gone back to work part or full time and their babies have started nurseries. I often wondered how this worked in regards to the amount they needed to have of breastmilk (if expressing) a friend of mine told me that her baby was not interested in the breastmilk she had expressed and so after a week or so she simply stopped leaving some with the nursery. She eats three meals a day and can go this long without a feed. This got me thinking perhaps we could go out (in the day) for longer amounts of time than I thought. At the moment I feel like I am constrained by a 3ish hour time scale but I guess I've just got that in my head from when he was smaller and not eating solids. As I feed on demand and BF is not always for food (i.e I will comfort feed W if he is tired or upset) I just don't know how much he actually needs. I'm not planning on regulating how much I feed him in the day if we are together of course but it does make me wonder if maybe I would be able to leave him longer now if I needed too? I always hated expressing so that's not really an option and was maybe part of the reasoning behind not wanting to leave him or be away from him previously.
My couple of hours away with a friend earlier this week really did remind me that I am my own person outside of being a mum. Whilst being a mum is the most important thing in my life and almost certainly the thing I will always be most proud of, I guess if its the only thing in my life it does get a little all consuming? Not only for me but for Tom too, we don't have television and although I know I should really I rarely sit down to check the news online, I don't buy newspapers as I don't have time to read them/Wilf likes to destroy and eat them so I don't really know much about life outside of my little bubble. Its embarrassing to see that written down really, and having a baby shouldn't be an excuse to become ignorant of whats going on in the world but at the moment that's how things are a little round here.
Having those few hours with my friend on Thursday (OK we didn't actually talk about world news) to talk about things other than my little family was refreshing, it also gave me something to talk about on my date night with Tom other than what Wilf and I did that week!
So all in all two successful nights out! xo


The one where I actually go out sans baby + Neal's Yard

SO you may remember the last time I tried to go out without Wilf was pretty much a disaster. Tom and I have been out without Wilf once, for a meal, for two hours. The thing is, up until about 6 months or so I had no desire to do things without Wilf. Its not like we were stuck in the house all the time, we went for drinks/meals/shopping/nights away etc but we just brought Wilf along, no problem, we enjoyed him being there with us. I'm not saying that was right or wrong, that not having the desire for time to myself for that long makes me a better parent or some rubbish, its just how I felt. People told me we needed to leave him, that he would get 'too dependent or spoilt' (utter nonsense..you cant spoil a baby under one) and I truly felt that forcing myself to leave my baby when I didn't real ready was not a good thing. I'm glad I came to those conclusions.
However around six months I started to feel the need for a little time out, a few weeks later my mum came to visit and we left Wilf with her and my sister (and a bottle of expressed milk) for a couple of hours whilst we went for a meal around the corner from us.
Fast forward a month or so and I tried to go out for the first time alone, no Tom, no baby just me and a friend..well it was a failure, I felt all kinds of anxious and I didn't go, we had a family picnic in the park instead. I felt really stupid for quite some time after that, what was wrong with me? But I wasn't ready and it wasn't the right time. Again I am glad I waited until I felt ready as..dun dun dun...last night I went out, for drinks, sans baby!
My twitter friend Hayley mentioned me in a tweet regarding a Neals Yard blogger evening. There was to be free organic wine and nibbles..so naturally, I was sold. My good friend Dona (who happens to work for the Soil Association ) said she would be happy to accompany me and so it was arranged!
The day leading up to the evening was a little stressful, Wilf had a cold so was grizzly and also managed to knock over half a bottle of laundry liquid all over the kitchen (which took SO long to clean up, what with having no where to put Wilf safely and him wanting to play in the spilled liquid). As Wilf was feeling under the weather it was twice as hard to occupy him and most of the day was spent carrying him around else he cry when I placed him down somewhere. About an hour before I was due to leave/feed and change Wilf/do my make up Wilf also knocked a full (but ten hour cold) cup of tea over himself and some books. The sight that Tom was greeted with as he entered the house was a half naked baby as I gave them both a quick kiss and ran for my train! Perhaps this manic rush gave me no time to feel anxious about leaving or perhaps the day had been so stressful it reinforced my need to time away, who knows but I went and had a really good time!

I used to work just down the street from Neals Yard's Bristol store, and whilst I liked their products (I had a free hand moisturiser in a magazine once and remember thinking how good it was) I never really thought to go inside. What surprised me about the evening was that although I knew Neals Yard was a organic creams and lotions type of company I had no idea what else they did. Not only lotions but tea's, tinctures, make up and candles as well as massages and facials, acupuncture and reflexology, nutritional therapy and aromatherapy..basically everything you can think of!
I genuinely found it really interesting to learn about the history of Neals Yard and a testament to Romy Fraser that when selling the business in 2005 went against the large corporate chains bidding for a green business for their books, instead choosing Peter Kindersley (owner of Sheepdrove Farm) who showed as much passion as she did in his love for organic products.
Since having a baby I have rather predictably become more aware of the things we put in our body. I have written before about eating organically and cleaning with eco products. One of the most important things to me when Wilfryd was born was to use organic products on his skin, this then made me question the products I use on my own skin. My make up routine mainly involves products from the Body Shop/Lush and Burts Bee's I had no idea that Neals Yard had a make up range and this is something I am now eager to test (I got a free lip tint that I cant wait to try).
Over our free organic wine (with offers of top ups at perfect times, I had three!) and sheepdrove cheese we listened to Elisabeth Winkler's passionate talk about organic produce, the dangers of pesticides and the importance on the ingredients we put in/our body. After which Nicola Nolan gave a brief history of Neal's Yard, the importance of natural ingredients and the reasoning behind their blue bottles (it stops the sunlight getting in and effecting the products). I also learnt a lot about their Bee Lovely range of which 5% of their profits goes to, you can also sign the petition here to ban deadly neonic pesticides and help save the bee. At some point in this talk a boyfriend/husband/significant other of one of the bloggers dropped a slice of soft cheese down my leg, which I found pretty funny (he turned red and apologized).  

After the talk we were encouraged to test the products and ask any questions we might have. I took this opportunity to indulge in the free hand and arm massage. Did you know your hand can feel refreshed?? I didn't, I do now. Both myself and Dona raised out arms zombie style afterwards as our hands felt 'so light!'. Dona was kind enough to snap some pics for me whilst I had my hands treated, the lovely store manager and massage lady Zoe asked her if she was my photographer which made us laugh a fair bit. Zoe also filled me in on all the jars of herbs and spices. Originally I thought were just there for show they are in fact there to make personalised tea's and tinctures. I found this level of customer service really impressive, I do feel hesitant to over medicate and its a comfort to know there is a shop you can go to that will be able to give you advise on natural remedies to ease ailments.

Once our wine had been drunk and we had eaten enough nibbles it was time to make my way back to the train station and home to my little boy. Neals Yard were kind enough to give us both goodie bags containing products for both me and Wilf which I cant wait to try! Thanks Neal's Yard for a great evening and for making my first solo evening without my baby a relaxing one!

Also thanks Dona for being ace 

Wilf at nine months

How quickly you are starting to become a little boy, you are still so small but getting so big all at the same time. 

Oh Wilf, I wonder if how soon I will be writing one of these posts and be calling you a toddler? Part of me hopes I while, I want to keep you as my little baby that much longer, but the other part is so proud of you. You are almost standing unaided with those chubby little thighs, you are an expert crawler and keeping your poor mummy on her toes with the speed of your curiosity. You are even learning how to get down from things properly (the whole climbing on the sofa and launching yourself off it head first was a little testing on my nerves). Now you are starting to see going backwards is a safer way to be..although you don't always remember that.

We started baby sign language classes and you have learnt the sign for 'all gone' how amazing that you can pick this up so quick. I often think you understand so much more of what I am talking about. You certainly understand humour, you remember what makes us laugh and are so pleased with our reactions. You scrunch up your shoulders and smile with your head to the side when you are feeling bashful or know that people are talking about you.
You love our cats and are even getting a bit better at the 'gently gently'..would Maddie agree? I'm not sure, poor thing. 

Your new favorite game is 'helping in the kitchen' 

Closely followed by, 'helping' with the washing/tidying/cooking..what a 'helpful' boy you are...

On the weekends your daddy and you get up, have breakfast and head off to the park, you are both back by nine sharing jokes and greet me in bed with a cup of tea. I cant help thinking how lucky I am to have these amazing boys in my life. How did I get so lucky??

You still resist sleep, life is FAR too excited for sleep right?? How long will these entries include this paragraph for? Not too much longer I hope? When you wake me at 6am with a kind tap tap on my face and a slobbery kiss on my chin, a laugh with delight as I open my eyes as if to say 'It's another day! Hurrah!' well how can I be annoyed?..plus I get to pass you over to your daddy for a little more snoozing..
Wilf you have been outside in this world for nine whole months, the same amount of time you were inside! Its gone by so fast, so much faster than pregnancy..and soon you will be one! Oh My!
You are a little super hero (with cape to prove it) we love you so much xoxo


Happy Birthday Daddy/Grumpy

As I forgot/remembered/forgot/remembered/forgot it was my dad's fifty second birthday yesterday (I did send him a message over the magic that is the internet) . I am doing what most bloggers do and congratulating him, again with the internet..although a day late (heaven forbid we actually talk! ;)) 

I don't know about you but my phone is very rarely used as an actual phone, I usually have at least 5 big red missed calls and a few dozen texts I need to reply to..email me though, I'll email you right back.

Anyway, back to the point. Congrats daddy on getting a year older, last year you became a Grandad (Grumpy) not one but two times! I wonder what this year will bring. Thank you for being the best dad I could wish for and for being such a fantastic Grumpy!

We love you daddy/grumpy xoxo
 and yes I do call my dad daddy, what of it it? ;) 


Native Home

A little while ago I entered a competition over on Ohdeardrea to win this fantastic cape/crown and plushy set from Native Home. I was a new reader to Drea's blog and immediately fell in love, with her beautiful photography, darling daughter and way of life. She inspired me to cut down on the dairy (which I also wrote about in this post) and reminded me of my own desires for a simpler more environmentally friendly lifestyle. I urge you to take a peek at her blog, I think you will love it as much as I do.
SO back to the story, I entered her competition, thought 'wow how cool are they!' and then promptly forgot about it. A few weeks later I got an email from Sarah at Native Home telling me I had won, hurrah! Sarah and I started emailing back and forth, it was lovely to get to know the person behind the brand and we started reading each others blogs (this is hers go check it out). Sarah was kind enough to add a W to the crown to personalize it for Wilf and she also added some extra goodies in my prize such as homemade natural beauty products. Wilf got some 'Booty Balm for Babies' and I got the nicest smelling lotion and lip balm. You can read her post on the making of these products and enter her giveaway to win some here. Thank you Sarah and Drea! 
After we got the parcel we headed out for an afternoon play in our local park, as you can see the cape looks pretty dam awesome if you ask me (the crown is still as little too big but he will fit it soon enough!)

I think this picture may just be my favourite..


The Cafe Cat - Giveaway

SO you guys are in for a treat, another giveaway! But first the giveaway of the Fever London dress is...Caroline Wheeler (I will be sending you an email!) with over 900 entries I take it you guys love Fever as much as I do! Congrats Caroline!

And now for another super cute giveaway, good luck to everyone who enters!
Here are some little words from one of my large sponsors The Cafe Cat

In honour of my blog series 'When Autumn Comes' I have decided to host my first ever giveaway! I wracked my brains trying to think of what might be the perfect treat and on my Sunday walk, I came across a fantastic little market hosted by the CCCB. Now normally my Sunday walk involves me being as anti-social as possible but I was drawn into the busy square that was packed out with people and pretty market tables.It was here that I stumbled upon Barcelona company 'Fauna y Flora' who were creating quite a stir. They were by far the busiest stall at the event. As I edged closer to the table, the lovely pieces fell into my view and there is was. The perfect giveaway gift! A darling little acorn necklace...
to enter to win this beautiful necklace complete one/all of the below!
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What Mama Wore - Tribe Bags

What Mama Wore:
Bag - c/o Orchard Tote by Tribe Bags
Dress - Toast (but from a charity shop)
Belt - Vintage
Coat - Motel
Shoes - c/o Moheda (separate post and giveaway coming up about these beauties!)

Here's the thing, when we found out we were having a baby, counting down the last couple of months and checking off the list of things we needed, one of them was of course a change bag.

Thing is, I never saw any that I could actually envision me using, every day, day in day out. A bag is pretty much up there with a hairstyle in that its an accessory you wear daily. (I learnt that thing about your hair being an everyday accessory from Cat Deely and use it a fair amount when justifying a trip to the salon. I even work out how much the hair appointment works out daily if I consider I only go every three months, then you feel guilt free. you.are.welcome).

So when Wilf was actually born I didn't have one. Instead a crammed reusable nappies/wipes/bum cream/spare change of clothes/muslins/toys plus my everyday stuff into one of my original handbags..I broke the clasp on that one pretty soon after...

Since then I've managed to squeeze the daily necessities into handbags plus tote bags plus bits here and there in the pram..when it comes to finding my wallet in any of that stuff its like a five minute job minimum. 

That is until Tribe bags were kind enough to stop this ridiculous set up hurrah! 

Tribe sent me their Orchard Tote to test. What can I say? Its beautiful, and it doesn't look like a nappy bag, bonus.
The bag is deep, deep enough to contain reusable nappies and wipes (which take up the bulk of most of my carrying space) but instead of cramming everything else in that space it has pockets, tons of them. It is also deep enough to use as a camera bag too! As you can guess I take my camera pretty much everywhere so I was even more delighted when I figured this out!
The inside of the bag is littered with many different size pockets. I have a special space for my keys (no more taking every single thing out of my bag when i get to the front door). A place for my make up, Wilf's toys, food..(so on so forth you get the picture). 
The bag comes with a matching (toddler size) change mat and bag for any rubbish that comes with changing a baby and the rear lower pocket (at the bottom of the bag) is perfect for keeping any dirty items so that they can be segregated from the rest of the bag. 
It also comes with stroller straps and pram hooks so you can hang it from your stroller/pram should you so wish.
I have been using this bag for a week now and have been asked where I got it no less than five times, which is always a good test of a beautiful bag. Being a mum doesn't mean you have to compromise on your style, plus when Wilf is older this bag isnt just being packed away for the next baby its going to continue being my day bag/work bag/camera bag. Thank you Tribe Bags!
You can also find Tribe bags here on Twitter and here on Facebook, go check them out!

p.s you wanna see whats in my bag?
actually this is very scaled down, when I transferred all my stuff to my new shinny bag I got rid of all the receipts/bobby pins/sweets from the past year or so than lined my previous bag..

spare change of clothes (for W)

card holder
teething gel
Sophie the giraffe
booty balm for babies c/o Native Home
hand sanitiser
Owl Babies book by Martin Waddell
bag of reusable nappies plus reusable wipes
4 head (a cooling stick for headaches)
I'd also usually have my camera in there too, but I was using it to take the pics! I will of course double the amount of bits I carry with my within the next few weeks but thankfully I have lots of tidy little pockets to keep them all in now! xoxo
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