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Yep you heard right, second date night in nine months people!
After my solo night out on Thursday I think we went a little cray cray and went out for drinks and a meal together on Saturday night too. Funny enough we ended up going to two places that would have been baby friendly (The Duke of York pub and Taoh's) but that's not the point. We got to chat over a glass of wine, talk about non baby things (not completely but I tried my very very best). We laughed. shared jokes and reminisced and it felt a little like old times, not that those times were better, they were different and I miss parts of them a little.
When we got to the restaurant I saw a little baby the same age as Wilf sitting in a high chair a few tables over from us and my heart whet I bit 'oh!'. I kept saying to Tom 'oh look at that baby, he's like Wilf..' and I missed him a bit, his funny little face. I sent a quick text to Tom's sister's (who were babysitting) they reported back 'he is fine, happily playing with all the toys'.
Once we had eaten we strolled back, wondering if we had time for another quick drink before pick up. A call this time to my SIL, "is he OK?".. "Well he was a bit upset but fine really, he didn't want to sleep so he's being pushed round the block in the pushchair to send him off". We were encouraged that he was fine and to have another drink, but a look at Tom and we both decided what we wanted really was to head back and reassure him. We had had a lovely time and it was important to us to take things slowly. As we turned the corner we saw my brother in law and a wailing baby, it was a fairly funny sight (poor Wilf) I scooped him up and thanked him for his help (I do appreciate its a stressful situation when you are trying to calm an overtired baby that isn't yours!). After which Wilf promptly stopped crying, shot me a rather reproachful look before forgiving me and cheering up. Another hour or so was spent with family, another quick drink was had (whilst Wilf carried on playing on the floor with all his cousins toys) some more jokes were told. A good night was had and a exhausted baby was pushed home and to bed by 10pm.
I guess the next step is Wilf being able to be looked after by others and actually go to sleep, but we will get there (I'm sure of it!).
Now Wilf is nine months a few friends of mine with babies similar ages have gone back to work part or full time and their babies have started nurseries. I often wondered how this worked in regards to the amount they needed to have of breastmilk (if expressing) a friend of mine told me that her baby was not interested in the breastmilk she had expressed and so after a week or so she simply stopped leaving some with the nursery. She eats three meals a day and can go this long without a feed. This got me thinking perhaps we could go out (in the day) for longer amounts of time than I thought. At the moment I feel like I am constrained by a 3ish hour time scale but I guess I've just got that in my head from when he was smaller and not eating solids. As I feed on demand and BF is not always for food (i.e I will comfort feed W if he is tired or upset) I just don't know how much he actually needs. I'm not planning on regulating how much I feed him in the day if we are together of course but it does make me wonder if maybe I would be able to leave him longer now if I needed too? I always hated expressing so that's not really an option and was maybe part of the reasoning behind not wanting to leave him or be away from him previously.
My couple of hours away with a friend earlier this week really did remind me that I am my own person outside of being a mum. Whilst being a mum is the most important thing in my life and almost certainly the thing I will always be most proud of, I guess if its the only thing in my life it does get a little all consuming? Not only for me but for Tom too, we don't have television and although I know I should really I rarely sit down to check the news online, I don't buy newspapers as I don't have time to read them/Wilf likes to destroy and eat them so I don't really know much about life outside of my little bubble. Its embarrassing to see that written down really, and having a baby shouldn't be an excuse to become ignorant of whats going on in the world but at the moment that's how things are a little round here.
Having those few hours with my friend on Thursday (OK we didn't actually talk about world news) to talk about things other than my little family was refreshing, it also gave me something to talk about on my date night with Tom other than what Wilf and I did that week!
So all in all two successful nights out! xo


Kyla said...

You look so pretty here!! That outfit is great. Congrats on getting out on your second date night! :) I'm sure you'll have more in the future.

abigailemily said...

Woohoo, sounds great! Glad you took your sil up on her offer! I think you've made the right choices regarding leaving Wilf, only doing it when you felt completely comfortable! But it's amazing when you actually do get out and realise you an be a 'normal' person! (Not just a mum!)

I totally get what you mean about living in a bubble, I have no grasp of the news, especially without using twitter too!

I'm planning on going out for a few drinks with a (mum) friend soon, so if you fancy it, it be great to see you without the babies too! Perhaps we'd actually be able to have a full conversation! Plus we'd understand if you had to leave!!

T said...

congrats on getting a second date! You look gorgeous.

Tsui Chung
@ fashionganache.blogspot.co.uk

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks so much Kyla, hopefully we wont wait another three months for our next one! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@Abi that sounds great! (i'll txt you) x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Hi @Tsui welcome to my blog and thanks for the lovely comment! x

Jess said...

glad it went well, the need to get out of babyland for a while just comes at different times for different people,took me a while with the first,but tbh honest I think it does the kids good too, spending time with extended family etc. - you will find he will enjoy having a selection of adoring slaves to wrap round his finger if hes anything like Freya ;)

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks Lil! And yes Aunties/Uncles and grandparents are the best! I only wish mine lived closer. Your brother is lucky to have such a doting aunt for his little girl :) xx

Melanie said...

With my son, he still nursed every two to three hours at 9 months old but, also took a sippy cup with expressed milk or formula as way to train. By ten months both of my children stopped wanting the breast. I fed on demand always but, I never used myself as a pacifier. When they were hungry I fed the right away. At this age your baby probably could go 3 to 5 hours without you if they drink from a cup or bottle ok. I hated expressing milk too, so I avoided it as much as possible.

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