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What Mama Wore:
Bag - c/o Orchard Tote by Tribe Bags
Dress - Toast (but from a charity shop)
Belt - Vintage
Coat - Motel
Shoes - c/o Moheda (separate post and giveaway coming up about these beauties!)

Here's the thing, when we found out we were having a baby, counting down the last couple of months and checking off the list of things we needed, one of them was of course a change bag.

Thing is, I never saw any that I could actually envision me using, every day, day in day out. A bag is pretty much up there with a hairstyle in that its an accessory you wear daily. (I learnt that thing about your hair being an everyday accessory from Cat Deely and use it a fair amount when justifying a trip to the salon. I even work out how much the hair appointment works out daily if I consider I only go every three months, then you feel guilt free. you.are.welcome).

So when Wilf was actually born I didn't have one. Instead a crammed reusable nappies/wipes/bum cream/spare change of clothes/muslins/toys plus my everyday stuff into one of my original handbags..I broke the clasp on that one pretty soon after...

Since then I've managed to squeeze the daily necessities into handbags plus tote bags plus bits here and there in the pram..when it comes to finding my wallet in any of that stuff its like a five minute job minimum. 

That is until Tribe bags were kind enough to stop this ridiculous set up hurrah! 

Tribe sent me their Orchard Tote to test. What can I say? Its beautiful, and it doesn't look like a nappy bag, bonus.
The bag is deep, deep enough to contain reusable nappies and wipes (which take up the bulk of most of my carrying space) but instead of cramming everything else in that space it has pockets, tons of them. It is also deep enough to use as a camera bag too! As you can guess I take my camera pretty much everywhere so I was even more delighted when I figured this out!
The inside of the bag is littered with many different size pockets. I have a special space for my keys (no more taking every single thing out of my bag when i get to the front door). A place for my make up, Wilf's toys, food..(so on so forth you get the picture). 
The bag comes with a matching (toddler size) change mat and bag for any rubbish that comes with changing a baby and the rear lower pocket (at the bottom of the bag) is perfect for keeping any dirty items so that they can be segregated from the rest of the bag. 
It also comes with stroller straps and pram hooks so you can hang it from your stroller/pram should you so wish.
I have been using this bag for a week now and have been asked where I got it no less than five times, which is always a good test of a beautiful bag. Being a mum doesn't mean you have to compromise on your style, plus when Wilf is older this bag isnt just being packed away for the next baby its going to continue being my day bag/work bag/camera bag. Thank you Tribe Bags!
You can also find Tribe bags here on Twitter and here on Facebook, go check them out!

p.s you wanna see whats in my bag?
actually this is very scaled down, when I transferred all my stuff to my new shinny bag I got rid of all the receipts/bobby pins/sweets from the past year or so than lined my previous bag..

spare change of clothes (for W)

card holder
teething gel
Sophie the giraffe
booty balm for babies c/o Native Home
hand sanitiser
Owl Babies book by Martin Waddell
bag of reusable nappies plus reusable wipes
4 head (a cooling stick for headaches)
I'd also usually have my camera in there too, but I was using it to take the pics! I will of course double the amount of bits I carry with my within the next few weeks but thankfully I have lots of tidy little pockets to keep them all in now! xoxo


Anna said...

Your coat is beautiful I love the red button detail!

Penny'sMamma said...

I Have That Purse! lol ..... Fritha, have you ever been to Swagger Unique in chipping sodbury? Its a cute little shop, you'd love it. Plus, I live round the corner.. if your ever down this way.. give me a little shout :-) x

Melissa said...

it's so fun seeing what other mamas keep in their purses/diaper bags. love your outfit :) that coat is adorable!
Oh, My

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@Fern ooh I haven't! I dont drive so getting out of Bristol doesnt happen v often but I am still hoping to go to one of those natural parent meets soon! Hope to meet you there x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@melissa ha yes I always find that interesting too! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@anna thank you! I love it, it was a good find in a charity shop would you believe! x

Kristian said...

I would have had no idea just from the photos that that was a diaper bag! Also very interesting to see what a mama puts in her bag (I wouldn't have thought about baby entertainment items but that makes a lot of sense!)

My favorite part of this post though was your most adorable, lovely coat!

I Heart Films said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
I Heart Films said...

I have that purse too. I love it so much. Disaster Designs creations are soo cute! xx

Rachel said...

We have that owl bag! It's always fascinating to see what other mums keep in their bags!

I am looking for a new nappy bag. Good to read this review. X

Rachel said...

Sorry, pressed return by mistake!

I will have to look at Tribe bags, do they hang well off the pram? I need one which I can easily attach to my pram.

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@rachel yes! they have a little clip attachment just for hanging off buggies :) x

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