Kiddie Food

I intended to write much more on here about kiddie food but I'm afraid I've lost my inspiration when it comes to Wilf's food. Like too many things I do I tend to go all out at first and then loose my drive..when Wilf first starting eating solid food I made so many things from The River Cottage Baby and Toddler book. Wilf was gobbling down with gusto (and much to my mum's amazement 'wow he really eats!') fritata's, quiche's, pasties, home made pesto, hummus and even pumpkin cake..and now? Now its more like crackers and pasta and rice cakes..with a bit of fruit & veg here and there..I need to step it up, I'm bored and I'm sure Wilf is bored.
I think I need a weekend where I can make a bunch of things, a big pasta sauce, a bunch of mini pasties..home made veggie burgers (like these by my friend Sarah). That's the plan anyway.
When I didn't have a child I used to really hate pictures of children eating, you know the ones that jump up on your Facebook feed 'so and so eating yogurt!' and its smeared all over their face. Ya well now I have a child I change my mind, its SO cute..however I totally get it if you don't agree, if you are that person..look away now
Anyone got any ideas for me to get me kiddie food mojo back?


Giveaway - Jessica Who Necklace

Another Monday, another giveaway over on Tigerlilly Quinn!
This week large sponsor Jessica Who is giving away this beautiful necklace from her collection. All you have to do is complete any/all of the below to enter! The competition will last for two weeks, be sure to come back and check if you won!
on a side note the Maguba Clog competition is still going ahead for another week as unfortunately the rafflecopter link to their Facebook was not working for the first week! This means we have three giveaway's running right now, to enter them all click on the 'giveaway' tab at the top of my page and goodluck!
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Our weekend in pictures 27/10/2012

Warning, I find it very hard to cut back on the amount of photographs I keep. So much so that I burnt my hard drive out on my laptop recently (thankfully a talented friend fixed it all up for me with a super dooper hard drive and now my lovely Mac is working speedy as anything). And yet I still have over twenty pictures of pretty much the same scene. Only how can I choose which moment is the best?? We are enjoying the crisp air with little trips close to home, to the park to feed the ducks and play on the swings and then home for tea (chamomile for Wilf) and playing indoors with daddy. 
Our sleeping arrangements for a while were constantly changing, at one point we had a cot, a double bed and a double futon all in one room (lucky it is a big room!) and now Wilf and I are in his one day room, with Wilf in his cot for the evening and with me in the futon for the rest of the night. 
So having finally moved Wilf out of our room (and me with him) we pushed the bed back to the wall and started to arrange our bedroom like a bedroom again. 
Co sleeping is a funny thing, Wilf learnt to roll over at three months and was mobile from six, a episode of him rolling off the bed at 5 months or so led me and Wilf to move to the spare futon on the floor and that was the last time I slept in a proper bed! If we were to ever have another baby many years down the line I think the most useful tip we will have learnt is to invest in a bigger bed as a double is really not cut out for three, especially when one of them sleeps horizontal across it. 
We are working on Wilf's sleep and hopefully one day he will go for long stretches. I think then perhaps will begin the transition of me back into my old bed and old room! It will be odd to have all that space again, I know I will miss co sleeping with my little one. It will undoubtedly be one of my favourite memories of the first year of his life. 
Wilf's 'Wilfasaurus' baby grow was made for him by the very talented Bryony Crane who makes amazing custom baby grows/t-shirts and other personalised baby garments. Go check her out you wont be disappointed!


We like to read 04

We love the colours in Melanie Walsh's books. Opposites and contrasts and lift the flaps. Wilf loves these books.
Petr Horacek draws such expressive animals, great colours. We love them 


Wilf's amazing Fox hat

This morning Wilf refused his nap although almost falling down with exhaustion we took a break, read some books and just as he was falling asleep (almost an hour after I first started to settle him) a thought flashed into my head 'I forgot to mention where Wilf's amazing fox hat was from!'.
My Knitting World is an Etsy shop ran by a lovely lady called Suna who was kind enough to make this beautiful hat for Wilf. I would encourage you to take a peek at her shop she even has little crochet aviator hats in there! Thanks again Suna for such an incredible gift you are a talented lady! xoxo


Wilf at ten months

Wilf's preferred mode of transport, would you believe after trotting along with this thing he turned around sat in it for Tom to push him instead..far too clever this little boy..
 Can someone say Holy Cute! Look at that face, he's a little fox! I don't ever want him to take it off...
 that face, oh my..
Wilf turned ten months last week, as usual I am a little late in posting these monthly updates. 
Wilf this month you started taking real steps with your push along walker! Little steps but oh so big steps. There has been a shift and sometimes I feel you are so much older than your ten months, you are getting passionate and sometimes a little feisty. You know what you want and really showing these little frustrations. I am even starting to implement discipline (well trying..) in regards to hitting me when over excited or playing with things that are dangerous..some phases that are being used these days:
'no, no that hurts mummy, HURTS her' (showing the sign for hurts)
'you will hurt yourself if you do that'
'DANGEROUS' (showing the sign for danger)
'mummy will cry if you hit her with the phone' (showing the sign for tears and sad and hurts to emphasise the point)

We have started Steiner Kindergarten where you plant flowers (eat soil) paint pictures (chew on paint brush) and watch puppet shows about nature and woodland creatures. We sing the song for tidying up the toys when we are there and at home but I cant remember any of the others.

You like peanut butter, yogurt, raisins and weetabix, not necessarily together..ok who am I kidding, all together in one messy mush.
You can stand solitary, although don't choose to do it very often (in all honestly this happened this week so should be in next months round up but hey). You also are now the proud owner of two little teeth!
Your favourite toy is the cats wind up hedgehog and no matter how much I try and distract you with other things you will choose that one over no other. On that note you love the cats, they are yet to reciprocate.
You have three little friends you have known from birth called Aleah, Sylvia and Alfie and you are as thick as thieves, I hope you stay friends your whole lives.
You still only sleep for 45 minutes in a row.. you want your mother to look 26 going on 66 I'm sure..its lucky you are so gosh darn cute! xoxo
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On being a bit rubbish with buying presents..

It's my birthday at the end of next month, a few days later our anniversary and a few days after that Wilf's first birthday and then? Christmas! I bet you are feeling sorry for Tom right now as three out of those four involve presents for yours truly. Tom in all fairness is pretty amazing at buying presents, I remember when we first met (a week before my 23rd birthday and a few weeks off Christmas) I wasn't expecting any gifts off him and yet he surprised me with no less than eight (eight!) thoughtful and well picked out gifts purely on the snippets of information he had got off me in those few short weeks. He has continued to buy excellent gifts, partly because he is good at it and partly because I make no secret of exclaiming 'oh wow looks how pretty this is!' whenever I see something I like..which is like three times a day..at least.
I on the other hand am totally rubbish at present giving, it pains me and in the end I always think it probably wasn't the right thing. I bought Tom a vintage record player for his 30th birthday, which I thought was really clever of me, only it maybe isn't in the best condition and I probably paid a little too much on it also..especially being as I found a prettier cheaper one a few months later.

That being said, having worked at a boutique as a sales assistant for over a year I know there are plenty of loving boyfriend/partners who rock up on Christmas Eve or Valentines Day (eve..) at 4pm looking manically for a gift. These guys were kind of perfect customers if truth be told. I do recall one time a desperate looking boyfriend grabbing a rather plain jumper and holding it up against me trying to work out if I and his girlfriend were similar sizes and asking if I would like this for my birthday..

Apparently 40% of women were disappointed with their gifts last year. AskHerFriends is a website that has been set up to ensure people get gifts they really like. The website uses social media to 'rally together' people who know the individual best and turns them into his advisers. Basically he signs up, chooses from a range of gifts/experiences and other great gift ideas puts them on his 'advise list' which is then sent via email/Facebook to her friends who can rate and comment on the choices. Finding the perfect gift for her.

Fox Necklace by Tatty Devine
Recycled fire hose tote from Natural Collection
The website hosts unique products from cute boutiques such as Coulson Macleod, Tatty Devine and Milli Millu. 
A sister site 'AskHerFriends is also under construction for girlfriends like me..
This is a sponsored post but all words and thoughts are my own

A Collection

1, Wilf planted a daffodil in Kindergarten last Tueday
2, A (seemingly annoyed) teddy bear we found in a wood
3, looook at hiiiiim, he's in a fox hat..oh my
4, my mug I designed for Paperchase almost a year ago now, sometimes I wonder how many people have this mug in their homes...


What Mama Wore Autumn plus Emily Green Giveaway

 What Mama Wore:
Necklace - Heidi necklace c/o Emily Green
Cardigan - Dora Cardigan iconc/o Ruby Belle
Skirt - Culture
Tights - Tesco
Boots - Fly London
Black T - H&M

Tom has been ill with a cold and a toothache the past couple of days..as has Wilf, although one is dealing with it remarkably better than the other..
On Saturday I told him we needed to leave the house, grab some hot chocolate and take a walk around our neighbourhood. It's kind of crazy how many people you bump into on a Saturday morning walk, and I little embarrassing when they catch you taking pictures of yourself ;)
Isn't this Cardigan iconby Ruby Belle just the cutest?? I haven't taken it off since it arrived on Thursday..although I probably should give it a wash around now..these photos don't include the Weetabix that I scrubbed of the arm (from Wilf not me by the way!)
Ruby Belle are a part of my favourite brand Fever, if anyone is new to this blog you will find I am a pretty hardcore fan of theirs. Ruby Belle is perhaps a little funkier than Fever but you will still find the classic fifties theme amongst their clothes.
This necklace was gifted to me by Emily Green and she has been kind enough to offer Tigerlilly Quinn readers a necklace of their own. The colours in her pieces are amazing, Wilf thought so too, he kept trying to eat them off my neck! Emily is offering the Sophia necklace to one lucky reader. To win just enter below and good luck!
p.s did you win the All About Heidi giveaway? Click here to find out!
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We like to read 03

Hands up who loves Usborne books? Are they not part of every childhood? We love find the duck and find the bird books. When I was about ten I got really addicted to their puzzle island ones too, remember those? The illustration by Stephen Cartwright is so nostalgic to me. Tom's mum recently found a welsh words Usborne book for Wilf, I remember having the same books in French and Spanish as a child.


Nappuccino at Born

Making friends with Born's members of staff
I love these slippers by Padraig, Wilf has the multi coloured ones passed down from his cousin but I have my eye on those white and grey ones too!
 Wilf and his new friend the beautiful Talitha
On Wednesday Wilf and I were kindly invited to a Nappuccino at Born. Years ago before I was pregnant or had Wilf I would walk past their shop on Gloucester Road and peep in at the beautiful wooden toys, brightly coloured baby clothes and tiny woollen baby shoes. It made me excited for the day when I could shop in there for my child!
Born is a fantastic shop not only for the products it sells but for the support the people who work there give each customer. Instead of getting the feeling that they are simply trying to get to you buy something you know that everyone who works there has a genuine knowledge of the products as well as the practises of such things such as baby wearing/breastfeeding/cloth nappy wearing etc. 
The other reason I love Born is that when Wilf was really little Tom and I were faced with making a potentially controversial decision about his health due to a serious reaction he had after his 8 weeks jabs. This isn't the time or place to go into this (and I'm not sure I ever will on here) but after really struggling to find any advice other than the standard NHS symptom check list we were really struggling to find the information we needed to make an informed decision. I am eternally grateful to both my NCT teacher and Eva from Born for guiding me towards other literature that (after weeks of intense research) helped us reach a decision we were completely happy with. I don't know what we would have done without this support.
Ok back to the Nappuccino! We have used cloth nappies since Wilf was around 10 weeks old, we tried a little earlier (at five weeks) but didn't get on with the brand/style we were using. I also found the first few months of Wilf's life a complete shock (who doesn't) and with breastfeeding issues and generally not quite feeling myself we decided to hold off on the cloth until we could get our head round them. Turns out there wasn't really much to get around. Using cloth is pretty much exactly the same as disposables it just involves a little more washing and perhaps getting used to carrying round a soiled nappy in your change bag most days!
When we finally did start using them again (this time some all in ones from bum genius) we got on a lot better. Since then we have used various different brands (including the Close Parent Pop Ins pictured above) which are fantastic. We probably own around 20 cloth nappies, which i think as long as you are washing them at least once every other day is enough to go by. In all honestly we actually still use an eco disposable at night due to the fact they Wilf still wakes every 45 mins and I feed him a lot still during the night which equals a lot of wee! I think when he eventually does learn to sleep for longer stretches and feeds less we can cut that one out too. 
Myself and the lovely Alex were invited to blog about the event, myself as a cloth nappy user and Alex as a mum who is thinking of starting to use cloth nappies. We were invited along by the lovely Adele who I recently met through a South West Blogger group. Adele's beautiful little girl Talitha and Wilf struck up a friendship playing with the oh so beautiful toys in the shop. I think Born coped very well with five or so excitable babies running around the place and getting into every nook and corner (I found Wilf behind the till at one point!). We were given muffins and coffee and left to look at all the nappies and chat to Andrea the representative from Itti Bitti (one of the brands that Born stock). Itti Bitti gave out free wash bags and a Rockin' Green detergent sample and Born were kind enough to supply Alex and I a goodie bag (pictured above) with some more treats!
Born stock a variety of different cloth nappies and can talk you through which style and brands might be best for your baby. Did you see all those colours??I have to admit one of the reasons I love cloth nappies is also that they come in such cute colours and prints! The Bristol cloth nappy library was also there. I had no idea there was such a thing as a cloth nappy library but its such a fantastic idea as you can borrow a trial kit of nappies and see how you get on with them before you go out and buy your set.
Itti Bitti have given me one of their nappies to review which I will write about in a separate post. We had a really fun morning, thanks Born! 
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