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I've stopped doing sponsor call outs lately because I've started to use passionfruit ads, this means people can just jump in and buy and ad whenever and if there is space it goes straight up! Because of this my ads don't really run 'monthly' as such (although they do run for 30 days) and so it seems silly to say 'sponsor in Oct/Nov' etc.
However I'm calling out now because there will shortly be some changes in the pricing of my ads. My large ads spots come November will be £50 instead of £25. The reason for this is that the difference in price between the large and small ads was minimal compared to the difference in size and the extras that come with being a large sponsor.
2 large spaces
12 small ad spots

The benefits of each sponsor button will also change
A Large ad will now buy you:
  • A choice of either a featured post on your company OR a giveaway. The terms and conditions of each giveaway is that the contestant must click through to the sponsors site and write a blog comment on their favourite products/post. On average each giveaway receives a minimum of 1,000 click throughs to the clients site. Those 1,000 hits could be yours so promote your business/blog.
  • A mention and link on my Facebook and Twitter once week (I have 487 followers on FB and 2,160 followers on Twitter, thats over two and half thousand people can see your link)
  • Two pins from your site/blog to my Pinterest (where I have 408 followers) 
  • Two posts on my Instagram (where I have 762 followers)
  • A separate mention in a blog post
  • Only two large ads running at same position of which changes daily to ensure equal exposure 
In total that's approx 4,500 potential views for your business/blog! 

A Small ad will buy you:
  • A mention of both my Facebook and Twitter (over two and half potential views)
  • A picture on my Instagram
  • A mention in a blog post
  • 12 ads running at one time, rotating positions to ensure equal exposure
My blog now has an average on 20,000 views a month and approximately 800 hits a day
I have 774 confirmed followers (and growing)

Please click here find out how to purchase an ad and thank you for your business, I hope we can work together! xoxo
I will respect large ads bought at the current price (as they will not be shown until november) they will also be eligible for the above services, so if you fancy a bargain buy now! 

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