Wilf at ten months

Wilf's preferred mode of transport, would you believe after trotting along with this thing he turned around sat in it for Tom to push him instead..far too clever this little boy..
 Can someone say Holy Cute! Look at that face, he's a little fox! I don't ever want him to take it off...
 that face, oh my..
Wilf turned ten months last week, as usual I am a little late in posting these monthly updates. 
Wilf this month you started taking real steps with your push along walker! Little steps but oh so big steps. There has been a shift and sometimes I feel you are so much older than your ten months, you are getting passionate and sometimes a little feisty. You know what you want and really showing these little frustrations. I am even starting to implement discipline (well trying..) in regards to hitting me when over excited or playing with things that are dangerous..some phases that are being used these days:
'no, no that hurts mummy, HURTS her' (showing the sign for hurts)
'you will hurt yourself if you do that'
'DANGEROUS' (showing the sign for danger)
'mummy will cry if you hit her with the phone' (showing the sign for tears and sad and hurts to emphasise the point)

We have started Steiner Kindergarten where you plant flowers (eat soil) paint pictures (chew on paint brush) and watch puppet shows about nature and woodland creatures. We sing the song for tidying up the toys when we are there and at home but I cant remember any of the others.

You like peanut butter, yogurt, raisins and weetabix, not necessarily together..ok who am I kidding, all together in one messy mush.
You can stand solitary, although don't choose to do it very often (in all honestly this happened this week so should be in next months round up but hey). You also are now the proud owner of two little teeth!
Your favourite toy is the cats wind up hedgehog and no matter how much I try and distract you with other things you will choose that one over no other. On that note you love the cats, they are yet to reciprocate.
You have three little friends you have known from birth called Aleah, Sylvia and Alfie and you are as thick as thieves, I hope you stay friends your whole lives.
You still only sleep for 45 minutes in a row.. you want your mother to look 26 going on 66 I'm sure..its lucky you are so gosh darn cute! xoxo
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Dilan Dilir said...

lovely photos :D

Nectarine Dreams said...

Adorable!! And that foxy hat is just so brilliant!

daisychain said...

Oh he is just SO cute! x

Cramer Coffee and Jesus said...

oh wow! he is seriously one of the most precious little ones I have ever seen! Him and my little girl aren't too far in age :) I am super excited to be following you and maybe we can learn a few things from each other....isn't being a mommy just absolutely a blast?! Especially when they're cute and wear fun hats! I bought my daughter a puppy dog hat and it's too small now...yet I still try it on every once in a while to see if it fits because it's just SO STINKIN CUTE! by the way, found your blog from the sidebar of Kitty and Buck!

Unknown said...
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sarah said...

Oh my goodness this post is adorable! My Dylan has a similar hat(our nickname for him is cub) - clearly boys channel the fox look very well!

Lovely to read his progress - what a gorgeous little soul he is!


Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@sarah I think every little boy should have one, a little gang of fox cubs :) x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

thanks for all your lovely comments everyone! xx

Charis said...

Wilf is soooo cute! Love your skirt :)

Anonymous said...

I simply LOVE little ones
Your little Wilf looks soooooo C-U-T-E and A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!

Kelle @ Maggie Stone said...

The hat is AMAZING Wilf is the cutest Little fox :)
You look fab too mama!! Xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

aww thanks everyone! xx

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