Our Halloween

I realise this is a little while ago now but I have just discovered my battery charger for my camera and have been able to take my photos off. My camera died soon into our Halloween and lots of these shots are blurry as it was evening and I rarely use a flash.
This year was the first time I have ever carved a pumpkin myself, they weren't the most artist creations you are ever seen but I'm quite proud of them all the same. Like a crazy person I went on the hunt for Pumpkins the day before Halloween so of course they had sold out, I felt the shop assistant was holding back on saying 'dur!' when he told me that there were none left. Tom (and Waitrose) saved the day there although I also managed to pick up a few little squashes from Lidl in the morning to add to the decorations. We asked our friends to dress up should they so feel like it and I was planning on painting my face but when my friend came round in the afternoon to help she wasn't dressed up and neither was her boyfriend when he arrived. Tom had been poorly the night before so he returned from work just wanting to go to bed (although he came down a little later) and so I thought I would simply stretch to cat ears. Our other guests were running a little late but when they arrived they had gone ALL OUT on their costumes, day of the dead lady and a dead circus master (?) with full on face paint and costumes. It was pretty funny, for me sitting at the head of the table it seemed that if I looked right it was a normal dinner party and left the living dead. I'm not a great cook by any stretch of the imagination but I can cook a simple pasta so we had pumpkin based macaroni cheese with greens and a pumpkin spiced cheese cake for desert (that I was actually fairly proud of). Plus I got to use some of my vintage collection of dishes and pots that usually sit on the shelves. 
My friend Dona and I had made makeshift decorations in the afternoon in between navigating Wilf's diner and general entertainment of a poorly almost one year old. Dona suggested tying the ends of all the scrap colours of paper to the end of coloured thread to hand down like autumn leaves. Of course we never quite got that far but its a beautiful idea for next year. Last year at Halloween we laid low, I was fatter than a pumpkin at this point and we didn't attend any parties or even acknowledge the day at all really. I remember thinking how it exciting it would be for the following year with my soon to be one year old and what adorable outfit we would dress him in. You can see how thrilled Wilf was with his Halloween baby grow here so I didn't attempt to put him in his pumpkin costume. Poor baby was still feeling so rubbish, next year he will be able to appreciate so much more. 
It was so nice to be able to chat with adults about adult things, I did talk about Wilf of course but only when prompted. I also laughed like I haven't laughed in a long long time. Y'know the kind of laughing where at first its just really funny but then it goes on a little too long and you start crying with laughter and everyone else has stopped laughing so you really should now as its getting a little embarrassing? Well that only happened once that night and luckily I was able to pull myself back together before it got that bad, Dona is the worst culprit for making me laugh like that and once she is doing it too I cannot look at her as I get the fear it will escalate into hysterical laughing such that is kind of awkward to others. Still, its so good to laugh. I even got to have two glasses of rum, which is my favourite drink and one I had not been able to indulge in for two years! Sure that may have been that extra push that led to my middle of the night breakdown but it was coming anyway. 
It's good to hang out with old friends and remember who you were before you had a baby, I feel like I'm the same person its just I don't have the time to remember quite who that is sometimes. Its good to have friends that understand that also. Perhaps its the coming of the colder weather or just a craving for more time for myself but I am taking an impromptu break to West Wales to visit my family. This doesn't mean time to myself necessarily of course but it will be a change of scenery and siblings to entertain Wilf and a Grumpy (Grandad) to dote on him. Tom has to stay here for work and we will miss him but I also think its nice to get out of your routine and what you take for granted and look at things with fresh eyes. I know I will return refreshed and having missed Tom and our life here and be able to appreciate it all over again. 
Now my camera is back in order I have lots of photos to share with you over the past week or so and I look forward to taking some on our trip away too! xoxo


Kyla said...

Eeee, those pumpkins are so cute! I never got around to carving any this year :/And I think crying from laughing is the best! It feels so good to laugh like that every once in a while.

fritha strickland said...

@kyla you are so right, big old belly laughs are good for the soul :) xx

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