Wilf at eleven months

Oh Wilf, we are almost at a year! i cant quite believe it and yet sometimes I feel its been so much longer already. I cant remember life without you almost. 
Despite the lack of sleep you are utterly and completely the most amazing being I have had the pleasure of knowing. I am so thankful you came into mine and your daddy's life. 
Here are a few things that happened this past month. 
You now have five little teeth, one for every week of the past five, ouch! Your hair is getting that little bit longer so I can fluff it up, and then hug you close. On the subject of hair you are obsessed with my hair rollers (unused and bought on a whim) you stick them in your own hair, or mine or your daddy's and laugh and laugh. You slot them through the holes in your shape sorter and then get upset when they all velcro together and you cant get them out.
You are a calm presence and a deep thinker, so everyone says. A philosopher someday maybe like your Ouma. 
Your face lights up every time you see our cats, one day they may let you play with them. 
You have discovered making marks with pencil and crayon, lets learn to keep that to the paper and not the door again though hey? 
Your games are taking narrative and you will hold two soft toys together and squeak noises for them both and press them together. You like it when I kiss first your selected toys and then yourself, you smile big and laugh. You have even started giving us big open sloppy kisses, I love them! 
You take little steps with your walker and can stand solo like a meerkat but so far no walking, I think you enjoy crawling much more and there is plenty of time for that. 
This time last year, a day or so before I turned 26 I wanted you to  arrive just that bit early so that I could say I was 25 when I had you. How silly that seems now, I wish I had know this time last year that is just a few weeks you would arrive in your own time and change my life forever. Almost a year, wow. 
Pictures taken on the morning Wilf turned 11 months (the 14th) at my parents. You can see other 'by months here'
p.s here is a post back when I was 38 weeks! Some of my favourite pictures of my pregnancy  

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