2012 in Summary

Well what a year 2012 was! I'm not a great one for New years eve celebrations..in fact Tom and I have not seen the new year in together since we have been together! Last year I was knackered and in bed by 8pm, the year before I was still recovering from our loss and again fast asleep way before midnight. The year before I had no real excuse other than we had been travelling to each others parents for the past few days and was in bed by 10pm..and the year before that we had only just got together..I got four drunken texts from Tom wishing me a happy new year a little after 1am (I had been asleep by 11pm though). So yep, I am a lightweight when it comes to staying up late. It's quite funny really how little sleep we have lived off this year when pre baby I would have sworn I needed at least 8 hours in a row to function.
Anyway, I am determined to see this new year in, lets see how that goes ;)
Here is a little round up of my 2012, I'm glad I have kept up with these over the years as its a lovely way to see just how much we have achieved and experienced over the past 12 months. So here goes..
In January we had a (not so) teeny tiny newborn, we carried him around in our Kari Me and dealt with the ups and downs of becoming new parents..Tom was a total hero and with 6 weeks off before he had to return to work he was my total rock, from breastfeeding issues to staying up with Wilf whilst I caught a couple of hours sleep..
Most of January was a blur to be honest, we laid low and enjoyed the first few weeks of Wilf's life (along with a lot of crying from me and a lot of sleep deprivation). Here is an illustration I drew at this time for Lionheart magazine

February saw my range of Valentines products hit the stores in Paperchase! It was a great feeling to pop into their store and see my design all over the shop. It took great restraint not to tell the lady at the till upon purchase that they were designed by me. I am proud to say they were listed as a best seller on their website for quite some weeks :)
I wrote about my experience of breastfeeding so far here it was getting a little better but still very tricky. Something I had never expected and had always taken for granted would be the simplest of things. As I write this and look back on this post I am so glad I persevered (and at a year am still going strong) it is one of the best experiences of my life and something I don't see stopping anytime soon.
The rest of February can be summed up in these pictures
March was so sunny! We spent a lot of time in the park with friends
I visited my parents home in Aberystwyth for the first time since Wilf's birth. Wilf kicked the bar for this first time and my parents and siblings doted on him.
This was also where Wilf learnt to roll over for the first time!
The rest of the month was spent taking pictures, celebrating my very first mothers day, crying lots and laughing lots and finally getting the hang of breastfeeding. I reached the magic 12 weeks and started to get the hang of this mama thing
I also did my first photo an hour, something I would like to do again this coming year!
In April I found out an photograph I had modelled for when I was a student made the cover of "Australia's favourite romantic suspense novelist's' book Burning Lies. Check out the picture here.
I wrote a piece about being Pro Choice and what it meant to me.
I got into baking (for all of one week) see my famous Vegan chocolate cake here
My big brother got to meet Wilf for the first time, this is one of my favourite pictures of the year.
A few days later I surprised my Sister in Law by throwing her a babyshower in London
(see? Surprised!)
The Evening Post contacted us and did a piece on Wilf's hat (that was made my Tom's granny for Wilf and passed down to Wilf by Tom)
A picture of Tom holding the hat made the front page which was pretty hilarious!
I also took pictures of what Wilf was wearing for my 'What Wilf Wore' feature
I attended Veg Fest and it got me thinking a lot about the Diary industry..they also had some really really good vegan cupcakes
Wilf met his great granny for this first time (unfortunately he looks like pugsly in the picture poor baby)
He also got his first go on the swings and a lovely day with his Grumpy and uncle and aunty Madog and Serin.
Pregnancy and Birth magazine printed my birth story
And my SIL and brother were in there too!
I wrote about Co-Sleeping and our co-sleeping attachment made by Tom.
I wrote a Thank You letter to midwives everywhere for International Midwives day
Tom sent me this video and said it was like us (it is)

Wilf turned six months and started fingers foods.
I decided I wanted to change my hair from this
to this...
why did no one stop me?....
we went on a family holiday to Devon
Wilf looked like this
In July I started recording what I was making Wilf to eat in my Kiddie Food posts
we spent time in parks with Wilf's newly acquired crawling skills
Tom turned 30! We spent it visiting his mum down in Dorset and spending some quality time together by the sea
With the new found crawling Wilf suddenly became more of a little boy and less of a baby
My brother and sister in law became parents and I had a beautiful little niece Isobel! (this is her only a couple of days old, photo by my brother)
Myself and my NCT friends took part in a Breastfeeding flashmob in protest of the unfair treatment of a breastfeeding mother in a local cafe.
we had more picnics in the park..
and my mum and sister came to stay
I'm starting to realise most of the year was spent hanging out in parks..
Wilf learnt to stand solo, although never long enough for me to grab my camera!
Family came to visit
 and er..you guessed it..we played in the park!
I took pictures for my What Mama Wore posts..and unsuccessfully tried to have a night sans baby for the first time
I designed the artwork for my friends Tipi business Peach Pear Plum
I also designed two more wedding invites
these were so much fun to work on and I loved working with these brides to be!
We went to the IKEA crayfish party (of course!)
In September Wilf learnt to walk with his stroller, we thought this meant that actual walking might be round the corner but not yet!
I wrote about how we try to save money
we urm spent time in...yep you guessed it
my hair started to look hair way decent again (and yes I feel that is worthy of a mention)
We finally get to meet our niece Isobel for the first time and see my big brother as a daddy, aww!
My dad came to visit without the rest of my family and with Tom at a wedding for the weekend we got to spent some quality time together.
We went to a 'Stop the Cull' anti badger cull event. Something we feel strongly about. Oh yer and Wilf got to wear the amazing Badger hat I made him..he was super pleased about that as you can see..
The weather got a little colder, Wilf started Steiner Kindergarten, we read books we laid low. I listed the silly names we call Wilf..and admitted we call our son the baby Jesus..
I confessed how hard I was finding ten months of no sleeping and waking every 45 minutes, to which I received so much support (thank you)
I announced I was not returning to work (surprise!..oh thought not)
We visited my granny for the first time with my mum, four generations!
Wilf and I visited my dad and siblings for a break in Aberystwyth 
I posted this little video of Wilf laughing (that was taken in the summer)

wilf laughing from fritha on Vimeo.
I illustrated and designed the artwork for a local cafe
Wilf had a first birthday!
Tom and I celebrated four years together
I added lots of new items to my shop
we kept cosy
and celebrated Christmas!! 
you'd think that would be it for the year wouldn't you? Well turns out a new little niece has arrived this morning! So much congratulations to Tom's sister Ellen and her (10,8!) baby! Two nieces in one year and lots more went on besides, I thought this year had been quite slow but looking back so much happened!  
I'll be back soon with my resolutions, I have big plans for 2013! Thanks for sharing my year with me xoxo


Sarah said...

One thing I've learnt looking at all these photos is man your hair grows FAST!!!!!! From june to now it is so long. I'm jealous ;)

Happy new year! x

Unknown said...

Aw what a sweet post. This will be a lovely memory in years to come. :)

Unknown said...

Wow, what a busy year! Your photos are always so lovely. Happy new year!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@sarah ha! Yes! I suppose you are right, I'd not really thought about it, although my fringe always grows out within weeks! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@josie ahh than you, it was nice looking back and seeing how much he has changed! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks so much Juliet! and to you x

Bethany@http://thislittleestate.blogspot.ca/ said...

Just found your blog and I am oh so hooked now since reading your year in review! It is lovely to meet a like minded person and to share in the love of motherhood.

PS: Wilf was my grandfathers name and I think it suits your little man perfectly!!!

Unknown said...

Wow, what a year! Your illustrations are seriously adorable.


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