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1, I tried to make a Madeira cake from a recipe in Frankie magazine..it turned out to be a complete failure (my fault I'm sure not the recipe)
2, so I decided to use the very flat orangey sponge as a bottom layer for a trifle..then I went mad and made not one but two trifles..oh gosh we ate trifle everyday for a week (I don't want to eat anymore trifle for at least..a month)
3, Reading of course! 
4, Doesn't he look so grown all of a sudden? Caught a rare moment of stillness, storing raisins in those hamster cheeks of his

Life has been a funny old mixture of busy (work) and still (home life). Wilf and I are in more of a routine with naps and play dates, we are staying more local and I'm feeling very grounded. Maybe its the time of year but I feel its nice to be milling around at or close to our home. I have been cooking more recipes from scratch and freezing lots of hearty meals and soups and it feels good to know we have that sorted rather than scrabbling together something when we are both tired and hungry. 
Life on the whole is pretty great, I've always craved the simple life and I am feeling very at ease and content. 

What do you think of these first couple of months of the year? Are you dying for warmer weather or are you nesting like me?


krysta said...

Beautiful! I love Wilf's style and attitude!

I took a little break from blogging (I still read a few blogs and leave some comments though). I've been cooking from scratch and spending lots of time with my kiddo...great moments!

Andrea @ little buckles said...

He does look so grown up! It goes too fast. Always love photos of your home :) xxx

Anonymous said...

He looks like a little gentleman!

You can never have too much trifle!

I have a penchant for knitwear so weather like this is ideal for me. Layers, hot drinks and lots of playing/reading/exploring with Finn.

In light of all the discrepancies over beef/horse meat recently (even though you're veggie anyway) I think you're spot on trying giving your family good hearty food. Sets such a great example for Wilf too. Madi x

Mama Smith said...

I only recently learned what a trifle is and it does sound good, what a treat! After a reluctant start, I'm finally nesting and okay with winter... only because spring is in fight though :)

xox Lilly

Veggie Mama said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so nesting. Made me wonder if I was pregnant again! I'm slowing right down and just being. Which is strange, because my work is getting busier. I wanted to make that cake too!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Krysta sounds good! I have been thinking about 'unplugging' a lot lately..but its hard! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks Andrea! One of these days I will do a proper 'house tour' xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Madi! I think I loved everything you just said in your comment! And yes the horse meat debacle..I think most veggie's were feeling quite self righteous over that ;) xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Lilly you only just found out what trifle is! Oh wow you are in for a treat (even after eating it for over a week I can say that ;) xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Stacey I had the same though! Although actually when I was pregnant I really didn't nest much at all, I was an utter lazy slob and my mum had to come 'nest' for me ;) xx

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