A little while before Christmas GlassesUSA.com contacted me to ask if I would like a pair of their specs. After having a quick look through their frames I gladly took them up on the offer as they had a really wide range of cool looking glasses and it was also the kick I needed to get my prescription reviewed.
I've needed to wear glasses (to read/draw/watch TV) since I was about 8 I think, back when I was in primary school I was beyond excited to know I needed glasses, even when the ones I was given were some gigantic tortoise shell NHS ones. The novelty wore off though and although I had upgraded to some more adult frames I'd been pretty bad at remembering to wear them. Tom on the other hand has really bad eye sight, the kind where he wouldn't be able to see at all without glasses, he had laser eye surgery before I met him so I've never really know him as a glasses wearer although he really suited the pair I picked out. I guess time will tell how Wilf's eye sight fairs. Although my eye sight isn't that bad, not wearing them does result in headaches and tired eyes so anything to encourage me to use my eyeglasses is a plus.
I also wanted to get my eyes tested again as I had not long ago fallen over and bashed my right eye pretty bad (it was pretty gross, I had a red eye for my birthday too). Turns out all is fine but it's super important to get you eyes checked anyway as they can also look for signs of certain diseases at your check up

With my renewed prescription I headed to their site to look for some prescription glasses, the site has a neat virtual mirror (seen below) so you can try as many frames you like online and check out how you would look with them on. I found this quite tool quite helpful as sometimes the frames you think will look the nicest don't really suit your face shape, I made this mistake with the last pair I owned and subsequently rarely wore them (as I am vain!)

I ended up getting the Wood Full Frame in the Wayfarer style which I think suited the shape of my face best

All in all my experience with GlassesUSA was really positive, they have a great range of frames including wooden ones which I thought was really unusual. The only downside was that I was stung by import tax which is always a gamble when ordering anything from the states. 
GlassesUSA are currently offering a 10% discount on all orders with code 'blog10' and their refer a friend programme offers you $30 off when you buy glasses for the first time.  


Ruby Hoppen said...

Cool glasses! I don't wear glasses, but have always envied the "accessory" part of my specs wearing friend's outfits.

Yelle said...

I really love the wooden frame! I've seen them a lot lately so I think they are becoming really trendy!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Ruby I know just want you mean, it sounds silly to say it but I was thrilled to find out I needed glasses! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks Yelle, I loved that they had wooden ones! xx

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