Our week/weekend in pictures

We spent the weekend celebrating our nephew's second birthday party. It was so lovely to see Wilf playing with the older children confidently. We are really starting to imagine how him and his cousins will be able to play together in the future. Wilf is starting to really adore his big cousin, wanting to sit by him and feed him little carrot puffs. I'm not sure Evan enjoys the attention quite so much ;)
Despite saying countless times that I am happy to wait until Wilf is much older before entertaining the idea of another child a teeny tiny part of me saw my SIL and her family of four and thought it would be kinda nice, and the picture of Tom and his niece? Well come on, just look at it!
Don't worry I came to my senses later that day ;)

A lot of the photographs I've taken lately have been with my phone, I've gotten more and more into Instagram and connecting with others on there. I rarely post my instagram photos on here as one I feel they have already been seen and two I worry the quality would not really be good enough. However there are some moments from this past week that have been too good not to share so here you go.
 Three in a bed, family naps are the best (photo taken with my left arm) I've missed snuggling with this one. If only he wouldn't get up and crawl off I would co-sleep again in a shot
 A little boy and his cat
We don't have a car so Wilf  has rarely travelled in one. This weekend he went in a forward facing seat for the first time and looked oh so big! (plus I'm kinda chuffed I managed to get this shot with my Iphone). I think he was mostly bemused by the whole experience. We usually take the train everywhere, in fact we travelled to Cardiff the other day and he had the best time chatting with the couple in the seat behind us, it was a break for me.
A friend of mine is getting married so we went along to look at her trying on her dress (which looked beautiful). Wilf had a great time crawling around and I think I got some good exercise chasing after him to get nowhere near the white white dresses! 

Hope you all had fantastic weekends! What did you get up to? xx


unfounddoor said...

Ah, bearded men with tiny babies? Makes me broody too ;)

I love your instagram pictures - sometimes it is great to have phone pics for the immediacy of capturing a moment <3

Love that car photo too - Wilf looks like a proper 'big boy' now!

I had the boy to myself this weekend with Pierangelo at work, so we spent a lot of time stalking puppies in the park and a little time baking cookies.


The Lat Long said...

Your instagram snaps are great! I love the family nap picture...so beautifully rare to have them and you still at the same time x

daisychain said...

The cat photo is killing me with cute! x

Julie said...

I loved the napping pictures on instagram and happy to look at them again here! I too toy with the idea of adding another to our brood but then realize that waiting a few more years is probably best for everyone...but a baby sibling for Gus to play with! Seems like such a great idea! Lovely weekend.

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Patricia - baking and playing in the park sounds like the perfect weekend! As a fellow beard lover I loved that comment ;) and thanks for the instagram love :) xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks jess! Isn't it! It was a fluke! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Laura - just before she legged it ;) x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Julie - I feel exactly the same way, I think a 3.5/4 year gap will probably be what we aim for..we'll see! x

Ronnie said...

They always look so grown-up once they're forward-facing, don't they? He's such a cutie.
Ronnie xo

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Ronnie - yes! like a little boy all of a sudden! And thanks for your sweet comment xx

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