The Everyday

Sometimes the ordinary moments in life are the ones that stick with you the most. 
I have clear memories of my dad bringing in milk from the door that the milk man had left (in glass bottles still then), of stopping in charity shops and imagining the possibilities of games to be had with the odd discarded toys in the children's corner. I even have fond memories of going grocery shopping, my brother and I heading to the magazine aisle, him to read the comics and me to read the messages inside the hallmark cards on display. One of the places we shopped in as a child was Boots, for the essentials in our bathroom cupboard, for bubble bath and lotions. As a teenager I would spend weekends at the make up counter, deciding on nail polish and eye shadows (first brights and then dark browns with thick eye liner in my later teens). As a student it was where I went to buy essentials for my new independent life and later, as a new mum, it was oddly enough the destination for our first trip outside with a four day old!

This Saturday we headed out as usual for our morning stroll, grabbing essentials, then picking up coffee before heading to the park and home again for lunch. The simple things in life.

Wilf is getting super speedy on those little legs of his these days

We decided Wilf needed to some new bath toys and so popped into Boots to look at their selection. We picked up four new ducks and some other aquatic friends. Wilf helped to choose my making excited noises as the ones he liked best, and proceeded to say 'duck' most of the way home.

Foolishly I left them on the table at lunch and so of course they all had to have a bite of lunch too..

So I guess it was good that they were headed off for a bath..

As usual with any average day out, I took lots of photos, many more of which you can see on my google plus album (if you are a fan of pictures of rubber ducks..and hey! who isn't!). 

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Carly said...

It's funny, I have that exact memory of the glass milk bottles by the front step! xxx

Unknown said...

I remember getting our milk in glass bottles too back when we lived in Norfolk. We even had a little plastic dial to let the milk man know what we wanted. I wish I still had that...might have to check charity shops.

Glad you had a great weekend!

Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

Rhubarbarians said...

The first 2 photos are adorable!!!


Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Carly - It's funny what you take for granted isn't it. Now the next generation will never have that memory! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Bonnie - Oh yes! I forgot about that! When we dug up the garden we found some amazing old milk bottles! xx

Yelle said...

The every day moments are absolutely my favorite because they allow me to appreciate the day-to-day routine without letting it slip by unnoticed.

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