What Wilf Wore..Suddenly

two posts in one today!

What Wilf Wore:

Fox Hat - c/o My Knitting World
Jumper - Gap Kids
Skinny Jeans - Zara
Trainers - Asics (via Sue Rider charity shop as found by Tom)


You talk so much! I would guess that you have a vocabulary of around 50 words. You can name lots of animals and make their noises.  You say 'cupatea!' almost as soon as you have climbed into our bed in the morning, and so I turn to Tom and say 'well he said it!'.. (I have trained you well). 

You wave and wish our cats 'hello Ro Ro!/Mo Mo!' when ever you see them and say goodbye to everyone you meet. You say 'uh oh!' to comic effect and charm many a stranger with your toddler babble. 

You are a comedian, once after running almost completely around IKEA you dropped with exaggerated exhaustion to your knees and started crawling, 'What are you doing silly billy? You're not a baby!' I said. You chuckled and said 'baby' and carried on crawling knowing you were being funny, you have continued this joke for past couple of days.

You eat with gusto when you are in the mood and if not then you wont eat at all. I've learnt to be ok with that. You had a play-date with your friend Alfie the other day whilst I popped out and I was told on my return you licked the bowl clean on your THIRD bowl of pasta! 

You are sleeping much better, still waking once or twice and always up before 6am but you love your bedtime routine and will generally sleep through from 7.30pm until 3 or 4am. You have even started napping for long stretches (just when we are about to drop the second nap but hey ho). It's incredible the amount you can achieve when you have a baby that naps, long may it last..

You are loving, you kiss and cuddle and stroke our hair, you smile so wide with that goofy little grin of yours and my heart melts for the 100th time that day. You are gentle, you stroke our cats so carefully, you help your friends when they have fallen down and even kiss them on the head when you are in the mood. You adore your big cousin, as soon as you have gotten the concept of 'sharing' I think you guys will be the best of friends.

I say this every stage we are at but I am so loving sharing my days with you. Everyday just gets better, and easier and so much more natural. Wilfyrd Cadno we love you so much xo


Sunae Reilly said...

Aww I love reading your little posts about Wilf! They are always so beautifully written. I can't imagine how wonderful it must feel to be a mum xx

KatGotTheCream said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Tom is a thrifter extraordinaire (a rare and much-prized trait in a man)!

Those trainers are just the cutest!!

Mel said...

I just adore his hat, but everything else works together so well.

Lauren said...

These are all great finds and I need to get better at tracking down cute items like these that work together so well.

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