Bath Fashion Museum - Art Fund Pass

The lovely Bonnie, Lia and super cool India joined me on a day out to Bath Fashion museum last week. Lia and I had been lucky enough to be given an annual Art Pass from the Art Fund and had both been itching to go to the exhibition for a while. In fact Lia and I tried to go just a few weeks before but didn't check our times and the outfits had been taken away from the museum as part of Bath In Fashion week. Still it was a lovely excuse to catch up and try some of Lia's famous cooking.

Bonnie and I had just met a few weeks ago at Bristol Fashion week so it was lovely to meet up again and discus all things fashion. 

My favourite era would have to be the sixties although the 1940's aertex Micky Mouse dress (second picture down) was incredibly beautiful, I would wear that today in a flash! We reminisced about fashion from our childhood and cringed at the things we wore as teenagers. I distinctly remember thinking in the 90's that I don't know how they would define the decade as all the clothes were just 'normal'. Now I think, pedal pushers? those tops with slits in the front? DOUBLE DENIM?! What were we thinking, it was awful!

We all had fun dressing up in the victorian outfits and I have since decided I have a thing for top hats. Wilf had been asleep until this point so when he woke up so was slightly bemused at the sight of us. We agreed that the victorian boys striped outfits were adorable and the woman in the 1900's must have had hips of steel to carry around those underskirts all day. 

I'm really looking forward to using my pass this summer as I will be in London next month and there are quite a few exhibitions I want to see and can now justify. It also gives me the excuse to visit some of the exhibitions in my own city that I might never had got round to previously. 

Have you been to any good exhibitions this year? Did anyone make the Bowie one in the V&A? It looked brilliant. 


Yelle said...

This is a lovely museum! I have never been to a fashion museum before but it seems like the perfect day date with a friend!

Melaina25 said...

I can't find your BritMumsLive Meet & Greet Post but look forward to meeting you :)

✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@yelle oh yes you must go! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

You too Melaina! x

Affordable made to measure suits said...

This is a lovely museum, I have visited there. You must visit this museum if you love fashion and get ideas about previous designs.

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