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Here's the thing. When Wilf was first born in the those hazy winter days Tom and I watched weeks upon weeks of terrible television at crazy times in the morning, recovering from birth/ up all night with a colicy baby/vaguely dozing in the fuzy sleep deprived-ness that is being a new parent. 
We started watching so much rubbish there came I time where I would even ask that Tom didn't change the channel when 'Toddlers and Tiaras' came on. I think that was the point when I knew it had gotten bad.

When Tom went back to work (six weeks after Wilf's birth) we agreed to get rid of our TV lisense. I knew it was too tempting to waste half my day on morning television and selfishly I didn't want to have to ever watch an episode of 'In Then Night Garden' when Wilf got old enough to be hypnotised by such things.

We got to a year without Wilf really ever watching any TV but since he is a (very) early riser (5am) we have since embraced Netflix and all the episodes of Dora The Explorer it holds. Wilf will now watch 45 minutes or so of Dora or Kipper every morning and sometimes a half hour or so between his dinner and Tom getting home and I think thats a good balance.

I've written before about some of my favourite apps for kids so its no secret I am all for a bit of technology when it comes to fun games for toddlers. On our budget there is no space for an I pad as much as I am a big Apple fan. Tom and I have been out with Wilf on a few occasions (dinner time out at the witching hour which for us is around 6pm) and noticed a few other kids being happily distracted with their parents tablets whilst they can enjoy their meal. Perhaps there is a part of my that pre-motherhood might have thought this was a bit sad but now? I'm all for it!

So it being the case that an Ipad is not in the cards anytime soon when Money Supermarket offered us the chance to review a gadget under £50 I knew we wanted to get a tablet. We ordered this tablet which is actually on sale for £35.

First things first, we knew we were not about to get an Ipad for £35. Tom and I had a little chuckle at some of the reviews from people buying this tablet and being disappointed that it was not an Ipad. What it is, is a pretty decent tablet, we can download free educational games for Wilf (or the random talking cat one he chose), watch Iplayer and use all the apps I use on my phone (ebay, gumtree, instagram, facebook, twitter the list goes on). 

What I like about it is that for the price is isn't the end of the world is Wilf is a little heavy handed with it. He thinks the tablet is called 'Pat Pat' as he has so far gotten to watch a fair few episodes of Postman Pat on it as Tom and I get a little too comfortable with being able to eat and drink in peace for ahlf an hourwhen he gets home. 

We are really pleased with this little gadget for the price and the things it can do its it is real value for money. It's mad to think when I was a teenager you could spend the much on a mobile phone the size of your arm that could only call and send messages and now this money can buy you all this technology! 

This is a review post but all words and thoughts are my own


Natasha said...

We were only allowed to watch 2 hours of tv a day when I was younger. Sometimes my mom would let us watch more over the weekend if there was a movie we wanted to see. Our internet time was also limited. I think that was a good system. Now I have unlimited internet access, but no tv.

Unknown said...

Hello :) We just posted a new Kindle Fire(free gift with bed purchase) on facebook for $100 and everyone was like "NO! You're kids can play games on it!!" But we were like "NO! Our kids don't need a super fragile/valuable glorified Gameboy to fight over and tear up in a week's time!" But now, I'm wishin we had a few Gameboys to pass around.... wonder if Ebay's got any that are reasonable...those plastic bricks were indestructable!

Triple Glazed Wood Windows said...

Busy day with a handsome boy, way to go mum! Keep this one off TV and computer, character is more important than pleasure.. :) you should be proud to have such a good looking kid.

Emma (My Red Wellies) said...

We have a similar little tablet and it's great. Used to have an ipad (but I was too afraid to let the kids use it and as such we sold it) I have a kindle fire and both it and the little tablet are great, they do everything I need a tablet to do :) Lovely photo!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Natasha - My childhood sounds very similar to yours, I think it was a good way to live x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Laura - yer thats mad! I don't think I would trust W with an Ipad or a Kindle as they cost good money! I had a game boy colour I wish I still had. Although I do still have a DS which is similar now I guess x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Emma - Exactly! whilst it certainly not as sleek and well Apple-y it does pretty much exactly the same thing just about £400 cheaper! xx

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