Let's talk about hair - VO5

As part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®  I treated my hair using VO5 products bought from Boots.

I couple of weeks ago I decided to dye my hair ombre.

As a child I had very blond hair, as a teenager very black hair and in my twenties various different shades of brown. When Wilf turned six months I had a small identity crisis and decided to dye my hair a bright red colour, which was fine for a little while but not really 'me'. It's rare that I would get my hair coloured at a salon but I find box kits can look so 'lego like' when it comes to hair tones so I decided to give 'ombre' a go.

I'm pretty pleased with the results, the bottoms are perhaps lighter than I expected but I think it works well with the length and with my skin tone.

The trouble always with bleaching hair is that it does of course damage your hair a little. I find now that within a couple of days the top of my hair is getting quite oily and the ends are very dry. When I saw there was an opportunity to try some of VO5's hair care range on the Social Bias network I jumped at the chance to save my hair a little!

I headed off to our local Boots this Saturday before work to pick my hair up some treats.

I know that when you use shampoo a little too much it can strip the natural oils in your hair so I was really keen to try the hot oil treatment. I have a few friends with bleached hair who tell me they swear by using a hot oil treatment once a month. I found before I bleached it my hair never needed conditioner but since then I feel like it needs some extra moisture. I actually picked up the 'miracle concentrate' along with the hot oil, shampoo and conditioner as I want to maintain the ends throughout the month in-between hot oil treatments.

So i'm presuming you have all washed your hair before but just for fun I thought I would put together a 'before and after'...

I also bought some of the VO5 dry hair shampoo to use between washes. I think it's important not to wash your hair too often (at the moment its every other day but I'm trying to stretch this out). Dry hair shampoo is surely a motherhood essential right?

I found the deep oil treatment worked wonders with the ends of my hair and the shampoo felt like it had really lifted some of the build up from previous shampoo's perhaps. 

I've been able to leave my hair a good three days now in-between washes and simply top the roots with a quick spray of the dry hair shampoo and run a bit of the serum in the ends. It's certainly an improvement.  

Since becoming a mum I've had less time to spend pampering myself or treating myself to products so I really appreciated being able to participate in this shop. My hair is grateful too! I also created a Google + album if you would like to see more pictures.

What hair products do you swear by? Anyone had any hair disasters? 


Hips Like Cinderella said...

Your hair looks lovely with the ombré colour! And you can def see an improvement in the after pic- looks much more silky! X


Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks so much! Yes I was pretty impressed by the difference! x

honest co said...

I used to have to go to Sam's Club to buy big bulk diapers but now I can have them sent right to my home for free! Also the price is great because I get more for my money. At Sam's I could only buy a 144 pack of diapers for the same price and now I can get 180 diapers online. Trust me you can't go wrong with honest diapers!

unfounddoor said...

I have the finest (read: limp) hair so hot oil's not for me. BUT I felt like commenting that you are ridiculously photogenic.
And you coordinate your towels with your outfits? Winning.

Tailor Made Shirts said...

Looks more silky.. should cost you quite a lot of money for all these!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

HAHA best comment ever Patricia, Of course I do! don't you?? xx

Slummy single mummy said...

I noticed the co-ordinating towel too! Very impressive :-)

Kathie Auton said...

I must get some Hot Oil for my ombre hair too. Totally takes me back to being 16, Hot Oil does. Can't believe I haven't used it for ages!

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