Our Weekend In Pictures

Our weekend in pictures
A sunny one, and nothing went wrong! 

We spent Saturday morning on an adventure and for evening I played my take-away card for the month and we enjoyed chip shop chips on the sofa watching old episodes of 'Spooks'.

The goose and the swan on the fourth picture down play this funny game where they walk around the pond together. The swan pretends he doesn't like the goose and won't let him in the pond and the goose occasionally pretends he wants to get in the pond, but really they are just old pals.

Tom turned wilf round forward facing in the Orbit so he could better see the ducks. I ran ahead just to make sure he knew we were still here ;) only kidding. He enjoyed it but I think we would miss our chats too much to keep him that way. 

p.s I home died my hair, ombre like all the cool kids are doing (y'know about three years ago) what do you think? xo


Matchmaking for men said...

You have spent a nice weekend with your loved kid and hubby, these pictures say how awesome time you guys have had.

Jess said...

I just got rid of my ombre color yours looks more sort of naturally grown out than mine did I have got some wisps on the end left - very 80's lol

laura redburn // cardboardcities said...

i love these photos! always so sweet, and make me smile so much.

and your hair looks great! it actually looks quite natural. i don't like the really 'fake' ombre or dip dye looks, unless it's particularly amazing or different somehow.

fritha strickland said...

Thanks Jess! I'm sure your's looked lovely! x

fritha strickland said...

Thanks so much Laura! xx

Mat said...

the little fella is off to a good start with the Asics

Kelle @ Maggie Stone said...

Beautiful photos! Beautiful family

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