A litte catch up

hello friends!

I thought I would fill you in with a little of what I have been up to lately, it's been a bit crazy busy round here lately! 

Last week Tom took the week off work and I attended a Princes Trust Enterprise Program. It was something I had thought about doing a while back but I actually thought the cut of was 25 and I would no longer be eligible. Luckily I was wrong (they have moved it to 30) and so at 27 I was able to attend. 

Although I have wanted to take part in this program for a long time it actually came at rather a stressful time. I have just started freelancing properly and have taken on 20hours work a week, add to that my other freelance projects (including this blog even) and I can say with some certainty that I usually average a good 30hours a week. So add to THAT a four day course from 10-4 and it's fair to say last week was pretty bonkers. An average day saw me leaving the house at 7.30 to share a cafe's WIFI until my class started, rush off again at lunch to fit in an hour and then again for a good few hours until heading home for 7, eating then fitting in some more work, phew! It's lucky I love what I do!

My reason for wanting to learn more about establishing myself in business is to one day achieve my long time dream of being a shop owner. Initially this would be online. After discussing with Tom about my workload at the moment we agreed I can't give fully to this as much as I should, and therefore it is going to sit on the back-burner a little while longer. Although for an inpatient person like me it is frustrating not to start this venture right now, I know it is the best decision. This way when everything has settled down a little I can give it my full attention and hopefully it will be a success! 

I learnt a lot from the Princes Trust and think it is such a fantastic resource for young (I'm included myself in that title, for the next three years..) people. I got to meet some brilliant people from all walks of life and it was inspiring to see their passion. I never knew I could be that interested in a fish breeding business until I met a man who cared so much about the subject. 

So what with all this new work, finally establishing myself freelance properly we decided it was time for Wilf to attend some childcare. I had always thought I would go for a childminder if it ever came to childcare and almost dismissed the idea of nursery when Tom brought it up. Funny enough after seeing both options my gut instinct was nursery and I feel really happy about the one he is going to. 

After a rather traumatic first settling in session (he screamed, sobbed and cried 'mummy my mummy!' and lasted a whole 6 minutes) his second and third sessions have gone fantastically well. No tears (although he asked where I was once and then got on with it) and he is enjoying playing with his key worker (who is pretty impressed with his speech btw ;)).

Monday is his first full day so fingers crossed for me! 

pictures are kind of un-related but I thought I would share anyway :)


Circus Queen said...

Oh bless him! I agree with his keyworker. His speech sounds amazing! Talitha went through a period where she was upset every single time Laurence dropped her off at the childminder's. It never lasted once he was gone. In the end, he followed a friend's advice and made a game of asking her to blow him out of the door with kisses. She loved it. Now there's never any trouble. In fact, I think he kind of feels she leaves him too easily! :)

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

I've really taken on board the kisses thing since I read this comment. Wilf and I have often played blowing kisses at each other but I've since invented a game where he blows me one and I have to leap to catch it (similar to Laurence's game) he loves it. I've still not been able to implement this at the nursery door but small steps.. xx

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