Wish List

1, L.K Bennet floral print dress 
2, M&S colour block handbag 
3, M&S jewel bow pumps
4, L. K Bennet carly dress
5, L.K Bennet court shoe

I often get asked where I get my handbags and shoes from. Often its the high street, and more often not from the kind of shops you would expect a twenty something to shop in. I was recently killing time in our local shopping centre and thought I would pop in to Urban Outfitters, I popped straight out again, either it's an age thing or becoming a mum but I do not fit in with those hipster dudes and dudesses, did I ever? I'm not sure. I'm sure that that is no longer the place for me though.

My big secret I guess in buying good shoes and handbags on the high street is that its good to shop around in shops you might not always think fit your style or age-range. I get my bags from M&S, I don't fit the clothes sizing in Evans but you know what? As a student I used to find the best necklaces in there! 

Same goes I suppose for shops like L.K Bennet, I actually own a pair of their flats but I would love love to own one of the above dresses. I'm a dress person and as I'm getting older (I know I know) the length and styles are maybe getting a little more conservative. If you are older than me and reading this I can hear you tutting at the screen 'you are still in your twenties!' I know I'm sorry, perhaps I am a prude. I live in dresses, I don't wear trousers and I have one pair of jeans, my style is very feminine. I adore the two dresses above, don't you?

I also think this look is very British, when I look at the above collection I think 'picnics in the park, cricket and a boat ride'. For the record I am sure I would find cricket hugely dull and I've never been in a row boat but I like to fantasise my clothing. 

So L.K Bennet for shoes in the UK, M&S for handbags and pop into somewhere you don't normally venture for a new accessory! Shop around in a store you wouldn't expect to find yourself in. Mix it up a little, you might be surprised by what you find.

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allison said...

Marks & Spencer! I'd never heard of that store until getting to Manila and it's huge. I guess I need to go in and roam about a bit.

I love both of those dresses!

Col | Hello Olive Designs said...

Love love love the dresses! x

Unknown said...

love the second dress so much! i totally agree about shopping around. i have loads of m&s stuff, from charity shops!

KatGotTheCream said...

I always think M&S are quite underated for shoes - I've bought loads of really good pairs from there in the past.

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Col - they are stunning aren't they! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

So glad everyone loves these dresses as much as me, and we all vary in age which proves I guess that this style is timeless

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