The perfect recipe for summer-time fun

Every wondered what the perfect recipe for summer-time fun is?
You will need:

one family (can be substituted for good friends if family not available)
one sunny day
one garden
one piece of plastic sheet
one watering can filled with water
one bottle of washing up liquid
one naked toddler
(glass of wine optional) 

And there you go! The perfect recipe for summer-time fun! 


Mum2BabyInsomniac said...

I might have to give this a go! I can't believe the weather we are having, I honestly can't remember the last time we had this much hot weather in one go! x

Dave Strickland said...

One slight incline needed too.

fritha strickland said...

haha true! That is quite important unless you take a running jump

fritha strickland said...

isn't it lush! (maybe not so great with a small baby granted) x

Yelle said...

awe to the lil naked toddler! so cute and the smiles make me smile!

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