That thing where you win the lottery..

Not really! That got your attention though right??

Tom and I like to play this game some evenings, we snuggle up on the couch and log into 'Rightmove' and pick what house we would live in if we won the lottery (and where!). Then we talk about how we would divide the money, how much we would give our family, charity and friends. We talk about what we would do if we became millionaires, would we still work? (we agreed yes but for ourselves). I would set up my own shop and Tom would work with charities and try to resist adopting a thousand cats. He would fail of course and our home would become home to at least twenty new feline friends.

Illustration by Krissy McLean to depict the many many cats Tom would buy if he won the lottery...

We even have our own plans on what we would do if we won certain amounts, how much would we need to only work part time? How much money would change our lives?

For example, if we won £20 I would probably take some friends and I out for drinks,  maybe a fancy take-away with Tom, it would be a nice treat but not exactly life changing. Two thousand would see me getting well and truly out of my overdraft, we could fix up some jobs on our never-ending house DIY list too!

However if we were to win £20,000? I think it would be life changing, it would just the right amount of money to invest in something, for me it would be my business, to buy stock, just breathing space to give it the best go I could. Of course there would probably also be enough to afford to visit somewhere I have longed to for a very long time, Cuba or Sweden! 

illustration of Stockholm by Annasee

If you don't know what you would do, my friend Cathy even wrote a book a handy book on 'What to Do When You Win the Lottery' which probably needs a mention whilst we are on the subject.

What would you do with £20,000?

The national lottery have introduced a new lotto raffle meaning at least 50 winners will get a guaranteed £20,000 in each Lotto draw. You win in three different ways, by matching 3 and 4 numbers, bigger jackpots and the new lotto raffle prize too!

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Jollyjillys said...

That's my can't get to sleep dream lol. I've won big on the lottery enough to give my kids a lovely amount and buy that big house I always wanted. Oh and a driver to take me anywhere lol

famies said...

Ahhhh, the Rightmove game. We do this a lot too!!!! If I won £20,000 I would definitely put in towards a deposit for a house. I have big dreams about barns in the countryside filled with kids wearing muddy wellies & slobbery bloodhounds waiting to dive on dropped food!



Katie@mummydaddyme said...

We play this game an awful lot too! X

fritha strickland said...

haha I'm so glad we are not the only ones! It's weirdly fun, sometimes we even argue about it and then have to stop and think 'oh this is just pretence!'. I also have this thing where I go online shopping but tons of things in my basket and then just shut down the page at the end and not buy a thing. Total waste of time but really therapeutic! x

fritha strickland said...

I LOVE what you would do with £20,000! If I could I would award you the money for such a brilliant plan ;) replace bloodhounds with cats and we have the same dream xx

fritha strickland said...

ooh yer a driver would be nice! x

Julie said...

We do this! We go up in stages... What would you do if you had $100? What would you do if you had $1000? And so on. Strangely enough my answers have stayed pretty much the same for the last four years of so. The only thing Justin and I argue over (well not argue, but disagree on) he always thinks I want to give too much away to other people. But then I argue I am use to being broke, so why not spread the money around.

fritha strickland said...

haha yes it's so funny when your start to get in a row about it, then you realise 'hold up! we are not actually ever going to have to worry about this!' xx

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