Wilf at a year and a half

Wilf, you have been 18 months for about three months now. It started off when you turned 17 months and I started rounding up to what I felt a more substantial number. Now at 19 months I feel like I may as well just say 'a year and a half' when do we stop counting in months? I remember being pregnant and a friend telling me her daughter was 20 months, working out that that was nearly two and wondering why on earth she didn't just say that rather than make me do mental arithmetic.

So a year and a half you are.

Where to start? Your last update was at a year so there is a lot that has happened in between. You started walking properly, unaided and for more than 5 steps (my weird grading system that made me feel I could officially call you a toddler) at 13 months. You run and climb now and there really is no stopping you, you are fearless. I caught you having climbed up the slide the wrong way the other day, turn around and go down on your front, fearless!

Talking came not soon after you turned one and by 16 months I would guess you had more than a hundred words. Not long after that you started threading words together and can now say little sentences of say three words or so such as 'garden Mummy please?' 'ahh tanks, treat please? Dora?' (the shame, I swear he loves Dora like a third parent) and 'my cats, mo mo, geeeentle, ahh lovely..no mo mo messy cat! go away!'. You started nursery at 17 months and after the initial teary few weeks have really settled into it fantastically. Your nursery teacher is amazed at your vocabulary and not to blow your horn too much (toot toot!) but she did say she hadn't come across a child of your age that can speak quite so well. Ok I'll stop now but if I mother can't be proud of her kiddo right??

You sing songs, my heart melts away into a little puddle

You are kind, and helpful. The other day I was murmuring to myself that I couldn't find my hair brush and suddenly you pop to my side with it 'here yugo mummy!' you say and proceed to try and comb my hair for me. You wake up beside us and prise our eyes open with your hands saying 'mummy mummy come! open! mooorning!' These are things I never want to forget.

You like drawing, you demand we draw you cat after cat, 'more cats! more cats!' what do you say Wilfy? 'more cats please mummy/daddy!'. You like puzzles and have been able to complete six piece ones for quite some time now (what can I say genius child ;)). You also love trains and cars and reading books. Let's be honest too, you also enjoy the apps on my phone and have become fairly close to a talking cat called 'ginger' that repeats what you say and blows raspberries. That's ok, whatever floats your boat.

You have said 'love you' twice now. You repeat almost anything we tell you but you just wont repeat that phrase to us unless at your own will. It's amazing, I love that you know that it is special and you are not going to give it up so easily!

You like wildlife, you are mad about monkeys, closely followed by 'pinguins' and 'hippuus' and you call all insects 'bimbles' apart from snails who are called 'Neil'.

What else? You can count all the way to ten, you draw on the walls, you love pasta and rice and strawberries, you eat eat eat. You pulled out all the flaps in your Moomin book but instead play 'peepuu' with the 'hippuus' by placing your hands over your eyes as you turn the page.

You still resist sleep, with every bone in your body. Although lately you have been getting up at 6am (with a lot of wake ups in-between of course) which is such an improvement! People tell me two is the magical age of sleep, although people say that at 6m, 12m, 18m.. we'll get their eventually!

Three days a week now you attend Nursery and when I pick you up tell me all the things you did that day. You say 'hmmm cars, sand, pasta, drawing, running' you say 'played with afeee and kiiiiva!' I look at your day sheet and that is exactly what you did. The other day you started singing a song about fireflies and asked me join in, only I had never heard that song before, I had to get you to teach it to me! It's funny to think of you having your own little life away from me at these times, but I feel good about you sharing your wonderful personality with others. You are not mine, you are your own person, I am just grateful and honoured to be able to be your mum. xxx


Julie said...

Wow! Jarvis is 20 months and is yet to talk. Wilf is clever! (better I say that than Jarvis is slow at talking!) What a cutie he is all round!

jess said...

awww lovely boy!!! such a sweetheart. I think generally the counting in months thing gets stopped after 2 - after that you become 'just two' then two and a half lol.

I love this age - my darling niece has hit the terrible twos ( even though shes 21 months) o my lord i had forgotten all about it but its still the best time i think - they are discovering so much.

laura redburn said...

awwww this is the sweetest!

fritha strickland said...

my elder brother has a PHD and was/is always a straight A student yet apparently didn't speak a single word until he was two :) x

fritha strickland said...

haha Wilf certainly has his moments of that too!! we are lucky he has never pushed or had tantrums like that but he does whinge a good amount and has recently started saying 'miiiine'!! So amazing she is about to become a big sister! :D x

fritha strickland said...

thanks lovely Laura! x

Chelsea said...

Is there anything more wonderful than a singing toddler? My little boy is 2 next month and I just love hearing him toot his merry tune :) x

fritha strickland said...

nope it's the best!! aww they are close in age! x

Thomasina Watts-robinson said...

What a wonderful post - I love that although insects are called bimbles, snails are called Neil! My children seem so grown up now in comparison even though they are only teenagers but the years fly by so quickly, I hope Wilf will treasure these special memories you have captured so eloquently for him x

Julie said...

I believe every child does their own thing at their own pace, so not at all concerned about Jarvis not speaking (he understands everything we say in English and most things in Cantonese) I am just getting impatient for him to say Mumma.
Ps you brother is a clever one as well!

fritha strickland said...

ahh thank you so much, I hope he does (rather than hate me for putting so much online!!) I love 'bimbles' too, and have you ever heard of a better name for a snail? ;) x

Abby Wright said...

He's so gorgeous!! Love his singing and drawing (he has the best taste). I loved the video on facebook of him doing snake and 'cat' impressions. His face at the end was just brilliant :) xx

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Thomasina Watts-robinson said...

I told my hub about this as it was too cute not to! His comment - "shouldn't snails be called Brian?" It did remind me that at this age my son would call horses "hiss" x

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