UNIQLO and Orla Keily

My super talented friend Emma made this illustration for the Orla Keily and UNIQLO isn't it fantastic? Like all of Emma's work (which you can check out here)

I'm so excited about the Orla Keily/ UNIQLO range, I missed out on their collaboration last year (they went so fast!) but I have my eye on these three:


If you are a long time reader of the blog you might remember I blogged about their collaboration with Celia Birtwell too, they have a new range now too! 


Pumpkin decorating

Can you guess who made which one? ;)

Our weekend was spent with all members of the Quinn-Strickles household being full of cold. I am really realising how lucky we were last winter with no illness's. This year round it's Autumn and we are on our third cold! Seriously!

I have to confess to feeling pretty sorry for myself, I forgot how much a cold can knock you for six. We cleared our diaries and lay low, well I say that, poor Tom went out in the rain for treats and magazines of which Wilf and I were very appreciative of.

We watched film's, baked cakes and on Sunday we decorated pumpkins. I had to convince Tom of my pumpkin decorating choice (he is a pumpkin traditionalist) but we all had a lot of fun. Tom was the only one to carve his pumpkin out yet so we used his to add to a lovely Sunday roast later in the day.

People often ask me what Washi Tape is for, basically anything and everything! I decorated my pumpkin with tape from the shop :)

How did you decorate your pumpkin's this halloween?

p.s we have no plans for halloween this year but you can look at our old halloween pics here (I am not very imaginative and always go for slightly slutty vampire)

Take a Seat

image source 

This is a guest post about sofa's (in case the picture didn't give it away ;))

Becoming a parent sees a seemingly infinite number of considerations thrown into the simplest of decisions.

The family home is one based on tomes of thought. The act of caring for a child finds its way into matters as diverse as choosing a mattress, an oven or a car and this post from HGTV looks at the decorating basics you need to take into account when seeking family-friendly designs.

Let's talk sofa's. Did you know there are a number of things to consider when taking into account buying one for a family home.


When children are involved, you can never be too careful. While it might seem at first like a stretch of the imagination to consider sofas a potential source of danger, this thought is very much a reality.

Try to keep things relatively simple. Extras like pull out foot rests on reclining sofas can be a real hazard to young children and are generally best avoided as little fingers can get trapped in the mechanisms.

While sofas don't vary a great deal in height, this could be worth looking out for too. The difference of just a few inches could not only make it easier for your kids to jump up onto the sofa, but it can also reduce the height from which they could fall. Look for lower lying sofas which sit almost flush on the floor to be safe and avoid children getting stuck underneath when playing.


If it's ever been your job to give a sofa a thorough clean, you'll know the extent to which cleanliness can be an issue. While you can do a number of things to keep a sofa clean, there's no telling what your kids can end up doing when you're not around. Few parents out there are strangers to the odd cup of spilt juice, for example.

One precaution you can take to look out for cleanliness in a sofa has to do with material. Rather than opting for an absorbent fabric which will keep hold of anything and everything your kids happen to spill, it might be wise to invest in something closer to a wipe clean surface. Leather is a good option here, offering a wipe-clean surface which is easy to care for.

If you have kids then white should probably be avoided when buying furniture. However if you’ve got your heart set on a bright and crisp colour palette with plenty of white furniture then there are ways to keep it clean, even with kids around. Your Modern Family explain how – use their tips and get the room you deserve.


Sofas are generally used during leisure hours which mean they should be conducive to social interaction. We should do our best to create a social space wherever we put our new sofas and opting for unique set ups can really help here.

One possibility is to opt for an L-shaped sofa which is not only big enough for all of the family to use at once but can also allow you to face one another. This is a great way to encourage conversation, even if your kids are hell-bent on keeping an eye on the television.

Corner sofas and modular units which allow plenty of flexibility are a great option – especially if you often entertain – and you can position them to separate different parts of the room to add definition to your home.


One of the greatest things about having kids is that they can turn the home into a dynamic place. As your kids have friends over after school, or as you host parties for their friends and parents, you may well find yourself needing a seating area which can cope with a number of different situations.

For this reason it might be worth looking into a few more options for seating. Beanbags are a great way to create a flexible seating arrangement without compromising at all on comfort and you can also find corner sofa units which contain storage units within the footstools and can be opened out into sofabeds for when guests decide to say.

It's also worth considering sofas which allow you to configure the cushions differently according to the number of people sitting on the sofa, or even its use. Most of us would be keen to change the sofa in some way dependent on whether we are watching a film with our partner or entertaining a dozen people during the holiday season.

Thanks to the sponsors who support this blog

I now really want a yellow sofa


Friend it forward

A little while ago I was contacted by Argento to ask if I would like to take part in their 'friend it forward' campaign. The idea being that me and a couple of other bloggers (Charlotte and Ella to be precise) pick a couple of friendship bracelets and think of a blogging pal in which they would like to give one too.

What's a post about friendship if it's not sponsored hey? ;) I joke, I joke

I thought of Polly immediately. Since preparing for our posts we have been emailing back and forth to iron out details of exactly when, and in what circumstances we became friends. I'm still not entirely sure, although I know we used to chat a great deal on Twitter and I don't remember a time when I didn't read her blog. I guess friendships are a bit like that sometimes.

I have two best friends, I remember clearly how I met one of them. We were 14, she was new at school and in the same class for Biology, I waved her over to sit next to me and you know what the first thing I said to her was?....wait for it... 'do you like rats?'

bam. friends for life. There aint no closer bond then that of a friendship bonded over a good rat conversation. I think she replied that she liked them OK but was so thrown by the question that all ice was broken.

My second best friend was made moving away from home and starting univercity. She arrived two days later than me, in which time I had cried oh so many tears and wished I had never left my family. She unpacked waved off her family and asked if I smoked (i did - neither of us do anymore) and if I drank (she had a bottle of wine) and that she was a vegetarian (so was I). I knew everything would be ok after that.

I digress

Blogging is a funny old thing. I'm lucky that in the past two years I have met so many lovely bloggers that have become real friends. I asked Polly to guest post on my blog when I was pregnant about her experience of motherhood, her post was one of my highest viewed posts of that month and I was not surprised why. You can see in her writing what a lovely soul she is.

Polly had been there to email when I was at my wits end with breastfeeding and sleepless nights, I always knew she was someone who would give me the time of day and honest un-judgemental opinion. She has even been there to help me with HTML when trying to teach myself left me crossed eyed. We have tried to meet up a few times in real life but somehow things have always gotten in the way, I'm so thrilled we finally get to meet at Blogtacular in May!

As part of the 'friend it forward' campaign I am nominating a further three bloggers of whom's friendship has meant a great deal to me. Hopefully they will like to blog about a blogging friendship of theirs too! You can follow along with the stories and blogs on the #frienditforward hash tag on Twitter. I'm really looking forward to discovering new blogs this way!

Actually this ended up being SUPER hard, I probably have a list of at least twenty but here you go:

Laura at Cardboard Cities - She is a super talented illustrator, if you haven't seen her blog yet you are in for such a treat!

Jo at Slummy Single Mummy - Who since I met early this year has been so kind and generous in so many ways. I actually find her and her work ethic extremely inspiring. She is currently running a Twitter  class with the Guardian at the moment too!

Adele from Circus Queen -  I love her posts on gentle parenting, she is such a calming and genuine person to be around. I always leave our meet ups feeling very positive about parenting and the ups and downs of raising a child.

Other people you should really check out are Jess who is the sweetest, Nicola who is quickly becoming a great friend and Lia who I really want to share a cocktail with soon. Oh and Fiona who's writing is just fantastic and Lori who has the best taste and and and..ok I'll stop now

If you want to join in too just tweet your post with the #frienditforward hashtag, leave the link to your post in the comments to if you fancy! I'd love to read your posts!

Argento send me and Polly a friendship bracelet for this post but all words and ramblings are my own 


Reusable Nappy Giveaway with gNappies

I have a really exciting giveaway for you guys this week! The perfect gift for a parent to be or if you are expecting yourself. We started using reusable nappies with Wilf at around three months but really I wish we had started earlier, they really are so easy to use and have the added bonus of saving you loads of money (and being good for the environment too!).

gNappies are giving away four starter bundle sets to one lucky winner! To enter simply fill in the Rafflecopter below.

T&C by entering this competition you are agreeing to pass on your email for the gNappies newsletter.
Good Luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway



'A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013'

We went to a friends halloween party. Wilf had a blast and although he ate more chocolate at one sitting than ever before in his life (seriously every time I took my eyes off him he had chocolate with the foil wrapper still on in his mouth) I was impressed with how he interacted with the older kids. He even sat and played pass the parcel! Luckily the chocolate crash happened when were safe at home ;)

Wilf's Beetlejuice costume was from H&M


Southwood Stores

1, Happy Panda screen print by Jane Foster
2, Mint Geo Necklace by Snug
3, Havet Grey Cushion Cover by Camp Cirrus
4, Blossom and Bill mugs
5, Harbour and Arbour plate by House of Rym 

Welcome to large sponsor the wonderful new online boutique Southwood Stores! 

If you have not heard of Southwood Stores before then (where have you been?) the shop is run by one half the of the blogging creatives 'Breathe Happiness' Hayley. I've been a fan of Breathe Happiness for quite some time so was thrilled when Hayley announced her new venture. 

At Southwood stores you will find quirky, Scandinavian influenced gifts and homewares. A huge amount of the stockists are UK based and I'm sure you will recognise some of the designers featured such as Jane Foster, Laura Gee and Seventy Tree. Southwood stores also stock Lionheart magazine, a long time favourite of this blog (not just because I am in all the issues to date ;)).

Hayley updates the shop items regularly through all her social media sites but I love to catch up with all the stores happenings through their Instagram page. Certainly worth a follow, especially when those Laura Gee cards pop up on my feed!

I'm hugely excited that they are to be the first (and only) stockists of Hello Apparel very soon! 

You can find Southwood Stores in the following places, start adding them to your Christmas wish list now!

Thanks as always for the people who sponsor this blog and for the lovely people who read it! 


Pictures, privacy and social media

I've written before about digital footprints and the effect this blog may have on my family (Wilf in particular). It's something I think about often, but like I mentioned in my post before, I think the benefits of the internet outweigh the potential risks. So many people share their photos and photos of their children on social networks that I doubt there is a child around who won’t have some digital footprint by the time they start school.

Tom and I have spoken about protecting our privacy on social media networks when it comes to posting pictures on here, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram...
A few years ago I posted a picture on my blog of a parcel I had got at work and you could see the postcode clearly spelt out on the package. I didn't think anyone was even reading my blog and saw it as nothing more than a harmless photo, but it wasn't until Tom saw it that I realised how silly I had been. I know this might sound scary, but this is just one of the many personal details we’re recommended to withhold to a greater degree, as you never know whose eyes it might fall on. Consequently I don't take pictures outside my home, though I have taken pictures on our street, but I try not to name street names when I talk on the internet. I also don't post pictures on Instagram when I take them, but around two hours later so we are no longer at that place. I think these are good measures, sometimes I wonder if I could/should do more.

A week or so ago my friend Katie found out that someone had been using pictures of her daughter on a Facebook page and pretending her daughter was hers. Such a shocking experience, I can't even imagine. I also found a Instagram user had taken a photo of mine, not pretending to be me but using it in their feed. I sometimes wonder if my pictures or pictures of Wilf are being used elsewhere, I know there are some ways of finding out if your pictures are being used but honestly, even with these methods, watermarks, etc there is still the possibility that they are.

What are your thoughts on sharing pictures of your children on the internet and via social media networks?

I was encouraged to write this post as part of a PR activity, but all words and thoughts are my own.


A Collection

1, This scooter was parked round the corner from us and Wilf was desperate to climb on it, of course he couldn't.. would have made a great photo though ;)
2, Wilf has started calling Tom 'Mr Daddy' (well he did it twice). Tom now jokes that he needs to be called 'Mr Daddy Sir!'
3, Wilf has started telling us jokes and playing to an audience. When Tom took him to the supermarket he held on the side of the cart and yelled 'whooooooa! Sloooow down daddy! Wibble wobble!!' when Tom was going at like 1 mile an hour.
4, Wilf and his NCT buddies, a friendship thats still going strong. These guys, too cute
5, When dinner wasn't served quite on time Wilf opened the fridge and took three bites out of a raw aubergine to prove a point.

Other things:

I was invited to a film night a few weeks back to watch this film. It was totally amazing, watching babies being born in the sea and babies and children riding on the backs of their parents in the water. The night was put on by these guys who run a 'Relaxed Birth and Parenting course. It's lovely being amongst such positivity in regards to pregnancy and birth.

The other day Tom and I won a meal for two at a restaurant in Bristol we had always wanted to try called Flinty Red. It was our second meal out together in two years! We had such a wonderful time and I'm hoping it won't be another year for a third date night. I also resisted taking any pictures, Tom told me next day he was really proud of my restraint. Poor long suffering partner of a blogger and Instagram addict.


we like to read

A Squash and a Squeeze - Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

I doubt this book will be new to any of you but we love it in our house so it certainly deserves a mention. Although The Gruffalo is probably Julia's most famous book I don't think it's my favourite one (maybe it's that stubborn part of me that goes off certain bands/things when they get big ha!). I also love the Snail and the Whale which Nichola chose for in her 'we like to read' link up a few weeks back.

We have a fair few books by Julia Donaldson and I have to say the ones in which she collaborates with Axel Scheffler are the most magical. They have complimented each other so well!

What are you reading this week?

I've added a button to this series if you would like to link up just enter the following HTML underneath your post! 
all posts with buttons linked up with be shared on my FB, Twitter and Pinterest :) 

 photo weliketoreadbadge_zpsca09a4bf.jpg

Magnetism for kids

The other day Tom brought Wilf home three toy cars that could connect together by small magnets. Much like the Brio trains from my childhood the simple act of them connecting and pulling each other along was amazing to Wilf now as it was to me then.

First4magnets have put on a kid friendly section to their website to explain magnetism to children and whats more to make it fun! You can find out how magnets work, what their uses are in every day and all the places you will find them in your house, toys and household objects. I can't deny I learnt a good deal myself!

It was also a nice reminder about how toys can be made out of simple magnetism, anyone remember the game that can me made with a drawn face and this method?

so much fun!
If you/or your kiddos want to learn about the fun you can have with magnetism First4magnets have even put on a little video to explain more.

This is a sponsored posts but magnets really are fun! ;) 


The Ordinary Moments

Usually our morning consists of walking up early (like 5am early) Wilf likes to patter into our room around this time and I usually find myself waking up with a little visitor whispering shouting 'wake UP mummy' in my ear. The other day in fact I woke up to gentle patting on my face, I groaned as I prized my eyes open and found Wilf beaming at me 'I sorry mummy, I a raa raa!..ROAR' he said as he pretended to be a lion. Despite the ungodly hour you can't help smile when you awoken to such cuteness.

I'm not going to lie, we don't actually get up at 5am. Pepper Pig is our friend for a good hour after that and then some. When we do finally rise I set Wilf's cereal at his table and set about stacking the dishwasher, putting on the washing and setting the kettle on the hob for cup of tea number two (number one is brought to me in bed around 6.30, my favourite part of the day).

This Sunday I brought my cup of tea into the living room to find my family like this, engrossed in their Dr Seuss books. I sat at the table (and after taking a few sneaky pics) just sat and took in the scene, my family.

The ordinary moments.

This post was inspired by the lovely Katie and her 'Ordinary Moments' linky. If you have not come across Katie's blog before then do go take a look, it's just lovely.



' A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013'

'You make us stop at every "muddy puddle!" you see on our walks, if it's been raining a lot it sometimes makes a twenty minute walk take around an hour. Jumping in puddles is such a simple pleasure, every time you see one your eyes light up and you charge at it full speed. You make passers by smile, I think they are reminded of jumping in puddles in their youth too'


Happy Friday from the Tigerlilly Quinn shop!

Happy Friday! (hair ties in the shop for only £4.99!) 


What Wilf Wore

Hat - Tigerlilly Quinn
Jumper - c/o Me and I
Jacket - hand me down
Jeans - Zara Kids (via Ebay)
Boots - c/o Hunter

He is basically the coolest person I know 


Medela breastfeeding cafe

As I've mentioned before on the blog I'm always happy to promote brands that encourage and support breastfeeding. After a rough start, breastfeeding really is something I feel quite passionate about. It's also something that is certainly not easy (to begin with for sure) and even at almost two we have our issues, not physical issues now but boundary ones now and again. 

Early this year I stayed away over night from Wilf for the first time ever. He was 18 months and going though a phase of breastfeeding every few hours it seemed. As well as the general anxiety of leaving him for two days I was really worried about how I was going to cope with not breastfeeding for that amount of time. Anyone who has gone through Mastitis will know how the thought of getting it again can you make you shudder. I wrote a little about my experience of being away from him and pumping here.

My neighbour was kind enough to lend me her Medela pump for the stay. I'd attempted pumping a couple of times previously and always given up because it was just to laborious and essentially I ended up with very little milk at the end of a few hours work. I had heard really good things about the Medela pumps anyway but was really impressed at the speed and comfortableness of the pump. I was also amazed at how much I was able to pump, I threw away two bottles an evening (such a waste!). In fact I was so amazed a Instagramed a photo at the time (I'm not sure if that's weird or not!).

Sioned Hilton is Medela’s lactation consultant is on hand for an hour between 8-9pm tonight for Babyworld's breastfeeding cafe which you can see more on here. It is essentially a place where  mums can go for trusted advice, and to share tips with others. Each month they run a theme and this month it’s returning to work, so they will be talking about building up a supply by expressing and people’s experiences of continuing breastfeeding beyond maternity leave.

Sioned will be there to answer any questions mums might have about breastfeeding. They also take questions through Facebook and Twitter so if you want to join in the chat then you can join in using the #breastfeedingcafe hashtag!

Medela are sponsoring me to attend Blogfest in a few weeks time, although I won't be staying over and expressing this time I would really recommend their pumps if you are in the line for one! 


me and the boy

A friend was kind enough to pass down a playhouse for Wilf a week or so ago. We had been looking at similar ones in gardening centres for a while but hesitating on the price, wondering if we could combine the purchase as a birthday/Christmas present. As a winter baby myself I kind of resent the whole combined present thing that a birthday so close to Christmas often presents. I told myself it's something we'd try not to do with Wilf so this opportunity spared us of that of which I'm very grateful.

Tom tried to put it together last weekend but Wilf was being so helpful that it was proving a bit tricky. Instead I decided to head off to the park with him and leave Tom to it. Since Wilf now does three full days at nursery I've really been savouring the time alone with him and it was quite nice to know we could have half an hour to ourselves and come back to daddy time too.

After pointing out all the 'cheeky' squirrels, calling up the trees to them 'where are yuuuuu cheeky squirrels??' and stomping his feet we came across some conkers. I asked Wilf to pick me the three best ones to take home, which he found quite difficult. Not so much with the counting aspect (he can count to 13 now!) but just how do you choose the three best ones, its a difficult choice, I am a mean mama.

It's the simplest of things that make this mummy-ing job just so worth it

Also Autumn, you are kicking ass so far. Did I mention I love this season??


blogging and Ipad and how to create your own font

Elephant dress - Tigerlilly Quinn

When it comes to talking about blogging I don't really know where to start. Blogging gave me a voice, a new found creativity, a friendship group, a sense of community, support and even a sense of self worth. It is my passion, it's something I think and do everyday. Sometimes I find myself walking down the road and I will have written out a blog post in my head without realising it. There isn't a day that goes by that I have not been inspired, moved or made to laugh by a blog post I have read or a reader I have spoken to because of this blog. It really is a massive part of my life.

I have been blogging now for four years, in which time I have learnt so much about myself and the blogging process.

Argos have recently become a sponsor of this 'ere blog and we chatted a lot about the blogging scene, it's great to find that more and more companies are respecting bloggers and value their space on the internet. I also love their Habitat items (like the lamp in the above picture) and have a bit of an addiction to their cushions..It's funny for me to think that this time ten years ago I was off to uni for the first time, flipping though their 'laminated book of dreams'* and picking out pieces for my student room.

When we discussed the partnership Argos suggested that a tablet might be helpful as a tool for blogging on the go. They asked me to choose a tablet option from here and after an evening spent going through the benefits of each (Tom made me!) I settled for my gut instinct which was the Ipad (of course!).

I've had the tablet for less than a week and have already discovered some amazing apps that have really improved my time management and organising, for instance the Trello app which is great for planning posts. The buffer app is a great way to combine your social media platforms for sharing blog posts, I time mine to post when I am asleep and other countries are awake (as lots of my readers are from all over the world!).

My best design find over the past few days though has been IFontMaker. I downloaded this for the Ipad and literally created my own handwriting as a font within about ten minutes! I did have to buy a stylus to do this but it was not a huge amount of money and worth it for the result definitely. Tom and I spent a whole evening last week creating our own fonts, we agreed we both write like children. I'm working on a joined up font next!

I can't wait to discover more apps, I am a little bit in love with this tablet.

Do you have a Ipad? Which apps should I be downloading?

Thanks as always to the sponsors who make this blog and these opportunities available and thanks y'all for being such ace readers and making blogging such a rad job!

*Bill Bailey reference  

A reader pointed out from the tab open in the last picture Tom has also been enjoying using the Ipad! 



 'a portait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013'

Suddenly I was reminded of the photos I took this time last year, in the same little park. How much you have changed (although you still wear incredible jumpers). They don't lie when they say time goes so fast with your children. They don't lie when they say it just gets better and better either.


What We Wore

What Mama Wore:

On Me

Dress: Yumi (Clarks Village outlet for only £25!)
Tights: Tesco's thermals, yes
Shoes: c/o Moheda
Bag: (you can't really see it but Tigerlilly Quinn)
Jacket: New Look (about 6 years ago!)

On Wilf

Jumper: c/o Joules (their range of boys clothes is amazing)
Checked shirt: c/o Boots Mini Club
Trousers: H&M
Shoes: c/o Vans

Tom snapped this picture as we waited for our bus after our Clarks Village weekend. It's all kinds of not perfect and I so usually wouldn't share a picture of me with looking so..umm unready? (look at that claw hand). Then I look at Wilf and his 'cheese' face and I want to print it out and frame it because that boy of mine? Pure delight in all his goofiness.

And that is what we wore.


A Weekend Walk

Lately with Autumn really setting in we have been enjoying doing simple cosy things close to home. Wilf is becoming very much the active little boy and we need to make sure we factor in some outdoor activities for at least a couple of hours a day.

I am still very dependant on our Orbit pushchair, especially being that we don't drive. I use the panniers  daily to carry for groceries or any extra items we might need for our excursions and it's essential for Wilf's naps if we are out during the middle of the day. There are times however when we know we are not going far (or needing to carry much) that it's nice to leave it at home.

We had been using an Ergo carrier until around six months ago when it just stopped feeling as comfortable. I know lots of people use them all the way up until 3 but I think perhaps it sometimes depends on the child (and their weight!). Since then I've surprised myself with getting along with a ring sling, something I had given up on after trying it a few times when Wilf was younger. I'm realising it is much more useful in toddlerhood!

I wouldn't consider myself to be any kind of sling expert though and I really wish I knew more about all the different types and their uses. It's yet another thing I felt I didn't get to grips with quite enough when Wilf was younger and now as a 'big for his age' almost two year old I'm not sure I would ever use one for trips longer than our local area.

We were asked if we would like to try out this Phil and Teds carrier from Babydino, I jumped at the chance as I'd seen similar carriers and thought it would be great to test one on a little family walk. We went to feed the ducks and swans at our local park on Saturday so thought this would be the ideal opportunity to test it out!

The design is very simple in as much as you literally just take it out the box and adjust the straps! You can fit your child in it placed in the floor as it has a little stand that comes and folds. I would say it does take a fair while to work out what length it best for you with all the straps and buckles so that the weight is rested on your hips. It did take us a few goes I have to say! The instructions suggest you fill it with tins of food equal to your child's weight to test out which adjustments are best for you but we felt that would a bit too time consuming (plus we didn't have that many tins!). Instead we used Wilf so he got a little frustrated at all the to-ing and fro-ing but that was our fault.

The frame isn't as lightweight as smaller sling so it's not something you can just chuck in your bag but it is not built for that kind of purpose more for a off terrain walk. Babydino do actually stock a Phil and Teds 'Metro' carrier which would be better for city use.

All in all the carrier is very well made and easy to use, despite Wilf's face in the picture he was actually super comfy! Like all new carriers it will always take a couple of goes before working out what adjustments will suit you and your body shape. I look forward to using it more in the future as we take more walks in the countryside around us.

Thanks Babydino for sending us the carrier!
Babydino also offer a buy back scheme meaning if you buy a pram, pushchair or stroller from them they will buy it back from you when you no longer need it.


Through the eyes of an (almost) two year old

photos by Wilfryd Quinn

I was dubious as to whether an almost two year old would be able to take a photo. Then as a friend pointed out, 'if he can hold a camera and press a button he can take a picture'. So it was that Wilf was given free reign with a camera, he took about ten billion so here are my favourites.

(I may have held his hand steady in the top image but the button picture choice and button pressing were all his own)

The colours:

The top three pictures were taken on an early morning walk we took on the search of conkers, empty playgrounds and cheeky squirrel's. The last two around our home.

Someone get the boy an art exhibition already, am I right? ;)

This post is an entry in the Kid's Capture The Colour competition 
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