A Collection

1, This scooter was parked round the corner from us and Wilf was desperate to climb on it, of course he couldn't.. would have made a great photo though ;)
2, Wilf has started calling Tom 'Mr Daddy' (well he did it twice). Tom now jokes that he needs to be called 'Mr Daddy Sir!'
3, Wilf has started telling us jokes and playing to an audience. When Tom took him to the supermarket he held on the side of the cart and yelled 'whooooooa! Sloooow down daddy! Wibble wobble!!' when Tom was going at like 1 mile an hour.
4, Wilf and his NCT buddies, a friendship thats still going strong. These guys, too cute
5, When dinner wasn't served quite on time Wilf opened the fridge and took three bites out of a raw aubergine to prove a point.

Other things:

I was invited to a film night a few weeks back to watch this film. It was totally amazing, watching babies being born in the sea and babies and children riding on the backs of their parents in the water. The night was put on by these guys who run a 'Relaxed Birth and Parenting course. It's lovely being amongst such positivity in regards to pregnancy and birth.

The other day Tom and I won a meal for two at a restaurant in Bristol we had always wanted to try called Flinty Red. It was our second meal out together in two years! We had such a wonderful time and I'm hoping it won't be another year for a third date night. I also resisted taking any pictures, Tom told me next day he was really proud of my restraint. Poor long suffering partner of a blogger and Instagram addict.


daisychaindream said...

Wilf sounds like such a little character =) if I lived nearer I'd offer to babysit so you can go on another date! xx

fritha strickland said...

aww thanks Laura! xx

fritha strickland said...

haha I know! Especially as it was such lovely food! I'm trying really hard to retrain myself when it comes to food photos! Oh gosh you guys do need a night off! xx

oranges_and_apples said...

lovely photos! We had our third date just the two of us on Friday since Milo was born!

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