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A little while ago I was contacted by Argento to ask if I would like to take part in their 'friend it forward' campaign. The idea being that me and a couple of other bloggers (Charlotte and Ella to be precise) pick a couple of friendship bracelets and think of a blogging pal in which they would like to give one too.

What's a post about friendship if it's not sponsored hey? ;) I joke, I joke

I thought of Polly immediately. Since preparing for our posts we have been emailing back and forth to iron out details of exactly when, and in what circumstances we became friends. I'm still not entirely sure, although I know we used to chat a great deal on Twitter and I don't remember a time when I didn't read her blog. I guess friendships are a bit like that sometimes.

I have two best friends, I remember clearly how I met one of them. We were 14, she was new at school and in the same class for Biology, I waved her over to sit next to me and you know what the first thing I said to her was?....wait for it... 'do you like rats?'

bam. friends for life. There aint no closer bond then that of a friendship bonded over a good rat conversation. I think she replied that she liked them OK but was so thrown by the question that all ice was broken.

My second best friend was made moving away from home and starting univercity. She arrived two days later than me, in which time I had cried oh so many tears and wished I had never left my family. She unpacked waved off her family and asked if I smoked (i did - neither of us do anymore) and if I drank (she had a bottle of wine) and that she was a vegetarian (so was I). I knew everything would be ok after that.

I digress

Blogging is a funny old thing. I'm lucky that in the past two years I have met so many lovely bloggers that have become real friends. I asked Polly to guest post on my blog when I was pregnant about her experience of motherhood, her post was one of my highest viewed posts of that month and I was not surprised why. You can see in her writing what a lovely soul she is.

Polly had been there to email when I was at my wits end with breastfeeding and sleepless nights, I always knew she was someone who would give me the time of day and honest un-judgemental opinion. She has even been there to help me with HTML when trying to teach myself left me crossed eyed. We have tried to meet up a few times in real life but somehow things have always gotten in the way, I'm so thrilled we finally get to meet at Blogtacular in May!

As part of the 'friend it forward' campaign I am nominating a further three bloggers of whom's friendship has meant a great deal to me. Hopefully they will like to blog about a blogging friendship of theirs too! You can follow along with the stories and blogs on the #frienditforward hash tag on Twitter. I'm really looking forward to discovering new blogs this way!

Actually this ended up being SUPER hard, I probably have a list of at least twenty but here you go:

Laura at Cardboard Cities - She is a super talented illustrator, if you haven't seen her blog yet you are in for such a treat!

Jo at Slummy Single Mummy - Who since I met early this year has been so kind and generous in so many ways. I actually find her and her work ethic extremely inspiring. She is currently running a Twitter  class with the Guardian at the moment too!

Adele from Circus Queen -  I love her posts on gentle parenting, she is such a calming and genuine person to be around. I always leave our meet ups feeling very positive about parenting and the ups and downs of raising a child.

Other people you should really check out are Jess who is the sweetest, Nicola who is quickly becoming a great friend and Lia who I really want to share a cocktail with soon. Oh and Fiona who's writing is just fantastic and Lori who has the best taste and and and..ok I'll stop now

If you want to join in too just tweet your post with the #frienditforward hashtag, leave the link to your post in the comments to if you fancy! I'd love to read your posts!

Argento send me and Polly a friendship bracelet for this post but all words and ramblings are my own 


Bethany Wood said...

Aww this is such a lovely idea ๐Ÿ˜Š

Betty x x

Hanna Wolf said...

This is such a lovely idea. I only recently discovered your blog, but having grown up in Bristol, it makes me always feel very nostalgic. I recently discovered Rachel's blog at Make a Long Short. She is such a wonderful writer (so so funny!) so everyone should really check her out: http://makealongstoryshort.net/

Hanna x

Alice said...

Thats such a lovely idea! I've just started following Polly to and I agree, she is just lovely :)

Polly Davies said...

Thanks Alice :)

Colette Burgess said...

What a really lovely idea!

fritha strickland said...

thanks lovely x

fritha strickland said...

she really is isn't she! x

fritha strickland said...

ahh thank you so much Hanna! am off to check out Rachel's blog now x

fritha strickland said...

thank you! x

Sally Gurteen said...

I stinking love http://www.fifimcgee.co.uk/ We only recently became pals through some blogger outreach I was doing but rapidly fell in lurve and exchange sweet nothings about being twins, falling asleep in odd places and hot coffee shop boys on a daily basis.

She's a beaut and you should all check her out :) xxx

Adele Jarrett-Kerr said...

Such kind words, Fritha. I also find our meet ups refreshing. Looking forward to seeing you Thursday! x

laura redburn said...

thank you for the mention fritha, how lovely of you! :)

i always love finding out how people met their long time friends, sometimes it's something really silly you connect on, and sometimes it might just you find you have something in common and go from there.

twitter and the blog world have been fantastic for finding like minded people :)

Mellissa Williams said...

Great idea, I do think in the world we don't say nice things as much as we should

fritha strickland said...

yes! see you then! :) x

fritha strickland said...

ooh I will! thanks! x

fritha strickland said...

ahh thats so true Melissa! :) xx

fritha strickland said...

they really are! And no worries at all lovely, I really love your blog! x

Globalmouse said...

Thank you so much Fritha, you are so lovely xx

TheBoyandMe said...

It's always great to recognise how important the friendships we have are.

Nipping over from blogsRus share thread.

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