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This is a guest post about sofa's (in case the picture didn't give it away ;))

Becoming a parent sees a seemingly infinite number of considerations thrown into the simplest of decisions.

The family home is one based on tomes of thought. The act of caring for a child finds its way into matters as diverse as choosing a mattress, an oven or a car and this post from HGTV looks at the decorating basics you need to take into account when seeking family-friendly designs.

Let's talk sofa's. Did you know there are a number of things to consider when taking into account buying one for a family home.


When children are involved, you can never be too careful. While it might seem at first like a stretch of the imagination to consider sofas a potential source of danger, this thought is very much a reality.

Try to keep things relatively simple. Extras like pull out foot rests on reclining sofas can be a real hazard to young children and are generally best avoided as little fingers can get trapped in the mechanisms.

While sofas don't vary a great deal in height, this could be worth looking out for too. The difference of just a few inches could not only make it easier for your kids to jump up onto the sofa, but it can also reduce the height from which they could fall. Look for lower lying sofas which sit almost flush on the floor to be safe and avoid children getting stuck underneath when playing.


If it's ever been your job to give a sofa a thorough clean, you'll know the extent to which cleanliness can be an issue. While you can do a number of things to keep a sofa clean, there's no telling what your kids can end up doing when you're not around. Few parents out there are strangers to the odd cup of spilt juice, for example.

One precaution you can take to look out for cleanliness in a sofa has to do with material. Rather than opting for an absorbent fabric which will keep hold of anything and everything your kids happen to spill, it might be wise to invest in something closer to a wipe clean surface. Leather is a good option here, offering a wipe-clean surface which is easy to care for.

If you have kids then white should probably be avoided when buying furniture. However if you’ve got your heart set on a bright and crisp colour palette with plenty of white furniture then there are ways to keep it clean, even with kids around. Your Modern Family explain how – use their tips and get the room you deserve.


Sofas are generally used during leisure hours which mean they should be conducive to social interaction. We should do our best to create a social space wherever we put our new sofas and opting for unique set ups can really help here.

One possibility is to opt for an L-shaped sofa which is not only big enough for all of the family to use at once but can also allow you to face one another. This is a great way to encourage conversation, even if your kids are hell-bent on keeping an eye on the television.

Corner sofas and modular units which allow plenty of flexibility are a great option – especially if you often entertain – and you can position them to separate different parts of the room to add definition to your home.


One of the greatest things about having kids is that they can turn the home into a dynamic place. As your kids have friends over after school, or as you host parties for their friends and parents, you may well find yourself needing a seating area which can cope with a number of different situations.

For this reason it might be worth looking into a few more options for seating. Beanbags are a great way to create a flexible seating arrangement without compromising at all on comfort and you can also find corner sofa units which contain storage units within the footstools and can be opened out into sofabeds for when guests decide to say.

It's also worth considering sofas which allow you to configure the cushions differently according to the number of people sitting on the sofa, or even its use. Most of us would be keen to change the sofa in some way dependent on whether we are watching a film with our partner or entertaining a dozen people during the holiday season.

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I now really want a yellow sofa


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fritha strickland said...

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We are big Halloween fans and I love all of your pumpkins (creep!!). But for uniqueness the tape one is brilliant...and i might have to steal that idea for next year! ;)

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