Ring Slings and staying home

'Tom said I look like a space traffic controller' 

Since Wilf has started walking for longer distances we are leaving our Orbit pushchair at home more often. We tend to only do this in our local area as trips longer than a few hours mean nap's and rest times that are just easier in the pushchair. We also use the pushchair for carrying groceries and such so it's still very much an essential for us at the moment.

The last few weeks have seen a fair few sniffles and coughs for Wilf. I'm really realising how lucky we were last year with such a clean bill of health through the whole winter. Still, colds and such are good for building the immune system of course but it's still hard work when you are in the midst of them. 

We've had Wilf home from nursery whilst I work on three occasions in the past few weeks and he has wanted to be close to me at most times throughout. I've been carrying him in this sling sent to us to test from Born Direct, I love the stretchiness and softness of the fabric. I actually have a ring sling already that was bought for me by a friend for my babyshower. I didn't really get on with it at all until a few months ago. I'm surprised to find that I am discovering I am enjoying using ring slings more now Wilf is a toddler than as a baby. 

It's been really useful to pop him in it whilst I am getting on with housework or off on errands. The other day we were out to a friends and he said 'let's sing mummy' so we walked along singing songs together, snuggled up close, it was such an nice moment. 

I'm also realising the difference that length of the material makes. My current ring sling it quite long and I wonder if this is why I struggled to begin with, I do find the length of this one a lot easy to manage. Tom even remarked how easy it looked to get him in and out although he himself finds it harder to carry him on his side with a ring sling (lack of child bearing hips I'm guessing?). 

I'm putting this on my Christmas wish list actually as I imagine we could still get a bit of use out of it for the year to come.

We were lent this sling by Born for review purposes. All words and thoughts are my own


jess lewis said...

updated cwtching shawls ;) treat yourself to a welsh blanket.

Polly Davies said...

I used to love my ring sling for carrying mine around as toddlers.

Globalmouse said...

That looks really comfortable. My 2 yr old refuses to go in a pushchair any more so I wonder if this could be a good alternative as sometimes carrying him really make me arms ache if it's for awhile!

fritha strickland said...

it might be a good shout! I hadn't thought about them being more useful for older children until now. Wilf tends to want to walk most places and then ultimately gets too tired so it's good to be able to give put over your shoulder or in your bag! x

fritha strickland said...

ooh those sound nice! x

fritha strickland said...

so lovely! x

Chi@106 said...

You were recommended by Twitter as someone I should follow so I thought I should check out your blog. I'm so glad I did - it's lovely and so is your work!

Wilf looks so happy and cosy. :)

I tried a Walla Boo sling about a month ago when my daughter was almost three months old but she got so upset that I haven't tried it since. My older daughter wasn't terribly keen on the one she had (a Close carrier) either. I've since sold the Close carrier but I'll give the Walla Boo another go in a few weeks.

Always a pleasure to meet a like-minded Mum. :)

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