Cranberry Mulled Wine

I am vaguely attempting to have a semi holiday from this here blog of mine over Christmas. So I can actually pay attention to my child and my long suffering boyfriend, how well that works I'll let you know. I have asked a few of my favourite blogging ladies if they would like to step in on a few posts. I know you will love them just as much as I do.

Lia blogs over at Dizzy Loves Icy and makes the most amazing recipes! If you love taco's (and who doesn't) then you guys are going to be best friends). She's also a super lovely lady, mum to three cute kiddos and a great eye for fun finds.


Thank you for having me Fritha whilst you enjoy your Christmas break - I hope you Tom and Wilf have a fantastic and relaxing time!
When I was trying to think of a recipe to post over here I immediately knew it needed to be Christmassey booze related!  Fritha & I have been talking about getting together without children for a cocktail or two for ages, but of course being two busy mama's living in different cities, we haven't quite pulled it off - yet. So, I thought if we can't get to the booze, then the booze will have to come to us, right? Absolutely - it is Christmas after all!

The recipe I've made for you isn't actually cocktail, but a fab twist on an old Christmas classic and a huge favourite of mine, mulled wine. I hope you enjoy it!

Cranberry Mulled Wine

You will need:
50g caster sugar
2 x cinnamon sticks
10 x whole cloves
2 x star anise
5 x all spice berries (optional extra, not essential)
2 x oranges (peel and juice from one, the other sliced to serve)
100g dried cranberries
500ml cranberry juice
250ml ruby port
500ml red wine
Fresh cranberries to serve (optional)

And you will need to do this:
1. In a medium - large saucepan add your combine your sugar, cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise, all spice berries and orange peel and juice from one orange. Pour over enough of the cranberry juice to just cover the ingredients. Heat, stirring frequently over a medium to high heat until all the sugar has dissolved and you get a slightly thicker looking 'syrup'. 
2. Add the remaining cranberry juice and the dried cranberries and continue to cook over a medium heat for a few minutes.
3. Add your port and red wine and warm through for 5-10 minutes. Be careful to not let the mixture boil and when warmed through, carefully ladle into glasses taking care not to include any cloves etc! Garnish with an orange slice and some fresh cranberries before serving.
4. Enjoy!

Happy Christmas to all of Tigerlilly Quinn readers, may 2014 be everything you are hoping for & much much more xx


Kara said...

Sadly I'm not a fan of mulled wine, I need to find another Christmassy drink!

Niki said...

That sounds so good, I love anything with cranberries at Christmas! Of course I'm pregnant this Christmas, so I'll have to remember this one for next year :)

fritha strickland said...

Baileys! x

BavarianSojourn said...

I love Dizzy loves Icy's site. So creative! And as much as I am sick of mulled wine living here, that sounds great! :)

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