For the kiddo - zara kids spring 2014

1, ZARA Printed t-shirt - £6.99
2, ZARA Arrow print leggings - £6.99
3, ZARA Striped t-shirt - £6.99

1, ZARA Flower t-shirt with appliqué flowers - £9.99
2, ZARA  Trendy sandal - £17.99
3, ZARA Lemon print trousers - £8.99

I have really fallen in love with the ZARA spring line for kids. All of these picks are from the baby line (3m to 3 years) and although I have separated them into what looks like boys and girls, a couple of the items from the 'boys' set are actually from the girls. I often buy clothes from the girls section for Wilf as you tend to find most stores think all boys are interested in is trains (and not fruit ;)).

I wouldn't mind some of these in my size too actually!


What we wore - white brogues and yellow knit

What Mama Wore:

Coat - Numph
Striped Top - Vera Moda (this Breton top from ASOS is similar)
Scarf - Primark mens section (this scarf from boohoo is similar)
Dress - Vintage
Tights - Tesco
Brouges - c/o *Clarks

What Wilf Wore:

Raincoat - Old Navy (past season but this one is very similar)
Shirt - Charity shop (this one from Next is similar)
T-shirt - Primark
Trousers - Charity shop
Shoes - c/o *Clarks

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On Saturday we decided to be totally craazy and head out to our local IKEA. The most crazy part of this is that we live a ten minute walk away and I could totally have gone there during the week when it's quiet. As you may well know by now this family are big IKEA fans, we know that place like the back of our hands so the busyiness didn't phase us too much. My friends joke I should run a shopping service where I help people complete IKEA without arguments, its all in the shortcuts my friends ;)

Wilf and I were sent some new shoes from Clarks and I'm not entirely sure who was more excited (me probably but it really was a close call). If you are a regular reader of this here blog of mine you may have noticed Wilf and his red wellies are pretty inseparable. When we first got them they were a good size too big so we stuffed double socks on him and and figured 'better to big than too small' this being the case he has quite happily worn them daily for the past four months or so. I think it was a nice change though to have some actual shoes, I've tried running about in wellies and great as they are for puddle jumping they are not the best for climbing and speeding about. Wilf shouted 'LOOK at my new tippy tappies!' and is using the shoe box to house his plastic animals.

These brogues on my feet? I fell in love with them just about as soon as I saw them on the website and my feet are very happy to call them a home too, they are perfectly comfortable. Maybe the best thing about them though, apart from their beauty and comfort is the clip clap noise they make as you walk. Making you feel like a proper grown up off to do grown up things (I imagined a trip to the library or something, don't they look like they would suit a library trip?) clip clap clip clap.

I didn't realise how much yellow was in these pictures until I got home, its making me feel very spring like. That my friend is what we wore on the weekend :)

Watch wish list from the watch hut

1, Kate Spade
2, Skagen
3, Vivienne Westwood

That title is a bit of a tongue twister isn't it?

I love watches, I've always thought it a little sad to only have one (lucky then that I run a shop I guess!). Like jewellery I think not one piece would match all your clothes so really I think it makes perfect logic to have at least two..or is that just me?

I love the selection of watches from The Watch Hut, I have to say the Skagen is my favourite and surprisingly for me was the least expensive of my top three choices up there. It is a running joke that given a selection of items to choose from I will always go for the most expensive thing (without seeing the price tags) and have to put them back.

I love most things Kate Spade and that watch is the perfect shade don't you think? I think I must be having a pastel moment and I went for a pastel blue for my third choice, got to love a bit of Vivienne Westwood!

Which is your favourite? Do you own more than one watch?

This post is in association with The Watch Hut

Living Arrows

'You are the bows from your children, as living arrows are sent forth'

This two year old, so inquisitive, so hilarious, so tiring, so loving, so exasperating, so joyful…I wouldn't have it any other way but boy is it a roller coaster being a mum sometimes! 

Don't forget to check out the Living Arrows page and join in the community! 


My favourite camera apps (and a little video!)

SO I thought I would make a little video on some of my favourite camera apps for the smart phone. Hope it isn't too cringe worthy!

You can see the apps I'm talking about below:

*RedLab (Totally Rad) there is 25% off right now
Pic Tab Go
Vsco Cam

my camera - Cannon 550D*


Design a custom cover with Mini Boden

Boden has created a cute little app that lets your kiddo create a custom cover for their own Mini Boden catalogue. Wilf and I tried it on a rainy afternoon and it was actually really good fun. The illustrations are really colourful and pretty and although I had to curb quite the amount on animals and fish we could fit on the page the above cover was designed entirely by Wilf. 

Every time someone designs a cover using the app, Boden donates £1 to Kids Company, (so it's worth having a quick go just for that!). On top of that 10,000 mini designers will receive their own catalogue through the post. There is also a competition to find the best covers (designed by 2-12 year olds) with some amazing prizes, like framed prints of your cover, and an iPad!

And if all that isn't enough you can also share your Tweet with Tots100 for a chance to win £100 in Boden vouchers just click here to find out more. 

On a side note I didn't realise until I looked at this picture that Wilf was dressed in Mini Boden (honestly wasn't intentional although we are big fans of the brand). 

This post is in association with Mini Boden and Tots100

Rocket Dog boot giveaway

Another lovely giveaway to brighten up your Monday morning, for not one but three readers! I'm a long time fan of *Rocket Dog, I even used to sell them in the boutique I worked in straight out of uni so I know just how well made and pretty they are up close.

Rocket Dog are offering the Dayre boot to three lucky winners all you need to do is enter the below and good luck!

p.s they also have 50% off at the minute

T&C's this giveaway is for UK residents only, and will run for two weeks. By entering this giveaway you are passing on your email for the Rocket Dog newsletter. 

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What Mama Wore

^^ kind of camouflaged my boots here, but I can confirm they are super springy and comfy^^

What Mama Wore:

Coat: Tigerlilly Quinn (sold out sorry!) but you can find similar ones here
T-Shirt - 'Go Johnny Go Go Go' records (a hand me down from Tom) you can find similar band T's here*
Trousers - Levi's
Boots - ℅ Rocket Dog (giveaway coming this Monday!)


A Kitchen tour

Tom and I bought our house almost four years ago now..well actually technically Tom bought it. We had been together for about a year and a half at this point, although we had already been living together for a year of that. I guess it was too soon to do something as big as buying a house together, plus owning a house had never been part of any dream or aspirations I had where as it was a strong desire of Tom's.

I've not grown up in a culture where owning a house was a thing you did or a goal to achieve. My parents don't own their home and growing up I must have moved house a good 15 times before leaving home at 18. I've always been of the notion that a house was a temporary thing that you lived in before you moved on to something else, a new part of town, a new city or a new country even. When you rent you can live in some fantastic houses or areas that you (we) simply could never afford to buy. My folks have lived in self built eco homes and houses that gardens led onto beaches, some gardens that seemed to stretch on forever and farmhouses with stone flooring and AGAs. Although the downsides of renting of course can be unstability, (my dad has actually created this petition to end evictions where there are no grounds). My parents have a love of traveling that I guess they thought I would inherit but surprisingly I discovered there was nothing more I liked than being a homebody.

I love having 'our home' a place of our own to raise our family.

Our first year in our new home was pretty depressing to be quite honest. There was lots and lots of work to be done and with a very limited budget it was a bit tough at times (especially ripping out and redoing a kitchen two weeks before having a baby, obviously I wasn't involved in any of the actual work but still rather stressful). As with most home renovations the big jobs had to take priority which mean at times that the little bits are still hanging around somewhere midway down our 'to-do' list. Tom and our friend Rog did a fantastic job re-doing our whole kitchen and I couldn't be more pleased (and grateful) there are always the extra details that really help finish off the job though and one of these was our kitchen lighting.

For the past four years we have been using the spot lighting that came with the house. In all honestly it wasn't our style and being the lazy people we are when one bulb went we would rarely replace them until we were down to our last spot light. In one way this was a blessing as a dimly lit kitchen hides a lot of mess ;) but being such a small space anyway and it being winter it's felt very dark and cold.

We were contacted by Litecraft a little while ago to see if we fancied trying out any pieces from their range so we of course headed straight for the kitchen department. I'm guessing you can all tell by now we are fan of the vintage vibe so we picked out the Dylan Restoration Diner Pendant which is priced at £69.99. If we had a kitchen that was roomy enough for a dining table we would totally have placed this above a table however we thought it would still look great as our main kitchen light. I'd been after a pendant light like this for a good while so it was the perfect fit for us!

The only problem is its nice and bright now to see all the mess….

Litecraft are giving Tigerlilly Quinn readers an extra 20% off everything with code Tiger20

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Our Weekend in Pictures

(before another weekend is upon us!)

The first day in so long that the sun shone and shone and the day wasn't just a miserable grey (or am a exaggerating?). Tom and I had spent the evening before at a wedding so it was the perfect remedy for a fuzzy head.

We took Wilf to the zoo for a run around, we only visited the penguins and the seals this time and spent a good deal of time running around the paths and splashing in the fountains instead. The beauty of holding a membership pass (thanks Tom's mum!). I wrote a little about it on my new collab blog 'Bristol With Kids' if you fancy a peek.

It was one of those days that got us excited for Spring and all the outside activities it will hold. 


Me and You

We were off to a wedding and Tom's mum kindly offered to snap a picture of us before we headed out.  A rare night out together at a really interesting location too (the SS Great Britain). We even managed a little dance (like one song) I'm sure we have both forgotten how to dance as actual normal adults and not weird parent dancing..anyone else get that?

Incase you were wondering my dress is the *ASOS Wiggle Dress in Floral Jacquard. I saw my friend Ella wearing it and begged her to tell me where she got it, it really does make you wiggle! (also has pockets too which is a must right?).

If you fancy joining in this love fest then just link up below! Don't forget to check out Lucy, Becky and Kirsty's blog too :)

dear beautiful


Highgate glasses and Go Jonny GoGoGo Records

New glasses ℅ My Optique. I do actually have perscription lenses for reading and working at my laptop but I'm terrible at remembering to wear them. Hopefully I'll remember them now. I also like these and these

My neighbour chopped my hair again, I keep saying shorter and shorter like I have some kind of addiction. It's quite liberating, I don't miss long hair yet. 

This T-shirt is/was Tom's but we sorted through a bunch of clothes for the charity shop the other day and a few moved from his collection to mine. Lucky for me.


Vegan Double-Crust Chocolate Fudge Bars

My little brother became a vegan some time ago and since then he has really gotten into baking. My elder brother and SIL bought him Chloes Vegan Desserts* for Christmas and my family have been reaping the benefits of this ever since. Another reason I wish my family lived closer, vegan cake deliveries from my brother! 

I recently took a trip to Brighton with one of my sisters whilst she took a look around the uni. My brother sent up some of these chocolate fudge bars with her and we were munching on them all weekend, my gosh they are delicious

Vegan Double-Crust Chocolate Fudge Bars
Makes 16 2-inch Bars

Note: The bars will need to be chilled for 8 hours overnight before serving.

Shortbread Crust
2 cups all-purpose flour ½ cup sugar
1 cup Vegan Margarine ½ teaspoon salt

¾ cups canned coconut milk ¼ cup sugar
1 bar vegan cooking chocolate                        
½ cup chopped walnuts
Chocolate (about 2 cups) (optional)

Preheat the oven to 180’c/350 degrees.
Lightly grease an 8-inch pan and line with parchment paper.

To make the shortbread crust: 
In a large bowl, mix flour, margarine, sugar, and salt until crumbly and sticky. Reserve 1 cup of dough for topping, and press the remainder into the prepared pan.

To make filling: 
In a medium saucepan, combine coconut milk, cooking chocolate and sugar. Stir over low heat until the chocolate is melted. Remove from heat and stir in walnuts.

To make bars: 
Poor the filling over the unbaked crust and place clumps of remaining dough over the top.

Bake for 35 minutes, let cool and chill in the refrigerator for 8 hours. Once chilled lift the parchment paper to release the bars from the pan (or cut them out if you don’t have parchment), and cut into 2-inch bars with a sharp knife. Serve.

Recipe taken from Chloe Coscarelli’s *‘Chloes Vegan Desserts

*affiliate link

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Living Arrows

'You are the bows from your children as living arrows are sent forth'

This picture, this boy, enough said right?


Sonnet James Giveaway

You know when you discover a new brand and you just fall in love with them right there on the spot? You get this little buzz of excitement and click through all the pictures in quick succession, taking them all in whilst simultaneously imaging yourself in each and every one and knowing there isn't one single piece you don't like? I have fallen hard for Sonnet James.

I must have been feeling particularly emotional actually as I totally shed a tear watching their look books too! I know! Sonnet James create 'play dresses for playful moms' and I think this is a huge part of their appeal to me. I want to dress nicely, brightly and playfully and not have my style be an impediment for my desire to run, jump and get silly with my son.

Sonnet James Behind the Scenes from sonnetjames on Vimeo.

If we're talking favourites then it would hands down have to be the Quincy dress, but Marni, Kate and Rees are up there at the top too.

I'm so excited to be able to work with Sonnet James to offer one of my readers the chance to win a dress of their choice AND a sun hat too. All you need to do is enter one/all of the below and good luck!

Entry open to UK and US participants

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We Like to read - ladybird books

Hey hey!

Sorry it's been a while. I'm thinking of moving these posts to Sundays from now on as I often hold giveaway's on Mondays and it was getting a little crowded! On that note I have such a amazing giveaway in store tomorrow so don't forget to come back and check it out!

Here's is what we have been reading this week!

We've recently started reading *Ladybird books with Wilf. I'm lucky enough to have inherited a good thirty or so from my own childhood (benefits of having the first grandchild!). We have lots of the fairy tales and nursery rhymes but we've largely been reading the 'lets talk about books'. These books are great for getting your child to participate in the activity rather than sitting listening I ask him questions on each page and he loves the routine of it.

Some of the items are pretty retro like the images of terry cloth nappies (although I know people still use these today I doubt many modern books would depict them). I adore the colours in the pages, those bright blues, yellows and reds make me feel really nostalgic for my own childhood!

What are you reading this week?
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New to the shop

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Thanks so much for all your support with my shop, I can't thank you enough! I truly love that this is now my job.

P.S you can now also get 'lucky dip bags' over on the shop. Which includes five items (usually £16) for only £8. I used to love lucky dip bags as a child but this time they actually have things you want inside them ;)


Collecting Stamps

My granny recently moved into a home. Which probably isn't the most cheery start to a blog post.

For the past few years, (or about ten to be honest) every visit to my grannies house meant a carrier bag or two of things to come away with, that she no longer wanted or were cluttering up her already over filled home. That's an understatement really but I don't want this post to be about that.

Anyway, a while ago my mum asked if she thought Wilf might like to inherit this stamp collection. My siblings had no want for it and I figured if Wilf never wanted to grow into it then I they make wonderful additions to a scrapbook one day. I spent at least half an hour going through some of the stamps in the box in the right of these pictures. There are some really beautiful pieces of art in this collection, my favourites I think are the botanical illustrations.

I love that all these stamps must hold their own story, of letters to my grandparents from my mum on her travels around the world perhaps? Or letters from family in South Africa and America.

It's reminded me also of the decline of the written letter. I used to have pen pals as a child, through a post office club called 'Hola!' I would write to girls my age in Africa wondering what their life was like. Turns out they were as crazy about the Spice girls as I was, and there really weren't many differences in our likes and dislikes (dislikes including school and boys I seem to remember). I still have a few of these letters somewhere I *think* I wonder what they are doing now?

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