Money Making Ideas for Mums

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Becoming a stay at home mom is a rewarding thing in terms of being a mother. But in terms of a career most women believe that staying at home means sacrificing the income and career perspectives. In fact, this is not true. In times of the Internet we are living today, more and more people opt for working from their homes. Such work has lots of benefits, such as convenience, saving money on commuting time and on transportation. For a mother it also gives an opportunity to save on daily care expenses. Most jobs done from home are offering flexible hours, and can be easily done part time, or full time, if you wish. And here are some of the money making ways for you.

Audio transcriptions
You may not know it, but there is a whole field devoted to creating the manuscripts to the audio recordings, and you can earn some good money through this. Basically, to do this you have to know how to type and obtain some good headphones. The audio files needed are downloaded to your computer, and you simply type what you hear. The good ear of yours will come in handy, as the audios can contain some accents. The audios transcripts are needed for lectures and speeches. Insurance companies sometimes make their interview transcriptions.

Freelance writing
Written word is really needed today, especially on the Internet – businesses and private companies need quality content for their websites. Examples of this can be professional blogs and blog posts and articles related to the products or services provided by business. The specialized writers’ websites offer you work for their clients, and this is a good way to start your own writer’s career. After working some time for a website you will be able to get your own clients and broaden your field of work.

Selling your own products
If you are good in any type of crafts and you know how to make things that are not only beautiful, but useful, you should know that there is a market for the stuff you make. There are lots of websites on the Internet that are ready to list your crafts with photos and descriptions. Many people make a good income from the things that they do as a hobby in the free time.

Affiliate sales
Many companies which sell products often hire their salespeople directly from the Internet, and the process is quite simple – all you have to do is sign up for the program and you will receive the unique account number assigned to your name. After that you should simply use this number in the link that would go to the company website – this will indicate that the sale was made by you, and you will get a commission for the sale. Many people working as an affiliate sales person operate from their blogs and through it drive people to buying the products of the company they are working for, and there are basically no limits for the earnings you can get with the help of affiliate commissions.

These are only four ideas, but there are many other opportunities for stay at home moms. Open your mind and look for the ways to stay a good mom and a specialist bringing money to family budget. You can look through some Localmart ads to see some job opportunities and many other interesting things.


Lia Billimore said...

Someone asked me why I haven't taken my three abroad together the other day... well, apart from coughing up for five airfares, travelling with three is STRESS haha, you're right!

I've never been to Manchester, would like to visit though, and I love trams! I used to love getting the south London ones with Dexy as a baby :)

The Owl and the Accordion said...

I love Wilf's huge grin in that picture, such a handsome little chap! We're going on holiday with our two for the first time this summer - luckily we're going in the car as it's only about an hour and a half away! Travelling on public transport with multiple children gives me the fear!

laura redburn said...

ahh, those geese remind me of my nan! they used to always fly over her house, honking noisily and we'd copy them :) also, love how happy wilf looks!

Polly Davies said...

traveling on trains with lots of kiddos is not always the easiest!! the more hands to help the better! Having said that, I manage to get my three across london and down to kent on my own - haven't lost anyone yet ;)

Life With The Crew said...

Love the image of the rainbow colored train with the beautiful arches. And the geese from above are striking.

Carin Cullen said...

Love the picture of the train with all the railings and things. It's so nice that you can go along on some of these Uni trips- what a great way to see cities you've never been to before. And you are right, travelling with two )or more= is a pain at times.

Laura Rocksteady said...

Great photos :0 I love staying in backpackers and youth hostels - I have worked in three and during my travels I had the best times in places like that and would take my son with no issues - like you said some are very posh now :) I also wonder how people with more than one child travel - have not worked that out yet :)

Laura x

Amy Ransom said...

Love these pics. My sister lives in Manchester so I recognise it well.

Fiona Peacock said...

I am terrified of those geese, your dad is a brave (or foolish?) man. I was bitten by one years ago, and now whenever we go to the lake I am petrified Ebony will get bitten. Why do they hiss so much?! Ach. x

Adele Jarrett-Kerr said...

That's really interesting - so even if your child isn't old enough to pay a fare, you still get a discount with a family railcard? Never knew!

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