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The other day whilst chatting to a friend over a glass or two of cava we got talking about beauty tips. I've never been much of a 'beauty girl' although I do wear make up on a almost daily basis. I figured a while ago what (I think) works for me and have kind of stuck with that for almost a decade now. My go-to is liquid eyeliner and mascara, a teeny tiny bit of foundation under eyes, on nose and chin and blusher on cheeks. I did buy myself a lipstick for the first time in my 28 years the other day though, I kinda like it.

So whilst I'm surely no beauty expert I shall try and impart some of my limited knowledge as so:

Beautiful skin
I'm pale as pale (english rose I like to think rather than pasty) there is no doubting that a tan makes your skin look healthy and beautiful though. While a tan may be easy to come by during the two weeks of the year you're in Tenerife or Cannes it's not always an option to be jet setting to hot locations, it's also not a good idea to use sunbeds or to expose your skin to too many harmful ultraviolet rays. The perfect solution is to use a tanning product. Products such as StTropez’s fake tan are easy to apply as long as you follow the instructions and prepare your skin properly, leaving you with the healthy, golden look of a Hollywood starlet.

Perfect nails
Whether you paint them bright colours or leave them with the elegant white tips of a French manicure, the appeal of beautifully manicured nails will never fade. If you bite your nails, there are foul-tasting treatments that you can apply to help you to kick the habit (also applied for thumb sucking..I know from experience), but if you have false nails applied, that can give your real nails time to grow, while you can enjoy looking as though they already have!

Luscious lashes
I can't remember a time when full, long lashes weren't in fashion. If nature hasn't blessed you with the lashes of Elizabeth Taylor, you're probably already aware that there are several options for faking it, including strips of lashes that you can apply at home using adhesive. Alternatively, you could have lashes fitted professionally, either one lash at a time or in small strips. Both of these give a result that feels natural and can look natural as well, depending on the style of lashes you choose.

Classic hairstyles
Sometimes a hairstyle is the 'must-have' look of the moment, but there are several styles that have a timeless look and always seem to be in fashion. The bob, for example, has been around since the 1920s but hasn't dated at all, while the tousled, layered look is still going strong almost half a century after it became popular. Look at pictures of Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly for inspiration. Failing that - watch a few episodes of Mad Men!

Luscious lips
Apparently even during times of economic hardship, sales of lipstick remain steady. This is because perfectly coloured lips are a permanent fixture on the fashion calendar. For the bold, a strong, shiny scarlet is the ultimate statement in lipstick, while a coral or rose says something less overt, but the most important thing is that lipstick should be applied with precision, using a lip liner if necessary, or a brush. Just remember to buy a lipstick that guarantees lasting colour or you'll end up checking it in a mirror every few minutes.

So that's a little run down on some of my beauty tips! Would you have anything to add? I'm sure I still have a lot to learn! 

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Wild & Grizzly said...

Great post and tips. I always wear make up unless I want to look like an escaped panda. Totally agree with the St Tropez and well manicured nails. can't go wrong really. x

Polly Davies said...

I've nevered fake tanned, i'm pale in the winter but tan easily in the sun!

Laura Rocksteady said...

I know just what you mean - I use minimal makeup and only in the past year and a half have I ever worn lipstick and I agree it's kind of nice and now I use it when I go out for a date night to add a bit of colour :) Love the photo

Laura x

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