Doing my bit for national sandwich week

because someone has to right?

Tom and I often have these conversations where he will throw in cultural references from an 80's/90's childhood and I will look at him blank faced, he will then sigh and exclaim 'how can you never had watched The Goonies!' (or the equivalent) and shake his head.

I've never watched The Goonies, The Never Ending Story, Flash Dance or pretty much any 80's/early 90's television show as we didn't have a television when we were growing up. I've also never had a soda stream, eaten spangles or iced gems and the first time I had a class of squash I was in university. I'm not entirely sure what this says about me or my parents, for the most part my friends look at me in pity and consider all I've lost out on..

When Tom and I first moved in together we learnt to accept each others likes and dislikes. Tom had to deal with my love of pasta pesto (I could eat it at least once a day without getting bored) and I had to agree to limit the amount we ate to once a week.

A few year ago a tube of Primula showed up in my fridge and Tom had to shake his head once again when I told him that no it wasn't a part of my childhood like it was his, in fact I'd never tried it before.  For Tom Primula is quite a nostalgic addition to a mid afternoon sandwich snack and whilst my alternative/middle class up bringing considered it suspiciously I had to admit that I quite liked it too..in fact I was surprised to find out it has the highest cheese content of any spreadable cheese on the market, so there.

Of course I had to serve it on rye with a sun blushed tomatoes because I'm just that kind of person.

If you fancy trying it yourself then just tweet/IG a pic of your sandwich to @tots100 with the hashtag #primulasandwich for a chance to win a luxury two night hotel stay.

in association with Primula


Polly Davies said...

i don't think i've ever tried primula either..... that sandwich looks yummy! I never get the refereneces G makes from 80's/90s tv.... we had one, but it was rarely on, and I spent most of my childhood at the stables!

Laura Rocksteady said...

I have to be honest I have never had Primula, mainly because I don't think you can get it in South Africa and it's one of those things you get to point you have never tried something you just bypass it when doing the weekly shop but it's really interesting knowing it has the highest content of cheese - this has peaked my interest for sure, tempted to give it a try

Laura x

abigail said...

I've never had Primula either! I don't know why, but it has seemed to pass me by! Looks like a good sandwich though!

Ordinary Cycling Girl said...

I'm not a Primula fan but I have to say you've made a bloomin' delicious looking sandwich there!

Katie Krahn Goble said...

I don't know what Primula is, other than the flowers. But I can totally relate to the blank looks you give Tom, because my husband gives me the same looks! Even though we are the same age, he somehow is seriously lacking in cultural knowledge from the same time period, especially music. When we were planning the music list for our wedding, my husband said that he wanted Ohio by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. I gave him a horrified look and asked why and he said he "likes the beat". For those that aren't familiar with it, it is a protest song from the 1970's about the Kent State shootings - not what you want at your wedding!

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