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^^ this kitty has no problem sleeping..top pillow from NEXT home^^

A few weeks back myself and some other lovely bloggers were invited to a NEXT Home event to talk about sleep. Mainly how to get more of it (don't have children) but also the right conditions for sleep. I have to admit I kind of went in wondering how much I was going to learn but I was really surprised by how interesting it was.

Myself and Lori arrived stylishly late (we went to the wrong store at first whoops!) but were greeted by the team with much needed coffee and hot chocolate and headed for the talk. Sammy Margo author of The Good Sleep Guide* then proceeded to give us her top tips for restful sleep which included.

Stay cool when sleeping, this helps hormonal sleep hormones release easier resulting in a better sleep. 
I tend to feel the cold quite a lot but Tom gets quite hot in bed, one of Sammy's other pieces of advice was to wear bed socks. The thought of wearing socks in bed made me feel a bit odd to be honest but I have to admit I tried this a few nights ago and it was a game changer! Apparently your feet getting cold is a reason to wake in the night but keeping your feet warm and body cool (wearing as little in bed a possible bar bed socks, a great look no?) improves sleep.

Use a different duvet to your partner
Tom was thrilled when I told him this as this is something he's wanted to do for a while (I said it was not very romantic) but it does make sense. If you get hotter or colder than your partner then why not use a different blanket with a different tog rating?

Use the colours green or pink in a bedroom for calming
I'm not sure either of these colours would suit our decor but it's interesting to know which colours are good for sleep, apparently blue is a big no no.

Dark black out blinds 
We've certainly noticed a difference to Wilf's sleep when introducing these in his room so it was good to know that all NEXT's children's curtains come with blank out blinds sewn in.

Have a quite uncluttered space
Getting up in the night is an obstacle course in our bedroom, another reason to keep on top of the tidying!

Wind down
Children need to wind down for their bedtime routine so it stands to reason we do to. I really agreed with her point on ban screen time for the last half an hour, my head is often buzzing with things I've seen or watched before I've gone to bed so I'm certainly going to make more of an effort with this. 

After the interesting talk we were left to peruse the store armed with a rather lovely gift card. I was really impressed with their garden and kitchen items the most especially these nautical style bottles and as ever their lighting range was really fantastic. You can see one of our NEXT lamps here actually. Wilf was being rather wild as usual and running all over the store so I'd love to return and have a proper browse sometime soon.

After this we were treated to a very yummy lunch and a natter before we took our tired boys home on the bus cuddling their new teddies they were generously gifted with and Wilf fell asleep promptly after such an action packed day. It really was a lovely day out and I picked up some great tips, thanks NEXT!

I was invited on a lunch and day out with NEXT but all words and thoughts are my own


Katherine said...

We are big advocates of separate duvets, we have been together nearly 9 years and probably had separate duvets for 8 of those years. Definitely recommend it!

laura redburn said...

my body has a hard time controlling it's temperature, but i just cannot sleep at ALL when i'm hot! or i do, but wake up loads. i often wear socks in bed haha, some ones with loose elastic so they don't feel restrictive but keep my tootsies warm.

Sheri Darby said...

I love the sky planters

Heather Haigh said...

Interesting points. Never thought about seperate duvets but it makes a lot of sense.

Penelope Hannibal said...

I adore the Eileen Gray side table :)

Katherine Coldicott said...

There are some fantastic chair designs. I like the Verner Panton Style Panton Chair

PamGregory said...

Wooden White Dressing Mirror

Laura Rocksteady said...

I think I really need to take this tips on bored as we could all get better sleep in this house :)

Laura x

Hazel Christopher said...

http://www.outthereinteriors.com/marshmallow-sofa.html I love the marshmallow sofa :)

Lynne Rea said...

I think the Sky Planters are great

Natalie Henderson said...

Love the Kitchen Tools Hanger!!

NaomiB said...

This is gorgeous http://www.outthereinteriors.com/french-dressing-table-and-mirror.html xxx

Polly Davies said...

I've been trying to convince G we should have seperate duvets!! Mind I'm sleeping better now I've finally gotten Baya out of my bed ;)

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