Our Weekend in Pictures

I spent Friday in the big smoke. I had a couple of meetings to attend one of which involved a couple of glasses of wine with a lady I'd wanted to sit down and have a good chat with since I discovered this parenting blogging world..I'm talking about the gorgeous Alice of course.

After this 'meeting' Alice and I jumped into a cab to attend the 'Brilliance in Blogging' awards. I was up for a Style award (thanks SO much for everyone who nominated me!) but I mainly wanted to use this as an opportunity to meet up and catch up with some of my now friends and favourite bloggers. I attended Brit Mums Live last year as a relatively new 'parent' blogger (although I've been blogging on here for almost five years in some way or another) and was overwhelmed with the community feel of the event. I have to admit if you've been blogging for a while the sessions may not blow your mind with information but meeting up with all these amazing women certainly will.

I couldn't wait to meet the lovely Emma, we've been friends online since I was pregnant and as soon as I arrived I scanned the crowd for her face. She is such an inspirational woman, do check out the charity she set up First Days. I'm over the moon to hear she might consider a Bristol move someday in the future! Charlotte was another blogger of whom I knew would be just as lovely in real life as she is online, I adore her heartfelt writing and actually only discovered her blog after she was one of the keynote speakers at last year's event.

There are so many wonderful women I'd love to name drop into this post, Alison, Lucy, Katie, Gill, Bryony and so many more. My only regret was that I was returning home that night and didn't get too much time to catch up.

I didn't win my award on the night (but the wonderful Jen did which is much deserved!) but I did get to pick up my friend Jess's award for her as she was unfortunately not able to make it. Jess was up against some hugely popular craft sites and you could tell just how much love for her was in the audience when her name was read out! Thankfully I had had just enough wine to not feel nervous speaking for her and not too much so that I embarrassed her! ;)

When the awards ended and I'd a super super quick drink with Gill and Emma I literally ran for my train home to Bristol (and made it with 3 minutes to spare!). Funny enough the lovely Nichola was on the same train which made the journey so much more fun. What a day!

On Saturday I woke up rather exhausted and a little fuzzy headed. Tom was kind enough to take Wilf out for a bit (after delivering breakfast in bed and a large coffee) and we had a slow morning. We met up with family in the centre and checked out the last of the Bristol 'Big Green Week' which mainly involved eating lots of nice food and a sunny drink in a beer garden (I'm just realising how much reference to drinking there is in this post!). We spent the rest of the weekend close to home and chilled out, somehow being in your late twenties it takes a little longer to recover from an evening out. Is that just me?

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

What Mama Wore:
Dress - c/o People Tree* I wore this to the awards (now on sale too!)
Sandals - Salt Water

On Wilf
T -Shirt - Zara Kids (sold out)
Shorts - BHS
Sandals - c/o Clarks*


Charlotte Taylor said...

Oh Frith! You were an absolute pleasure to meet. You really were. I was so terrified over that weekend and seeing you, amongst others, was a real comfort! I feel genuinely glad that we got to chat in person. Genuinely glad! xx

Rachel / The Little Pip said...

so sorry I didn't get a chance to catch up with you - I had to leave before the awards and go back to work! next time x

Alice J-T said...

What everyone else said... so good to see you! xx

laura redburn said...

i love that pink dress and the confetti photo! what a fun weekend.

Emma Cantrell said...

Ah Fritha you're so lovely. Thank's for the shout out :-D It was absolutely brilliant to see you, again soon please x

kathrynsharman said...

Still loving that dress. Britmums sounds great. This is going to sound weird but I never know whether to call myself a parent blogger even though I do blog about my kids/family life. When did you make that decision/transition? - and do you have to be in the TOTS100 to make it official? ;-)

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