The Love Lock Bridge

on me - Jumper by Yumi*, Skirt from Zara, shoes Clarks*
on Wilf - Trousers Boots Mini Club, Jumper Gap Kids 

I feel like these Paris post should include a little something about the Love Lock Bridge right?

When we were planning this trip I told Tom that having our lock on the bridge would be one of the two things I had to do/visited on our time there (the other being sailing boats). Then like usual I wasn't organised enough to buy us a lock/didn't want to buy an overpriced one there..and really when it came to it..I felt like it was a little too much? I dunno, it was very pretty and full of lots of loved up couples (and even a newly wed couple!) but it was OK to just look this time I think. Plus Tom can be pretty cynical about these things so maybe it wasn't for us as this moment in time ;)

I do look pretty happy about it in the picture though right!? Wilf also had a blast looking at all of them (seriously we were there for aaaages as he inspected them all) and it was a great experience to just watch everyone!

Have you been to the 'Love lock bridge'?


Sarah Churchill said...

I read some stuff in the news about the bridge just last week. I think a section collapsed under the weight of the locks and there's calls to have them all removed :(

Mummy Glitzer said...

I am falling in love with Paris just from your posts!

Carin Cullen said...

One of the items on my life list is to put a lock on/ or at least have a look at (yeah, Al can be pretty cynical about these things too). Sad to hear Sarah say they may all be removed, I'd not heard that.

Katie @mummydaddyme said...

I have been to Paris before a few years ago but I haven't been to the Love Lock bridge, I really would like to go and put a lock on there one day. x

veronica said...

wow stunning!!!


Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

Polly Davies said...

ooooh Montmatre looks beautiful!

Life With The Crew said...

I hadn't heard about this before last week. Big news about the weight on on the railing. Personally, I am a cynic too, and think about the affects of all those metal keys being thrown into the water. I'm not one for following what everybody else is doing, plus I'm not very romantic! :)

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