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It's only 7 or so weeks until the wedding (eek!) although actually I'm mostly not eeking and am feeling pretty chilled.

I'm so glad we took part in this project as last months pictures were some of my favourite ever from the series. I even used one of the images to be turned into a stamp for our invites (will post about that soon!).

I was thinking the other day about mine and Tom's first ever photo together. It was taken by a friend on a night out (on her digital camera before people had smart phones) and it's blurry and badly lit and initially I remember wanting her to delete it as I thought I didn't look 'right'. Now it's one of my favourite pictures (and the one Tom keeps in his wallet) as it really captures that moment in time, almost 6 years ago now.

this is the picture in case you're wondering
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Each month seems to whizz by and I suddenly realise that I need to take a picture of us and each month I wish I'd done something clever or better or just a bit more interesting. Then I see that first picture of us and remind myself how at the time I didn't even want to keep it and now it's one of my favourites.

I love that this year I will have 12 pictures of me and Tom and even if they are not anything to write home about to anyone else they will always be special to us.

Have you taken a picture of you and your partner this month? Link up if so! I want to see them!

Don't forget to check out Lucy, Becky and Kirsty's too!

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