When it comes to parenting I'm pretty much all for Wilf being able to run around in the dirt and explore the world as much as possible. Being the kind of kid he is he is often found picking up stones or finding a good stick so it would be fair to say we are not particularly paranoid about germs or getting mucky.

I tend to believe that doing these things is good for his immune system anyway, a philosophy that works well with my lazy um chilled out approach ;) I try to maintain a healthy balance with the food he eats, but I'm also aware that he's two and will often want to only eat pasta/rice or plain wraps for weeks on end (thankfully he loves fruit it's just the vegetables which he takes dislike to currently). His often picky eating was never actually too much of an issue as he was also breastfeeding and I knew that he was getting a ton of vitamins and goodness from breastmilk.

We ended our breastfeeding journey a little over a month ago now and it got me wondering about additional supplements. Often times the kids ones are made like sweets and mixed with gelatine so as vegetarians it's not something Wilf would be able to eat. Consequently when Nurture got in touch a few weeks back I was interested to see if it was something we could work into Wilf's diet to keep on top of all the vitamins that are good for growing kiddos.

Turns out Wilf thinks they are the most tasty things ever. I'm not sure if it's the lack of soft drinks he's been allowed to try but he drank that first pouch in record time and thanked me for his 'treat'. I did try them myself and I can see why he thinks they are so yummy. Developed for 2-5 year olds each drink contains the optimum about of vitamins for their development. What's even better is they are designed in a no spill pouch which means they are super easy to carry around in your bag if your child doesn't drink it all at one go.

You can find out more about Nurture here or find them on twitter 

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kathrynsharman said...

I'm going to look out for them. My kids aren't too bad (they still eat a lot of fruit) but are getting increasingly pickier about veg and other stuff so these look like a good addition. I love it when you can hoodwink them into thinking it's a treat too :)

laura redburn said...

always makes it easier when kids actually like fruit and veg ..or at least one. i think it's a rite of way to be super picky about these things when you're little (to the parents annoyance!) haha.

Polly Davies said...

these sound great... my big two eat most stuff, but Baya is really fussy though she will eat a lot of fruit thankfully.

Lia Billimore said...

These look great. I'd be happy with India having those & I'd not heard of the company before, so thanks!

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